I’ve always enjoyed telling stories, and so from 2004-2009 I worked on a webcomic series called Moose River. Fast forward to 2019 and I want to be able to write more Moose River stories, but I also want to work on PA! again. So what’s the solution? Simple! Let’s just merge Moose River with… uh… that old Pokémon USA fanfic idea from back in the day and turn it into…

Adventure BattleMon!

To be specific, it’ll be a sort of Pokemon-parody/homage, something akin to what Galaxy Quest was for Star Trek, or The Last Jedi was for Star Wars. Therefore a lot of the ideas and conventions will be similar, but it’ll also be unique and run off its own rules form time to time.

I’m still working on the general details, but I can share this much:

  • It will star the cast of characters from my Moose River comic, who by now will be 30-somethings.
  • While Moose River was a fairly serious and mature Rated-R-esque story, AdventureBattleMon will be more PG-13. It will still deal with serious themes, but more like themes of dealing with adulthood, nostalgia, etc. I definitely want it to resonate with the kind of people who used to visit PA! back in the day, who are now in their late-20’s or early-30’s. That said, it will do so with a little less cussing and wonton vulgarity, unless necessary for the plot. Maybe “PG-16” is a better “rating”.
  • Even though it’ll utilize my Moose River cast, it’ll be sort of an “alternate dimension” story. The lives of one of them is simply a bad dream in the other.
    • This idea is actually inspired by something someone said to me once, about how they thought that every idea and story that ever popped into their head wasn’t something they imagined, but was something that happened in an alternate dimension somewhere that their mind managed to tap into it. Accepting the infinite nature of the universe, I can’t say I disagree with that idea.
  • The actual world and society of AdventureBattleMon will mirror that of the world and society of Pokemon… namely how they live in a world populated with these quite little monster-creatures and how their social system is built around competition with them. I may even add my two cents about how official Pokemon/BattleMon competition works.

That’s all I have worked out right now, but this is only the start. Keep an eye out for more info soon!



Cast of Adventure BattleMon Characters

As mentioned above, I’m incorporating the main characters from my Moose River comic series, although technically they won’t be the actual same characters. I guess if someone is actually concerned about how this story fits within “Moose River canon”, then let’s just say that maybe one of the characters in Moose River is writing a fan-fic about their favorite anime and adding their friends and family into it. After all, this is something everyone does when they’re 16 years old… right? Like my fan-fic where my friends and I team up with Homer Simpson and Al Bundy to battle again the cast of Ranma 1/2 in order to rescue Alita, who managed to materialize into our IRL world… writing stuff like that is a completely normal thing to do… riiiiight??? :-) 7o7

Annnyways… the overreaching story is about this group of 30-something friends—Anne, Shea, Avery and Emo—who wonder if they’re really doing well in life, or if maybe they’re not adulting good enough. But eventually they start thinking about how maybe their lack of adult success is because they never completed their Battlemon adventure. Like, sure, they were able to get the Battlemon of their choice when they turned 10 and started off on their journey like all good boys and girls… but one by one they started falling out before earning the eight necessary Victory Medels. But hey, maybe starting back on their Battlemon journey will recapture their lost mojo and lead to bridging the gap between their expectations of adulthood and its reality? Of course then there’s Anne’s mom, Betty, who was the best Battlemon adventurer of her generation… and that ultimately had zero positive effect on her own adult life. So is everyone just wasting their time and they’d be better off just being cogs in the machine? Or maybe there’s something that is lost on the older generation?

