TP Name (Subname) Art Style Ry RM Date Created Notes
1/125 ZR Cyndaquil Space World Forme X Based on prototype form
ZR Quilava Space World Forme Y Unique design based on Cyndaquil
ZR Typhlosion Space World Forme ★H Y Unique design based on Cyndaquil
ZW Totodile U
ZW Croconaw U
ZW Feraligatr ★H U
ZP Unown Galarian X Based on Galarian letters instead of Latin characters; technically will be named “Galarian Unown”
ZF Politoed-EX Space World Forme X Based on one-off scratch pad form
ZY Mime Jr. Space World Forme; バリリーナ Baririina X Based on prototype form; also Fairy-type since in Omega99
ZY Mr. Mime Space World Forme Y Based on Mime Jr.’s prototype form; also Fairy-type since in Omega99
ZY Mr. Rime Space World Forme Y Based on Mime Jr.’s prototype form; also Fairy-type since in Omega99
ZL Espeon δ Delta Species X Based on prototype form; also Delta Species
ZN Horsea Space World Forme Y Based on Kingdra’s prototype form; also Dragon-type since in Omega99
ZN Seadra Space World Forme Y Based on Kingdra’s prototype form; also Dragon-type since in Omega99
ZN Kingdra Space World Forme X Based on prototype form; also Dragon-type since in Omega99
ZN Doden δ Delta Species; ヒナーズ Hinaazu V I’ll introduce these as a δ Delta Species to underline its type difference
ZN Doduo δ Delta Species U I’ll introduce these as a δ Delta Species to underline its type difference
ZN Dodrio δ Delta Species U I’ll introduce these as a δ Delta Species to underline its type difference
ZC Tinyta プチコーン Puchikoon V Originally designated as a Normal-type in the SW97 prototype rom
ZL Rai Z Baby Pokémon form which can evolve into Raikou; this is what died in the Burned Tower
ZR En Z Baby Pokémon form which can evolve into Entei; this is what died in the Burned Tower
ZW Sui Z Baby Pokémon form which can evolve into Suicune; this is what died in the Burned Tower
ZF Larvitar Space World Forme X Based on “Tongue” prototype form
ZF Pupitar Space World Forme Y Based on Larvitar prototype form
ZD Tyranitar Space World Forme ★H Y Based on Larvitar prototype form

This is the current cards planned for the Omega⁹⁹ set, but I still have a LONG ways to go. The plans for this set will be a dive into the complete unknown within the world of the Pokémon TCG… everything will still be technically compatible with the game, but it’ll be an almost “What If?” style of set, as if you found a pack of Pokémon TCG cards from another “Mandela Effect” universe and opened it up. You may also think of it as something similar to Magic: the Gathering‘s set “Future Sight“, where many cards from that set were “futureshifted”, featuring mechanics which has never appeared in the game before… or since… but might still appear later on down the road. In Magic’s case, they were looking into their own future, while the plan for Omega⁹⁹ is looking into the Pokémon TCG’s alternate universes.

Speaking of alternate universe, one other plan for this set is to incorporate some really WILD evolutions. The idea behind this is, since we’re dealing with all kinds of alternate dimensions in the Pokémon world, we might even encounter a dimension where Metapod evolves into Venomoth and Venonat evolves into Butterfree. It may not make any sense to us, but frankly our world probably doesn’t make any sense to THOSE guys! That said, the design goal of this is to also explain why all of the new Prototype Pokémon which were recently discovered evolve in the way they do in my set. Afterall, maybe something comes a long later which disproves my own evolution ideas for those Proto’mon. Well, again, that’s simple enough to explain: that’s just the way those Pokémon evolve in THEIR universe. In OUR universe, they evolve in some other way. That’s just the kind of strangeness that comes when we start looking into other people’s dimensions; they’re under no obligation to make sense to us!

Since this set is being made sort of haphazardly, no officially complete set list is available quite yet… and probably won’t ever be available until it’s actually completed. That said, some of the cards I plan to have in the set include:

  • The aforementioned alternative evolutions of Pokémon that simple seem to make a lot more sense. Caterpie > Metapod > Venomoth and Venonat > Butterfree are just the first two, others can include:
    • Kangskhan & Cubone
    • Genesect & Kabutops
    • Clefable & Gengar
    • Sharpedo & Garchomp
    • Magikarp > Dragonite / Dratini > Dragonair > Gyarados
  • Classic /vp/mon like: Tentaquil, Deloris, Farfignugletron, Cactowl, Sadfish
  • Pokémon USA” ‘Mon (like Toasterleaven)
  • Pokémon from the “Pokémon >Clover” ROM hack
  • Moémon
    • Moémon of the prototype Pokémon
  • Animals from the Pokémon World (like the mongoose in the anime)
    • Indian Elephant.
  • Any of these unknown “”Pokémon””
  • Pokémon menu sprites used as part of the Gen 1 and 2 “Pokémon on hand” menu screen which are generic concepts
  • Maybe even a few characters from the classic old skool PA! fanfic “Pokémon City” by Robert H. Magnusson?
    • Perhaps as a promo card…?
  • Other strange prototype Pokémon, such as the “Latiken“, that one-off Latias/Blaziken mix
    • Also Ken Sugimori’s magazine cover which later gave birth to Tyranitar
    • What about that statue in the Sinnoh Region which is a mix between Dialga and Palkia?
    • Ooh ooh, how about since: Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, and Arctovish are weird corruptions of two different ancient Pokémon, why not extrapolate what those original ancient Pokémon were?
      • Draco- was the Dragon-type red-and-green spiny legs and tail
      • Arcto- was the Ice-type blue back fins and tail
      • -zolt was the Electric-type yellow head and arms
      • -vish was the Water-type fishy jaws and eyes
      • Based on what already exists, it should be pretty easy to extrapolate the other halves. If anything I’ll consider whatever designs I make the end-result of a genetic experiment where I injected new DNA into them to create the other half, and in doing so making new Pokémon loosely based on what they originally were… kinda like how the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were technically new species because they had to inject new DNA to fill in the gaps and therefore were similar but essentially only loosely based on the original dinosaurs that existed 65+ million years ago.
  • Other normal Pokémon which I totally forgot to include in Alpha⁹⁷ and Beta⁹⁸
    • Totodile line had some minor differences between the Scratchpad version and its final form
    • Sentret and Furret; the former was skinny and the latter was pink/orange
    • Forretress has two prototype forms which I forgot to account for. I may do the Scrapbook form for Pineco and Forretress in Alpha⁹⁷ and make a Forretress-EX form based on its SW99 Final ROM form.
    • Sneasel has so many different forms… but basically two main ones: white snow-weasel, and the edgy Sonic-type one in the Scrapbook.
    • Jumpanda has a different form seen in the Scrapbook
    • Hitmontop has a Scrapbook form which is a mix between it’s final form (where it’s spinning upside-down) and its SW form (where it appears upside-down but is actually right-side up)
  • Oh yeah, then there’s all the Gen 4 prototype Pokémon too!
    • Oh God, the list goes on forever.
    • Gible line is a MUST
    • There are other one off Pokémon that are worth adding.
  • Pinkan Pokémon from the Orange Island-era episode In The Pink
    • Between 9 (minimum) and 27 (maximum) Pokémon will be included; at least one for each 9 types, with some being just Basics and others being Evolution lines. Alternatively I may include two basics of the same type to keep the types a bit balanced… slightly.
      • ZG — Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume
      • ZR — Rolycoly, Carkol, Coalossal
      • ZW — Magikarp, Gyarados
      • ZL — Shinx, Luxio, Luxray
      • ZP — Nidoran♂, Nidorino, Nidoking
      • ZF — Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior
      • ZD — Zorua, Zoroark
      • ZM — Klink, Klang, Klinklang
      • ZC — Yungoos, Gumshoos
    • I will give all Pinkan Pokémon a special “Pinkan Power” ability: they are also whatever type of energy that is attached to them that turn. So if you attach a Basic Fire Energy to a Pinkan Klinklang, they will also be a Fire-type Pokémon for that turn. Likewise, if you attach a Rainbow Energy to them, they become ALL Types that turn; that would be useful to ensure that the Defending Pokémon will be automatically weak against them, and worseso for any Pokémon with Double Weaknesses… but if the Defending Pokémon has no weakness, then there is no benefit. Then of course there will be some minor issues with Weakness and Resistance calculation, but that is all in the rulebooks.
  • The various hilarious Pokémon fan designs of Drunk Oak (만취한 오박사):
  • Speaking of fusions, the classic Pokémon Fusion generator utility has a ton of classic ones (about 22,801 of them!)
    • There’s another utility here, going so far as to calling itself Pokémon Fusion Generator 2, but I’m unsure how connected it is to the original one.
    • If anything the designs seem to be fairly “public domain”-ish.
  • Prototype names of existing Pokémon
    • This is an easy one but it further underlines the “alternate reality” aspect of these sets.
    • In particular, before Gen 1 was officially release in English, Nintendo was kicking around some names of Pokémon which (fortunately?) were never used.
    • So the idea here is that, in another dimension, those Pokémon may still be the same, but they’re called something completely different.
    • I may even incorporate other alternate aspects to them as well, such as “NY”/Koffing: in our universe, Koffing is Koffing… but in ANOTHER universe, not only is Koffing called “NY” (or maybe “Ennwhy”) but it also has its skull-and-cross-bones marking above its face than below it. I may therefore adjust “LA”/Weezing (or perhaps “Ellaye”) in a similar manner and maybe put it’s marking above it’s face too, or mirror-swap its bodyplan.

On top of these different KINDS of Pokémon that I plan on adding to Omega⁹⁹, these Pokémon might also be one of any number of different Types that I plan on utilizing. These types will at least be ones with a history in Pokémon. The rationale behind this is hinted in cards like Rainbow Energy, which says that it provides “every type of Energy”, which suggest that maybe there are OTHER “Energies” out there in the multiverse that Rainbow Energy provides, or could ONLY provide… but we don’t know what they are yet.

I therefore intend to add the following unique types in the set… think of it as types which might exist in a version of the Pokémon TCG that is played in some other “Mandela Effect” universe, like, the universe of children that read “the Berenstein Bears” books also played with Pokémon TCG cards using these types:

  • Bird-type (from Missingno.’s original typing)
  • ???-type (which was an actual technically real type for a while)
  • Gear-type (seen in the bootleg cards I reported on)
  • Shadow-type (not Dark Pokémon, not Darkness-type, but Shadow, from the GameCube-era games)
  • Dragon-type (specifically cards which use actual “Dragon Energy” type for attacks, which was never made)

Don’t worry about not being able to create the proper energy for the attacks of these types of Pokémon. If I don’t just give them normal energies for their attacks—like a Bird-type Pokémon simply uses Colorless-type Energy—I will at least include Special Energy cards similar to Rainbow Energy which can provide whatever Energy type you need, no matter what its type actually is. It’ll make more sense when I actually make them.

Anyways, that’s the general details for this set for now, but more ideas may come forth in the future. I pray that I can incorporate them all into the set… but alas, some ideas may simply end up on on the cutting room floor. Either way, I hope this hypes you up for the near future!