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Some interesting tidbits today!

OK so recently after a visit to Target, I discovered three things: Participating places permit Pokémon product purchases per person to precisely phree three… PERFECTOMUNDO! I saw that the Pokémon Cereal by General Mills doesn’t seem to be part of the Pokémon 25 promotion I finally figured out where the Oversized Pikachu card will appear […]

Nothing like a job well done! Unless it's a steak, then it's better a job medium rare.

YES! Today I’ve got some Pokémon 25 Tidbits for you… namely in the “Food-related Promotions” Department. Specifically, I’ve completed the McDonald’s Promo page as well as given the General Mills Promo page a good update. Good times. … So, first off: McDonald’s. As previously mentioned, this would be my LAST McDonald’s post, only because I’ve […]