  • Anne Amoureux — 30-something… highly skilled but can’t seem to find any confidence in it, and therefore ends up at really menial jobs. Maybe for once she’ll find success when she doesn’t give up for once? Currently unemployed, but Emo might be able to get her work, as long as she’s willing to be a cog.
  • Shea Marerra — 30-something… has an addictive personality, which isn’t helped by her Battlemon which has the ability to synthesize whatever feel-good item Shea wants… but keeping it well fed is running herself ragged. We love our Battlemon and they love us… but is that love for our own benefit?
  • Avery Mann — 30-something… works as a business manager for a fairly well-off company. But his party all-day every-day attitude (aided by Shea no less) is starting to affect is work life and relationships. But who cares when we’re all gonna die, right?
  • Emo Kim — 30-something… works as a programmer and Avery’s co-worker. Emo is fairly well off, but bored and unchallenged. Everything he needs in life is taken care of by his decent paycheck, but doesn’t allow for much advancement in his life. Like, he definitely can’t afford a romantic relationship, let alone anything that comes after that (ie marrage, children), so why bother? And like, maybe it’s OK to be a cog? Ever think about that??
  • Betty Wilson — Boomer, best Battlemon adventurer of her generation, and she basks in her glory years all the time. A major windfall falls in her lap due to a lawsuit settlement with her fourth (ex-)husband, a former and now disgraced CEO of a fairly well-off company… and it might be plenty enough to allow four 30-somethings to afford to go on an adventure for a little while. So long as she can get something out of it too, of course.

There is clearly plenty of places where this can go. This may also end up filling in the gap of the never produced “Book 3” of Moose River, seeing as I set up a few threads there which remained technically unresolved. That is to say, there might be some hints about how the story was supposed to end in this story… and maybe I dropped one above? Either way, these five characters will form the framework for the overall Adventure Battlemon story. Other Moose River characters will appear just as well, with a similar relationship to their original counterparts. I’ll also admit that Avery’s thread is the weakest, but not for lack of trying… that is to say, I have a few threads for his story in my notes, I just need to tie them together properly.



Quick overview of Adventure BattleMon Keywords

Obviously this is going to be a Pokémon parody/homage akin to what Galaxy Quest was to Star Trek. As such, there are going to be terms, objects, ideas, etc in ABM which will be clearly based off their Pokémon counterparts, but only with a unique and legally distinct name. Those names will include, listed with the Pokémon term first and its ABM analogue:

  • Pokémon = Battlemon
  • Trainer = Adventurer
  • Badge = (Victory) Medals or V-Medals
  • Gym = Victory Hall
  • Gym Leader = Hall Master
  • Evolve, Evolution = Metamorph, Metamorphize
  • Type = Class
    • ie. Bug Type = Insect Class
    • or. Fighting Type = Bruteish Class
  • XXX Pokémon Category = XXX Order
    • ie. Squirtle is referred to as “(a/the) Tiny Turtle Pokémon”
    • But in ABM it would be said to be “of the Tiny Turtle Order”
  • Elite Four = Final Four

See? You can definitely see the Pokémon root, but is now something unique to this story. Yay! That said, some words commonly used in Pokémon will likely be used in ABM as well, at least ones which are pretty generic, like “battle”, “match”, “attack”, “weakness”, etc. I consider these to be too generic to believe that they could be confused for Pokémon terms, like how the word “trainer” in the context of monster battling might be too strongly associated with Pokémon to use as-is.



List of Pokémon BattleMon

Although Adventure BattleMon is based on the never-finished Pokemon USA fanfic from way back when and is in turn influenced by Pokemon overall, it will be a completely new story with 100% legally distinct characters. This also means that while I’ll be using the original list of 150 Pokemon as a foundation for the list of BattleMon, I’ll be changing some of it up as well as adding some new ones in, in order to fill it out to say 200-250 BattleMon total.

