Seeing Galarian in some of the first Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailers was a pleasant surprise, because it lets us explore more about the Galarian langauge. Actually, could we call it the Galarian language anymore? Maybe we should change it to Galdean? Palarian?

Anyways, what interesting about Paldean is that it seems to have its own list of words not seen in the original Galarian word list—implying that it has added new words to the list, while also using similar words seen in Galarian—meaning that it’s definitely intended to be the same language. Research on Galarian is still ongoing, and Paldean will definitely help us understand both. Sweet!

Given that ScVi has only just been released, we’re still working on cataloging all the Paldean words we can find. Therefore this page will, for the moment, just be a list of words we find. Eventually we’ll get it organized and easier to search through. In the meantime, feel free to download “Thraex Sans”, the Galarian/Paldean font!

(Oops! The list is currently unsorted… if you’re reading this, I’m literally in the process of working on this page right now. I appreciate your patience!!)



Unsorted Actual Words — These are words which are definitely intended to be understood and don’t appear in other generic forms
Uva Academy R398B XWDV4E In Japanese and Korean, the Academy is known as “Grape Academy”, so I can easily imagine at least the first word to be “GRAPE”.
Naranja Academy J39QR XWDV4E In Japanese and Korean, the Academy is known as “Orange Academy”, but I don’t see how either of those words fit in those Paldean words…
Uva Academy Statue R398B
While the top two text is unique (Paldean for “Uva [Grape] Academy”), the bottom text was seen in generic text a couple times in Galar
Paldea (region name) V8CLM Galar was clearly written as GA9A4. But I just don’t see it in the name of Paldea.
Pokédex Title WEBMQX This is the big green text seen in all Pokédex entries. The text below, however, is generic (see below)
Pokémon League WEBMCJ BKQJ This is on the League building, sharing the same four letters as on the Pokédex title. Maybe the four letters mean “Poke-“? But wait a sec, “Pokémon” in Galarian/Paldean is already established to be ?wru#wt… so what’s WEBMCJ/WEBMQX?
Every Wich Way E2^z J6u New company name (colored white in the graphic)
(clothing company) ATA8 / AT-A8 The logo has the letters on two rows.
(Gogoat shoe company) ARuLZEY9uuL Completely new company name!
Monster Ball #WT3L84 BZ99 Definitely legit
Stir-fried Rice Advert j6uh V8CLM9S7CK+BTY Nothing in this text ever appeared before.
Dedenne Advert (big white letters) LM6S7C (MA) This almost looks like some kind of public service notice (“Please don’t step on Dedenne!”), especially with the MA logo in the bottom-left corner which looks like an “Ad Council” logo.
Sea food restaurant +BTY9x3v The 9x3v bit at the end is new, while +BTY was seen the above Stir-fried Rice advertisement.
Seabreeze Café JEAQ
Picnic shop ^D^uIO2
Cabbie Company RW9 One instance of RW9 appears in Galar, but I feel like that might be a coincidence.
Medali Neon Sign 9KE MAQ This is the name of Ballonlea in Galar (technically 9KEMA). Was this a town of transplants from Galar??
Area Zero A4LA 0 Galar is strange; words like A4LA are clearly existing words (in this case, obviously “AREA”). And yet other words aren’t anything like an existing word. I don’t get why it be like this…!!
Herba Mystica Voi!^op2 B6^h



Seen in the Violet Book (probably the Scarlet Book as well?)
Mysterious Plates D^uio2 !i
A *isk Pokémon? 7SW3E4 Wow, all the words in the eponymous books are ALL new text!
Jade Palace Garden DA+ST Do they even have a “China” in the Pokémon world? Anyways, technically this is new, but there does exist plenty of instances of DA+VT in Galar text (the V and S were swapped).

Background Words — Meanwhile, these are just background words which most likely don’t have any meaning behind them, but maybe they do?
Hisuian Ball (whiteboard) REL On the “whiteboard” in the history room; definitely new
Academy on TV A621FO B!^H
Every Wich Way (extra text) Yo^^i Extra text on sign (colored red in the graphic)
Road sign MZ R2U E15 MZ R2U appeared in Galar on a sign for hamburgers, but E15 has never appeared before. I dunno if I should count this as new or not.
Route signs VoI!^o2
B6^HCu | JFU6U^
Ten Sights of Paldea Sign Ei5 W2I LIN!

Kn2 hi6np f!u
61poz Yino2p52

EI5 is a new word that appears on a certain road sign.

There is text beneath, but it’s too small to accurately decipher right now. I think I got it MOSTLY right, however.

