There's a Pokemon Yellow joke in here somewhere.In trying to rebuild PA!’s fake carding capacity, I’m always on the lookout for different ways to help out other fake card makers by providing resources and tips to help with their faking. But one thing I had not considered before was something as simple as connecting fakers with other artists. Afterall, I’ve done all of my own artwork for my own fakes, so it really never crossed my mind that maybe other fakers out there could use a hand up with the main character artwork for their own fakes.  However, I recently I got an email from a faker who wanted to know if they could commission me to draw up some artwork for the fake they were making for their kid, or could at least point them towards someone who could help. Unfortunately I was up to my neck with IRL matters to provide any assistance, but I did point them towards two artist friends of mine who could help. But all that got me thinking: if they needed a hand up with artwork for their cards, who else could use a hand?

And thus this page came into being: this page is a list of PA!-recommended artists which specialize in Pokémon or other monster-related artwork who you can commission for that very special fake you’ve been wanting to work on. This page will at least cover who the artist is and where you can contact them, and then maybe even provide examples of their artwork to see if their style meshes well with your goals as well as other bits of handy information. I hope you are able to connect with someone to bring your fake card to life!

Just be sure to let them know “Nick15″/”PA!” sent you, and maybe they’ll do something special for you (but there’s no guarantees!!)



The List

  • Jennifer Brazas, “Savage Sparrow”
    • SITES: Main / Twitter / Patreon
    • ART STYLE: 2D line art
    • NOTES: Jen has been my artistic “sister-in-arms” for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve watched her artistic career blossom and grow. We met via the Pokémon TCG, so she certainly knows a thing or two about drawing really cool Pokémon and other creatures for your fake cards.
  • Rachael Briggs, “RacieB”, “RacieBeep”
    • SITES: Main / Etsy / deviantART / Twitter
    • ART STYLE: 2D line art
    • NOTES: RacieB is a “semiprofessional Monsterologist”, though honestly she’s a straight-up PRO as far as I’m concerned. She has a knack for drawing weird animals, and is also a huge fan of Pokémon and Keitai Denjuu Telefang. You might have even seen her work in various episodes of “Did You Know Gaming”!
  • Samantha, “Qwilfish”, “Samantha009”
    • SITES: Main / Custom Card site / deviantART
    • ART STYLE: 2D line art
    • NOTES: Qwilfish has been sharing her artwork on the PA! Discord, and she has a really cute style. Many of her own custom cards are actually done by hand, which is a rather unique spin on faking. She even does cross-stitching! be sure to catch her out during commission season.

More will be added soon, so keep an eye out!!


As a side note, I thought about calling this the “Artist Facebook”, because that literally is what a “facebook” is: it was a way people can look up, say, old college alumni to see what they’ve been up to and what they specialize in, sort of a yearbook of professionals. But since “facebook” is so connected with the social media platform, I stuck with the other “book of professionals”: the classic yellow pages.