Some specific plans for this will include:

  • While the concepts will remain basically the same, I will definitely be renaming everything.
    • Therefore, any use of familiar Pokemon terms (like “evolution”, “starter”, etc) on this page is only temporary and will eventually be replaced.
  • Typing will likewise remain the same… for the most part.
    • I might make some minor changes, like making some types both similar and adversarial against each other… such as making Pokemon’s “Fairy” type into the “Light” type in BattleMon, thus making it “Light” vs “Dark”. I might also make Ground and Rock be more “soft” vs “hard”, Psychic and Fighting be more ‘brain” vs “brawn”, etc.
  • I also plan on giving BattleMon a wider variety of types, thus making sure every type is used a fairly equal amount of times.
    • This is considering how there were a TON of Grass/Poison and Bug/Poison types in Gen 1 for NO reason… in fact, there were more Grass/Posion Pokemon alone in Gen 1 than ALL Dragon and Ghost Pokemon combined!
    • So yeah, I’m gonna keep an eye on the number of types being used, as well as make more BattleMon of unique type combinations which might not even exist in IRL Pokemon yet to begin with.
  • Finally, I plan on readjusting the type damage multipliers for Battlemon in the hopes that no one type or type combination will be significantly stronger than another.
    • This can be seen when you calculate which type is weakest or most resistant against other types: across all of Pokemon the Bug-Grass type has regularly been the weakest type combination while some combination of Ghost or Steel types were the most resistant.
    • I want to ensure than the types are balanced overall but still have an advantage during battle, in the same way Rock, Paper and Scissors are all both balanced overall AND advantageous against specific types.
    • I also want to include more “damage triangles“, but also have it set up that not only are they strong against one another going one way, but ineffective when going the other way. In Pokémon, only Fire-Grass-Water and Fighting-Flying-Rock are like this; other super-effective triangles exist, but they aren’t consistently ineffective when going the other way like those two triangles. For example with Fighting-Psychic-Dark, when going the other way, Dark is ineffective against Fighting, and Fighting to Psychic… but they can at least do SOME damage. Psychic, however, can’t damage Dark at all; this is just one example of how inconsistent these other triangles are. Therefore in BattleMon, I want to have it so that those other triangles ARE all consistently ineffective. Psychic is ineffective against Dark, but at least can still damage it… Rock is likewise ineffective against Grass versus having normal effectiveness… and so on.
  • One other thing I’m considering is changing damage multipliers depending on the imbalance of a BattleMon’s level.
    • For example, normally Fire-types attacks are not-very-effective against Water-type Pokemon, but are super-effective against Ice-type Pokemon.
    • But I’m considering making it so that a Lv 100 Fire-attack against a Lv 20 Water-type will instead be super-effective as it’s just SOOO HOT that it instead evaporates them…
    • …while a Lv 20 Fire-attack against a Lv 100 Ice-type will be not-very-effective because their Ice melted into Water.
    • This might make things TOO complex, so I’ll have to think it over some more…. but I’m not quite against the idea yet.

Anyways, here’s the ones which made the cut!

  • (!) = BattleMon which I will add
    • XXXXX = any name in italics means that it’s a new BattleMon—meaning it wasn’t part of the original 150—and that that is its official name
  • (?) = BattleMon which I might add
  • (X) = BattleMon which I probably WON’T add… but never say never!


