This page is still being worked on, but the jist of this is… because not every word written in Galarian and Paldean actually means anything, and because the game’s artists need to create text for a TON of different items that aren’t exactly intended to be understood or recognized… many times Galarian and Paldean text use garbage text to fill in those gaps.

In document design and professional writing—which is what I went to school for—if we don’t have text yet for a particular project, or if we just want to put SOMETHING into a design just so that other people can at least see what it might look like, we rely on a block of text called “Lorem Ipsum”. The word is meaningless, as is the text that we use, and that’s the point: it’s not meant to be actual words but to simulate the normal spacing, cadence, size, etc of actual text. There is a perfect online lorem ipsum generator which you can use for your own projects, and they generate nonsense text in multiple languages:

While going through Galarian text back when Sword/Shield first came out, I began to notice that certain words would appear significantly more often than others, AND with letters in a specific order. I ultimately determined that this was Galarian Lorem Ipsum: text that Game Freak artists would pull from in order to fill in text for various background items which aren’t really meant to be understood but rather to at least provide the illusion of it being authentic text. Below is an example of perhaps the largest block of Lorem Ipsum text written in Galarian/Paldean found in Scarlet/Violet, next to an example of actual Lorem Ipsum text:

Example of Galarian and English 'Lorem Ipsum' text

This page will focus on “Galarian/Paldean Lorem Ipsum” text, at least for the purpose of helping other Galarian/Paldean linguists out when trying to decipher a bit of in-game text. That is to say, if the words you see can be found in the (soon to be added) “Galarian/Paldean Lorem Ipsum” text, then it’s a safe bet that that bit of text is most likely not intended to be anything important or intentional, but instead simply garbage text that exists solely for the illusion of language.

In a way, think of it like when AI attempts to create a scene with text in it, only to… well… get a little creative:

Picture of AI generated 'text', which doesn't look like text at all. Well, I mean like, it has all of the FORM of text but none of its FUNCTION.