Mobile gaming hasn’t been something that has been big on Nick15’s radar, but ever since his brother (aka BurtCokain) got into playing Call of Duty: Mobile, Nick15 has kinda joined in. Since then he’s been doing a lot of various research and analysis on the weapons used, etc, and so that information will appear here.

  • Weapon Analysis — to help his brother choose some of the better weapons in the game, Nick15 built a handy guide covering all the main weapons in game and gave them a rating according to specific criteria. The list is somewhat complete, but it still needs to be converted into a web-friendly format. In the mean time, here’s a quick screenshot of what it’ll look like:

Until all this information actually appears here, let’s just share a few videos of Nick15’s Cawadoody games. This first one was an easy win…

…while this second one was a tough fought loss. Enjoy!