Basic Stage 1 Stage 2 Type and Notes
:SWZ :SWG (!) :SWG :SWA (!) :SWG :SWA (!) Starter BattleMon; I have their types set up to provide balance in their weaknesses. Like, normally Grass is weak to Fire, but making the Grass Starter also Ground-type, it now can be stronger against Fire. … That said, a Grass/Ground BattleMon
:SWZ :SWR (!) :SWR :SWM (!) :SWR :SWM (!) Starter BattleMon; I will definitely make this one a reference to the theory/fact that actual Fire Starter Pokemon are based on the Chinese Zodiac.
:SWZ :SWW (!) :SWW :SWI (!) :SWW :SWI (!) Starter BattleMon;
:SWP :SWC Psybbit :SWP :SWC Presto One of my first BattleMon that I invented
:SWR :SWB Firenant :SWR :SWB Firenack :SWR :SWB Firenout Also another first, based on actual IRL Fire Ants
:SWW :SWH Phish :SWW :SWH Glubbo :SWW :SWH (?) I plan on using the name “Ghoti”… so either Glubbo will be renamed as such, or I’ll be adding a new evolution named that.
:SWZ :SWB Spyder :SWZ :SWB (!) :SWZ :SWB (?) I will likely add an evolution or two.
:SWZ :SWC Doggen :SWZ :SWC Doggo
:SWA :SWC Grounder :SWA :SWC Groundlog
:SWZ :SWL Elzetta :SWZ :SWL (X?) :SWZ :SWL (X?) Currently removed as it looked too much like Electabuzz… but I might resurrect it if I decide to change it.
:SWZ :SWK Concres :SWZ :SWK Concrete :SWZ :SWK Concrush I’ll probably rename them; these names are WAY too “Gen 1”-esque, if you get what I mean. Or maybe that’s what’ll make them great to begin with! That said, I should give it a second type.
:SWZ :SWG Bushelle :SWZ :SWG (!) :SWZ :SWG (?) Needs evos.
:SWA :SWN Werm :SWA :SWN Sandwerm I’ll probably need to give them a bit more original names.
:SWL :SWM Geargrinder :SWL :SWM Carshaper :SWL :SWM Semblyiner Carshaper was originally its own Pokemon, but it’s now a Stage 1 BattleMon. Its initial form is “Geargrinder”, while its evolved form is “Semblyiner”.
:SWD :SWV Spidge :SWD :SWV Rafer :SWD :SWV Ravyn Another BattleMon which may need renaming
:SWY :SWD Stray :SWY :SWD Ferro On the other hand, Ferro is a PURRR-fect name. I will most likely rename Stray, however.
:SWC :SWY Bullhorn :SWC :SWY Foghorn Another good animal pun. I might change its typing from “Normal/Fairy” to something else… but for now, it’ll be that.
:SWW :SWV Jackdiver :SWW :SWV Kingdiver
:SWW :SWV Queendiver
:SWW :SWV Acediver I’m sorta considering leaving Kingdiver a single-tier Battlemon, but the idea of making “Jackdiver” and “Queendiver” or “Acediver”—as in the highest face values in a deck of cards—is a bit too good to pass up. I might even set it up that Jackdiver can evolve into either a Kingdiver or Queendiver (depending on its gender), only to evolve to an Acediver afterwards. …. Ok yeah, let’s do that. But then, maybe let’s add some incentive to choosing King- or Queendiver… like they have different types/stats, and the final Acediver form inherits those differences.
:SWW :SWN (!) :SWW :SWN Jator
:SWW :SWN (!; F)
:SWW :SWN (!) Whatever I do with Kingdiver, I’ll do with Jator. … Which means I guess I’ll make Jator’s Basic and Stage 2 form the same, but Jator itself will be the male form with a different female form as well. Was original Water/Grass, until I realized how many Grass BattleMon there already were.
:SWB :SWC Jalenegg :SWB :SWK Chrystalis :SWB :SWV Nabee I made this line to be four stages instead of three, but I think that’s overkill… so I’ll probably dump Larvay from the line. Another change is the name of Cryslis, which I’ve renamed to Chrystalis. It also has a different type, becoming Bug/Rock in this form versus Bug/Grass.
(same) :SWB :SWA Larvay :SWG :SWA Cactee I MIGHT will instead use Larvay as a prevo for Cactee. But I’ll also keep it as an evolution of Jalenegg, thus making it a split-evo BattleMon. But since it’ll evolve into Cactee—which originally was its own Pokemon—the idea now is that Larvay is a pest that burrows into a cactus, and the colony becomes a single BattleMon. Conversely, because Jalenegg evolved into Chrystalis, it completely passed up its ability to move into a cactus, thus allowing it to evolve into a Nabee. But Larvay’s mobility over Chrystalis inadvertently stunted it, as it’ll now never evolve into a Nabee, and instead becomes a Cactee.
:SWG :SWK Ceed :SWG :SWK Minisprout :SWG :SWK Readwood Will likely rename it… and instead have it reference petrified wood.
:SWZ :SWC Kodiac :SWZ :SWZ (several) Kodiac is my Eevee analogue… it evolves into different types like Eevee does… but I never worked out how.
:SWZ :SWF Mauliac
:SWZ :SWL Zodiac
:SWZ :SWR Inferniac
:SWZ :SWI Arctiac
:SWZ :SWW Tsunamiac
:SWZ :SWP Brainiac
:SWZ :SWG Weediac … these are the only ones I worked out, but I might add more.
:SWZ :SWX Dragonite Nope. At least not as-is. Maybe replace it with a new BattleMon that travels the world like Dragonite did.
