Hey! Like every major growing website, Pokémon Aaah! has a store! This is where you can buy all kinds of merch and stuff to help support PA!’s. In fact, the FDA recomends a certain amount of money to help support all growing websites like PA!.

Anyways, once we have something to sell, we’ll make sure to put a link to it here so you can check it out! In the mean time, you can at least check out these items which either PA!, Nick15, and/or anyone else he’d like to help support are selling. Check it out!


Nick15’s eBay Stuff

We like selling stuff on eBay, so buy our stuff on eBay! Just fyi, nick15 is known as “stelfton15” on eBay, just in case you thought we might be hoodwinking you. I mean, the “15” in both names should be a dead give-away!

  • Jamstik+ — US$130.00 (buy it now)
    • Remember when you were a kid and you took a few rubber bands, an empty tissue box and a piece of wood and tried to make your own guitar? I mean, what kid didn’t make something like that? Well, with the Zivix Jamstik+, you can relive those tissue box rubber band guitar days as an adult! I mean, just look at it; doesn’t it remind you of your old tissue box rubber band guitar from your childhood! But don’t get me wrong, it definitely does NOT sound like a tissue box rubber band guitar. In fact, it sounds at least THREE TIMES better!
  • Skyy Vodka Fedora; Black & Blue — US$24.99 (buy it now)
    • Look, I’m not one to judge anyone’s choice of clothing… but fedoras? I mean, who in their right mind would NOT wear one, amirite?? Let’s not beat around the bush here, this SKYY Vodka fedora is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe who wants to stand out.
  • Boba Fett, Kenner 1979; 12″ Inch Vintage Star Wars—Incomplete, Needs Work, AS-IS — US$50.00 (buy it now)
    • Ever watch Toy Story and see the terrible plight some toys feel because they aren’t being loved or at least played with? That’s poor ol’ Boba Fett here. This poor guy is missing his right hand and all of his equipment, and his antenna is a bit chewed up… but his telescope eye still works, and he can still move and flex as well as he could when he was first opened up! And boy howdy, was he played with a lot. … Thankfully however, we live in the days of the internet when you can pull together every spare part from every random online story… and in no time along with a ton of elbow grease, you can rebuild that old ca–er, old toy back to its original condition. Imagine how much fun that could be? Well, that journey starts today, my friend! Boba Fett is ready to be rebuilt, and you’re the one to do it!
  • Girls und Panzer Mugs (x2) — US$29.99 (buy it now)
    • Kuromorimine Girls Academy
    • Ooarai Girls Academy
    • Straight from the popular series Girls und Panzer (which is German for “Girls and Panzer”) come these wonderful mugs showing the logo of their respective Girls Academy front and center. …. I really don’t know what else to add here. I only just started watching the anime. Neither of these teams have Helmet-chan on it, do they?
  • TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer — Used, Powers On, AS-IS — US$99.99 (buy it now)
    • A wise man once said “There are no problems, only solutions”. I don’t know what that has to do with this TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer, but you can at least bet that if that wise man had a ton of analog audio sources you want to mix, then they would probably be using a TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer! … The TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer is a six channel stereo audio mixer! That sounds like it’s a lot, especially since six is at least one more than three. And HAHAHA what kind of fool uses a mere three channel stereo audio mixer?? Well you can show them up with your brand new TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer. See? I told you that the TEAC Model 2 Audio Mixer is a wise man’s mixer!
  • Pole Position Board Game; 1983 Parker Brothers Arcade Game Series — Brand New! — US$44.99 (buy it now)
    • PREPARE TO QUALIFY! Those are the first words you see after plunking away 25 cents into a Pole Position arcade game. But remember how annoying that was? I just wanted to race, dangit! I don’t want to qualify first, I already qualified when I put 25 cents into the machine!
    • Well it’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about that when you play Pole Position… the board game! … How can this game be any better than playing the boring old arcade game? Well, you also get to choose the color of your race car! GreenYellowRedBlue… it’s all here! Choose your favorite color and race all day every day.

Like what you see? Then buy it now!


OOPS! Too late…

Awww, you should’ve bought this! Or wait, maybe you did? Anyways, alas, they are no longer for sale. But hey, at least we still have the memories of selling it…

  • KORG DDD-5 Electronic Dynamic Digital Drums — US$149.99 (buy it now)
    • Kids these days with their “samples” and their “MP3s” and their “dishwashers”… they don’t appreciate what a simple drum machine can do! In fact, ALL great music was done on a drum machine like this Korg DDD-5. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”? Drum Machine. All of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s greatest hits? Drum Machine. Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes”? Drum Machine. MOZART?? TOTALLY DRUM MACHINE. I mean, they called it “an orchestra” back then, but that’s just fancy German for “drum machine”. You can’t get a more classic sound of music than with a drum machine, and now you have your chance!
  • Zuny Series Rhino (Hino) Animal Bookend — US$49.99 (buy it now)
    • Remember your favorite stuffed rhino when you were a baby? And how much it conforted you to know that it was there for you at bed time? And especially how devastated you were when you doscovered that your parents gave it away to Goodwill while you away at college because you had left it in a black garbage bag in the attic for so long they just thought you didnt care for it anymore?
    • Well, now’s your chance to get ol’ Rhiney back! Albeit in the form of this cute little book end. It’s quite a sturdy little guy, able to hold up books from tipping over, proving that Rhiney is just as dependable as the origi al Rhiney was! But, I wouldn’t recommend using it as a stuffed animal and giving it to your kids to sleep with… the reason why Rhiney here makes for a great bookend is because he’s full of iron filings! That makes him pretty heavy and not at all fluffy and cuddly. I mean, unless you’re Iron Man (or Iron Woman) and need that level of firmness in your stuffed animals.


Friends of PA! Online Store

Until we get our own PA! Online Store up and running, these are stores that we highly recommend that you check out, because it’s run by our friends!:

  • Savage Sparrow Studios —  this is the online store for old skool PA! staff member Jen Brazas, once known as “NeoQueenJen”. She has some amazing t-shirt designs which I’ve been reppin’ on the PA! YouTube show (or, well, WILL be reppin’). Get your own at her store!
  • Flipside Comic Store @ Savage Sparrow — Flipside is a great comic by Brion Foulke. Check out its store here!
  • Level Up Studios — more con friends with great con merch!


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