Well, Who Am Us, Anyway?

Pokémon Aaah! is brought to you by…

  • Nick15 (Philippe Van Lieu) — I started this site back in 1999. And it’s still around. How ’bout that?
    • NINTENDO SWITCH FRIEND CODE: SW-0528-3289-4011
    • POKÉMON GO TRAINER CODE: 5759 5828 8868
    • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 0256X.30B—… aha, you almost got me there, Mr. Identity Thief, but I’m too smart for you!
  • Teslalyte (Jimmy C.) — He helped me get this site off the ground back in the day, and is still willing to give a hand. Currently helping out run our Discord server.
  • …the letter P, and the number 2 (hahaha)

More people might be helping out in the near future, but for now it’s just us two running the entire shebang.



Handy Helpers:


That said, I would like to also give credit to the following for giving us a little extra hand-up with things.

  • Sylvie Wrath, aka @chronikerDelta on Twitter; for being one of the walls I can throw spaghetti at to see what sticks when it comes to PA! site ideas, news, etc.
    • Sylvie has actually been a regular at PA! since basically the beginning, especially on the old PA! Forums, so it’s nice to have that kind of continuity.
    • Lately Sylvie has helped me out with the Gold/Silver Lost Pokémon page, such as helping out with how the Pokémon should be numbered and ordered by, which “P” I forgot to cross or “Q” I forgot to dot, etc.
  • aschefield101, or simply aschefield on the PA! Discord server, aka @Kadael on Twitter; for helping me iron out various fake card ideas.
    • I also want to take a moment to say that aschefield deserves an insane amount of credit for his work with Pokémon TCG faking, and especially for keeping it alive after I stopped work on PA!/FakeCard.com in 2004.
    • Like, PTCG faking still going strong to this very day because aschefield led the charge to make some of the best Pokémon TCG faking material that I’ve ever seen… better than even some of my own work! (Hell, I may even just use HIS blanks if I need to make any fakes from a specific block!)
  • GC|Linkinboss, for putting in the elbow grease to make all of the Safari Zone HD Remaster cards that I’ve been posting on the Weekly Roundups.
  • ElementsnStuff, who has been giving a hand with deciphering that various Pokémon languages from recent games, such as Galarian/Paldean and Hisuian.
    • Now of course this isn’t to say that he kept it going all on his own, or that other people weren’t involved. I certainly don’t want to forget Fangking Omega for helping me create the EX-era blanks. But like, in all this time, I never really felt any strong desire to get back into faking… and that was because I knew Aschefield was able to fill the need for high quality faking material which was just as good—or even better!—than I could have provided.
    • Basically, Aschefield was able to be a better me than I could have been in Pokémon TCG faking, and so he deserves nothing but my praise!

Should anyone else give us a more regular hand up with the site, I’ll be sure to let you know. And hey, they may end up being proper staff members as well. We’ll see soon enough!



Extra Bits:

I can’t seem to find any other reasonable place to put these, so here they are.

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-0528-3289-4011
Pokémon GO Trainer Code: 5759 5828 8868