:SWZ :SWC Teddo :SWZ :SWC (!) :SWZ :SWC (?) Seems natural and obvious to include a teddy bear BattleMon…. but maybe it can either be related to Kodiac or just have its own line?
:SWZ :SWP Groove :SWZ :SWP (!) Another one of the first BattleMon I created, along with Psybbit and Firenant. It def needs an evolution.
:SWF :SWK Kung :SWF :SWK Kungfoo These three sets are the Machokes of BattleMon.
:SWF :SWG Taekwon :SWF :SWG Taekwondo Originally Taekwon/Taekwondo was a Fighting/Ground type, but I decided to change it to Fighting/Grass so that…
:SWF :SWB Karat :SWF :SWB Karate …the secondary types of these three are weak to one but strong against another.
:SWF :SWW Tiebo Tiebo is part of the three fighting BattleMon, but it treated as an outsidet or oddity. It should either have no weaknesses, or all weaknesses.
:SWL :SWR Zuppo :SWL :SWR Zippo While both are Fire/Electric, Zuppo is more Electric-focused, while Zippo is more Fire-focused. It’s kinda like how a spark can set off a fire. I guess then the idea is that Zuppo can only learn Electric-type moves, while Zippo can only learn Fire-type movies, so it’s a balance between waiting to evolve Zuppo in order to get better Electric attacks and finally evolving to a Zippo in order to maximize it. Or, alternatively, waiting to evolve Zuppo might gain an awesome Electric-type attack, at the risk of missing out on an awesome Fire-type attack that Zippo would’ve learned if it had evolved.
:SWR :SWG Floowette :SWR :SWG Floower I think this was another one of my early Pokemon USA designs… certainly after the original three (Psybbit, Firenant and Groove), but definitely before the rest. I liked the mix between Fire and Grass, and apparently there STILL isn’t a true Fire/Grass-type in Pokemon to this day.
:SWH :SWP Pes :SWH :SWP Parstic :SWH :SWP Futor This just REEKS of “Genwun”. PERFECT. The name is based on time: “past, present, future”. I MAY have it reference Scrooge’s Ghosts of Christmas Pes/Parstic/Futor…. maybe,
:SWK :SWV Choco :SWK :SWV Chocho I can’t remember its inspiration, but it feels like “Choco Mountain” from SMW and “Chocobo” from Final Fantasy.
:SWK :SWI Maintane :SWK :SWI Mountane Maintane and Mountane were originally Rock/Ground, but that was too boring. So I changed them to Rock/Ice, like they’re tall mountains with snow on top. I also renamed Maintane from “Maintain”.
:SWO :SWN Slithereen :SWO :SWN Slith :SWO :SWN Daimonback I will most likely rename Slith, as it’s too plain. Slithereen makes sense, cuz it sounds like a smaller “Slith”. But “Slith” alone… it needs a touch of flare.
:SWF :SWM Mauser :SWF :SWM Mauskett I’m gonna update its theme to involve firearms—thus “mauser” and “muskets”—as well as give it more of an “American Revolution” flair to it. This also means that I renamed “Mauser” from “Maus” If I decide to give it a “Mega” or “Dynamax” form later on down the road, I can easily see Mauskett having something like a Gatling Gun form. That said, I don’t want it to be TOO “obviously violent”, so maybe Mauskett won’t hold an actual musket but rather a stick that it treats it as such.
:SWW :SWY Clemm :SWW :SWY Ahclemm This is a reference to Firesign Theatre… but I like what Terry did with its design. Its typing is based on… well, Water = Clams, and only because “Clemm” sounds like Clam. The Fairy typing, apart from making it weak to Otto/Ottopuss’ Poison-type, is also a reference to the character Ahclemm in Firesign Theatre’s album “I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus“, who is perhaps one of the first computer hackers depicted in a narrative… since his ability to hack is almost magical, it kinds fits the “magical Fairy” type. … Hey, it’s the best I can come up with.
:SWK :SWO Otto :SWK :SWO Ottopuss I’m going to make Otto and Clemm rival BattleMon. But in doing so, I will likely remove Otto and Ottopuss’ Water typing, though I will keep it Poison-type. But now that Otto/Ottopuss is Rock/Poison, this means Clemm/Ahclemm should be Water/Fairy. This gives them both an advantage AND disadvantage over one another, making them equal rivals.
:SWZ :SWV Eagur :SWZ :SWV Eegale :SWZ :SWZ (several) I was considering tossing this line, but I instead decided to merge it with the four bird BattleMon which otherwise were their own lines. … of course, HOW Eegale evolves into these other four BattleMon is the next question.
:SWL :SWV Buzzerd C’mon, giddet? Buzz? Buzzerd??
:SWI :SWV Blyzzard And how about Blyzzard given “Buzzard”??
:SWH :SWV Fissure I will admit that it was around here when I realized that I put too many birds into the list. I’m therefore unsure if I’ll keep them or not.
:SWK :SWV Roc This is another punny name which I’ll keep.
:SWI :SWA Bufflow :SWI :SWA Gout Bufflow stays LOW, off the mountains. Gout, however, heads OUT into the mountains. I think.