League Coins BKQJ +C7
Union Room thingy MAK8EW3SDLV I think new concepts, companies, etc, were given brand new names
Every Wich Way in-store advertisements LSDVT939X


Q6^^np W6u


Appears only in-store
Pasta restaurant subtext 3if 1uhu!zp Aoznp Despite this text being unique, the name is generic.
Asian-style sign inside the Treasure Eatery FC^1n


Although it uses Galarian letters, technically those kind of Asian-style signs are written right-to-left, so maybe it’s supposed to be the bottom?

“Lorem Ipsum” text — This is definitely generic text, as these words/phrases appear in various other locations for very generic purposes (posters, signs, etc)
Poster in history room D+OX ZU24+O VV^63
The poster next to the “whiteboard” in the history room. This text has been seen in generic locations in the Galar region and elsewhere, such as on a few t-shirt designs
History whiteboard (lower-left corner) REKLBE QTVEWM
The top text appears in scrolling text, while the bottom has appeared in piecemeal at various locations
Poké Ball (whiteboard) TXL3L89 On the “whiteboard” in the history room; seen in Wyndon Event menu
Alolan Text Analysis R!15UPHU MNI 5u^6f



Incidentally the Alolan text says:

(Yes, the word “NATUR” is cut off like that.)

Language room whiteboard 3YCB Originally seen on a Gramophone Records album sign
Records on shelf DZIH
Originally seen on a Gramophone Records album sign
Tauros Courier Company rekl I thought this would be something new, but those letters appeared in Galar, such as in TV scrolling text and Wyndon Stadium
TV Sandwich advertisement 3n512 oz6 Previously seen on a Galar monorail info stand
Town sign QKLRE8L9J+T8W
Seen in countless generic text in Galar
Pokédex Text REKLBEQTVEWMS+CS3YCB Bunch of generic text smushed together; individual chunks of letters have appeared many places.
(shoe compant) +T8W Sclxv3 I’m putting this in the generic section because MOST of its name has appeared elsewhere, although technically SCLXV3 never has (instead ACLXV3 was used).
Trainer ID Card (upper-left corner) s^n!5 duz!n^o2h^f 9ON6 More generic text pulled from multiple locations
Wingull Shoe 9ON6^ 3VEWC
Poké Mart sign MS+C Actually the texture is flipped horizontally.
Popsicle Advert Q!56F Ecbsa3C Technically seen before but written as Q!5PF instead of Q!56F.
Quilfish Tires +T8WSC LXV39
Rop 8800 / 3po 9900
More “basically the same but technically new” since some letters were added in where they normally don’t belong.
Dedenne Advert (grey text) A5FN2IO2^! Generic
Visit Hoenn! Advert WIOPNU2!2^
The last two or three characters in each line seem to be tacked on as the rest of the word is seen in many long word generic phrases.
Delicious Coffee Advert QKLRE8L9J+T8Saclx


That first line is used a lot in generic text… it’s even already showed up on THIS list!
PokéCenter heal station QKLRE8 RE This almost looks like it says “Nintendo TM
Treat cart QD7S9X Only QD7S9/QD7S has been seen before.
Soft drink RW93 Seen only once before, and on a Pokémon League sign… maybe it means “Energy”?
Treat cart signs M15I62FOI!1n
Janitor Company tz26
Hair Salon QD7 S9X4
Every Wich Way in-store advertisements wiopnu2!2

dzih So16

b5inf^!^i6^op2i ^51^ophn!z

R!u1z c6u dzih So16

Some advertisements had new text on it, others did not. How strange…!

The fourth line of text appeared in the Battle Cafe in Galar

Seafood restaurant outdoor menu sign JC9E I almost feel like this means “MENU”, but this word appeared in Galar in a wholly un-menu-y context.
Pasta restaurant name L9J+T Despite this name being generic, its subtitle text was wholly new.
The famed Treasure Eatery L9J+T It literally has the same flippin’ name.

There are a TON of words used inside and outside of the Treasure Eatery, which I’m not gonna bother writing up just yet.

Pastry wms+CS3




Generic title; the third word is seen on food-related boxes. Maybe that means “food”?
Bakery qklre


Condiment shop REKLBEQT
Canned food store A5FN2IO2^! Is the Dedenne advertisement from above selling these cans??
Bird posters Czon6 In the Art room there are some posters of Bird Pokémon in the corner with the word Czon6 on it. That word was used on a “Sea urchin” t-shirt in Galar.
Director Clavell’s awards R!U1Z Or maybe they’re starter Pokémon breeding authentication certificates? Either way the texture is flipped horizontally.
Delebird Daiso-esque 9EMRE This word previously appeared outside every Gym in Galar. Meanwhile, the 9EMRE stores have a bunch of words which I’ll write down later.
Sushi High Roller QKLRE8L9J+T8WSC Not again… I’m getting sick of this particular line of text…!
Montenevera Town Sign A73VejC9 Seen in the Galar League Sign