:SWD :SWL Plugdriver :SWD :SWL Socketdriver :SWD :SWL Toasterleaven The Q in “Toasterleaven” is silent. This line was originally Electric/Fire, but I think having Zuppo/Zippo as such is enough. I MIGHT reconsider this, however. But until then, it’ll be Dark/Electric. The way I see it, the “Dark” comes from it having burnt everything, including your toast.
:SWR :SWO Dragonfry :SWR :SWO Dragonfire
:SWG :SWH Altercation My Ditto analogue. Its type is randomized, so technically it has no type. Originally, however, it was Psychic/Normal, but I don’t think that would’ve worked for a BattleMon that copies others. In fact, maybe its random type is the only way to tell it’s a duplicate than the original, because no matter what Altercation transforms into, it’ll always have a random type.
:SWL :SWP Doserniks :SWL :SWP Gooeyclee :SWL :SWP Wizzywig Originally “Doze” and “Gui”, I renamed them to what they are now, as well as added a new Stage 2 BattleMon. Their names are more unique, focusing on computer history, specifically: Doze is now Doserniks, combining “DOS” and “UNIX” together, and thus pronounced “Dozer-nicks”. Gui is now Gooeyclee, combining “GUI” and “CLI” together. Finally the new Battlemon is Wizzywig, which is from “WYSIWYG”, or “what you see is what you get”. One change I will make is, given that Terry depicted “GUI” with treads, I feel it might be appropriate to give those treads to “Doserniks” as well, implying that it’s a “bulldozer”, thus connecting it to the “doser” part of its name.
:SWG :SWO Flyhack :SWG :SWO Flychomp Based on the Venus Fly Trap. Analogue to Victreebel
:SWB :SWY Croach :SWB :SWY Crot :SWB :SWY Creace This looks like some Gardevoir-bait…
:SWC :SWA Onke :SWC :SWA Boure
:SWF :SWO Indeeky :SWF :SWO Afreeky As punny as these names are, this is definitely insensitive. But I won’t sweep them under the rug. So I’m thinking maybe this could be used to comment on Pokemon like Jynx or other controversial Pokemon? Originally Grass types until I changed it.
:SWG :SWA Cheeo :SWG :SWA Treetah
:SWW :SWM Aquatorse :SWW :SWM Liquisteed This will be some kind of liquid-metal BattleMon. It may also be some kind of comment on the amount of mercury in our oceans.
:SWI :SWF Wallypug :SWI :SWF Walrush :SWI :SWF (!)
:SWB :SWP Pixiboo :SWB :SWP (!) It needs an evo for sure.
:SWI :SWN Pentigoot I like the ides of this being a Big Basic BattleMon
:SWH :SWK (!) :SWH :SWK Mofrawn :SWH :SWK (!) This, on the other hand, looks like it’s a middle-stage to a hitherto unknown Basic and Stage 2 BattleMon. Originally Grass until I changed it.
:SWO :SWP Pickibad :SWO :SWP Olivor Originally Olivor and Pickibad were their own lines, and Olivor was a Fire/Normal-type… but I think this makes a bit more sense, seeing as they look similar to one another. I later changed its Grass-type to Poison-type because I had WAY too many Grass BattleMon.
:SWR :SWD Bully :SWR :SWD Skulder Fire/Dark is way too obvious for this one. Not in a bad way, that is!
:SWO :SWA Ess :SWO :SWA Kargo :SWO :SWA Slugger Originally Grass/Water, but is now Ground/Poison
:SWM :SWY Armordillo :SWM :SWY Lupidillo Originally Normal-type, but I think making it Steel/Fairy gives it more personality.
:SWI :SWH Frigidite :SWI :SWH Frostidite I might give this a sort of “freeze dried extinct animal” feel to it.
:SWR :SWA Flamie :SWR :SWA Flamoose
:SWR :SWC Burril I think there is starting to be too many Fire-type BattleMon.
:SWR :SWN Burnadon :SWR :SWN Infernadon Definitely “Fossil” BattleMon
:SWM :SWN Stiggy :SWM :SWN Stiggoro Definitely “Fossil” BattleMon; originally Grass/Normal, but
:SWL :SWY Fyoos :SWL :SWY Gigwatt This might be the “rival” to the Toasterleaven line.
:SWD :SWO Grimpy :SWD :SWO Tripod :SWD :SWO Evilcluster Originally Grass/Poison, but I switched it to Dark/Poison to fit it’s “Evilcluster” idea better.
:SWF :SWN Solomaru Fighting/Psychic seems reasonable.
:SWF :SWY Nuff :SWF :SWY Tuff :SWF :SWY Tuffinuff
:SWA :SWV Ryffyn Originally Electric/Normal, but I forgot why it was. So I changed it to Ground/Flying, in order for it to feel like a contradiction of souts
:SWD :SWH Deathcap :SWD :SWH Caperon Originally Normal-type, I decided to change it to Dark/Ghost to play up it’s sort of “deadly mushroom” styling. I also changed “Cap” to “Deathcap”
:SWI :SWM Leshy Ice/Metal because… I dunno… maybe it likes mining and hoarding precious metals?
:SWD :SWP Jester :SWD :SWP Jokester :SWD :SWP Prankster
:SWV :SWY Choo :SWV :SWY Achoo :SWV :SWY Kazoontite Originally Normal-type, but changed to Fairy/Flying, as if its sneezes makes it either fly away or produce a lot of wind power.
:SWP :SWM Skweek :SWP :SWM Baaar The “Mewtwo” of the bunch. Even though it evolves. Based on Dolly, the cloned sheep. That is also the source of its Ground-type.

This is the last of the original Pokemon/BattleMon created for Pokémon USA, or at least ones based on them. Everything else from here on out are completely new and original BattleMon, created from scratch for “Adventure BattleMon” itself.



:SDG :SDD Morphocybin :SDG :SDD Narcalkaloid This BattleMon uses spores, fumes or other aerosols to incapacitate any potential foes while it tries to make its escape. However, some Humans have learned of its intense potency and have enslaved many in order to extract their spores for nefarious purposes. … This will be one of a few BattleMon which represent the hidden underworld of reality
:SDC :SDY Nursey :SDC :SDY Matronurse Commonly seen in both BattleMon and Human hospitals, Nurseys and Matronurses use their extreme healing powers to bring relief to those in pain. … This BattleMon will be my Chansey/Blissey expy.
:SDO :SDI Criticub :SDO :SDI Fallupe :SDO :SDI Decanine Born from the subtly radioactive region up north where a nuclear power plant melted down some 50 years ago. The region itself isn’t visited by people much; this means the BattleMon that live there can live peacefully, but it’s a peace they still struggle with. … This line is based on wolves in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Criticub is “Critical” + “(wolf) cub”. Fallupe is “Fallout” + “Lupis”. Decanine, comes from the idea of radioactive decay (alpha, beta, etc) and “canine”, but also from the idea that there is an “alpha wolf”.


17 18 17 18 19 19 20 20 14 19 18 13 16 19 20 19 14 20



BattleMon Types

Since Adventure BattleMon need to separate itself from Pokémon, one of the most important ways of doing that is by redefining the terms used in the series. Like, BattleMon won’t evolve but, maybe, metamorphize. Furthermore, BattleMon battlers will need to earn eight certificates from various BattleZones, lead by a Zone Captain, in order to have the chance to face the Final Four. Stuff like that.

But perhaps the most important way of defining Adventure BattleMon is how types are defined. I will basically use the types seen in Pokémon, albeit with some changes (read below). Finally, while the actual names for each type is still up in the air, the style of the names are already set; chilblane over on the PA! Discord had a great idea of making the type names sound more “scientific”, like “Cryogenic”, “Psionic”, etc. That idea was just too good to pass up, so I decided to steal it. Don’t worry, chilblane is… well… chill about the idea. :3

:SWB Bug Creeper, Insect, Swarm, Crawly
:SWD Dark Shadow, Evil, Gloomy, Shady, Doom, Demon
:SWN Dragon Mythical, Mythic, Magestic, Legend, Fable, Drake, Illusory, Obscure Dragon will be another type I plan on changing slightly, focusing on it less as being Dragon-specific and more about it being mythical, legendary, etc… more “Old” than anything.
:SWL Electric Power, Energy, Voltage, Spark, Bolt
:SWY Fairy Light, Pearl, Bright, Flash, Life Fairy will be one that I will change the most; instead of it being “Fairy”-related, it’ll be more “Light”, and thus an opposite to the “Dark” type.
:SWF Fighting Muscle, Brawny, Mighty, Punchy, Martial, Fit, Exercise — Pugilic
:SWR Fire Flame, Burn, Lava, Heat
:SWV Flying Bird, Air, Aerial, Sky — Volantic, Aviblic
:SWH Ghost Spectre, Spectral, Phantom, Spooky
:SWG Grass Plant, Flower, Herb, Vegetation, Growth
:SWA Ground Earth, Soil, Terrain, Sand, Dry, Soft
:SWI Ice Frozen, Cold, Crystal, Glacier, Iceberg, Icicle, Iceberg, Frost
:SWC Normal Natural, Animal, Plain — Ordinaric
:SWO Poison Toxic, Disease, Blight, Radioactive, Plague — Venenic, Venomic
:SWP Psychic Mind, Mental, Brain, Intelligent, Cerebral, Clairvoyant
:SWK Rock Stone, Rubble, Bedrock, Ore, Hard
:SWM Steel Metallic, Mineral, Alloy
:SWW Water Aqua, Liquid, Rain, Flow, Flux, Liquescent, Liquiform