Curstraw FakeThe recent leaks of the “Space World” ’97 and ’99 ROMs and all the Beta Pokémon in it has made my hype levels shoot through the roof. Like, I remember learning about them back in the day, so it’s nothing less than a straight-up dream come true to finally put actual faces to the names and confirm certain other facts (such as “Yoroidori” being a beta name for Skarmory).

So it went without saying that I MUST make fakes for them, seeing as I would’ve made fakes for them back in the day as well. But since my old blanks didn’t cut the mustard any longer, especially since I never made blanks for a lot of the new card types which were made in the mean time—such as Fairy, Dragon, Supporter cards, etc—I decided to remake Neo-era blanks from scratch.

If you want to see the cards I’ve made so far… you’ll need to wait a bit, because I haven’t actually started yet. This is mostly because I’m still in the planning stages for the set. However, I’ve got a lot of it planned out and it’s almost ready to go. If you want to see what I have planned for the set, keep reading!



Set Names

While I’m still sorting out the actual contents of the sets, I did at least work out the name and themes for the sets. And yes, I said sets, as in plural; I decided that it would be more practical if I made three smaller sets instead of one large one, because that would give me more flexibility when actually designing it.

Anyways, here is what I have planned for the sets:

  • SW Alpha⁹⁷ — I’m going to emulate the style of how the TCG currently runs its blocks, by giving the set a prefix (like ADV/EX, BW, XY, etc). In this case, it’ll be “SW”, for “Space World”. But what is the “Space World?” Well, the first set, Alpha⁹⁷, will touch up[on that. Turns out a mysterious portal to the “Space World”, which is a strange, alternate dimension, has opened up in our Pokémon World, and it’s already doing some strange things to our Pokémon… like, giving them new forms, or giving them Baby Pokémon to those who never had them before… what’s going on here?
  • SW Beta⁹⁸ — The next set, Beta⁹⁸, will see the portal to the “Space World” open even wider, releasing completely new and previously unknown Pokémon into the world. Like two completely new starters? Or a shark/anchor-like Pokémon? If the portal to the “Space World” doesn’t close soon, who knows what other strange beings will be let loose to cause untold chaos?
  • SW Omega⁹⁹ — Finally in the last set, Omega⁹⁹, it’s discovered that the portal to the “Space World” can only be closed from the inside, and so only the most brave souls—both People and Pokémon—are tasked with the duty to enter the “Space World” in order to break the connection to our world once and for all. But who knows what kinds of strange and mysterious Pokémon we’ll see in the “Space World”? Pokémon from a completely different universe? Pokémon with a never-before-seen type?? Rainbow Energy might be the only way to ensure they’ll be able to battle on your side… but that’s if you can make it out of the “Space World” at all!

Like the idea so far? Now some things may be tweaked before I finally start producing fakes for the sets, but this is closer to the end product than not.

Finally, I did a quick sketch of what I’d like the set logos to be. Take a look below!


It’s a simple design for now, but I hope to make it look authentic to current Pokémon TCG set logos. I also hope I can pull off a convincing “corruption” effect for the logos as well…



General Notes

OK so as I’ve mentioned above, I have my plans for the set basically worked out and set in stone. Here is what I have planned for the set once I start working on it:

  • The primary focus of this set is to make cards relating to the 1997 Space World Demo for Pokémon Gold/Silver. It may also include other beta Pokémon, such as the Gen 1 (or rather, “Gen 0”) ones where only their backs were seen.
    • Because of this, the cards will use the Neo-era blanks, albeit that which is ever so slightly changed according to my standards. This is because, in retrospect, there has never been a single Neo design which applies to all Neo cards, as their designs varied ever-so-slightly from one another. Because of which, I felt forced to make several executive decisions in order for my new Neo blanks to maintain a consistent design.
    • On the other hand, the actual playability of the cards will be designed to be compatible with current TCG standards, as of the Sword/Shield set, thus accounting for 20 years of power creep since the original Neo sets. This will also mean that I will include Dragon-type cards, Fairy-type card design (more on that later), Pokémon-EX/Mega/V-Max/etc types, Ace-Spec Trainers, Full Art cards, and so forth. Think of it as sort of an extension or evolution of the Evolutions TCG set where Base Set was recreated using a retro blank design, but also with similar shifts in playability and card types.
    • And because I plan on basing it on the standards set by Sword/Shield, this also means that Pokémon that would be Poison-types in the Video Game will now be Darkness-types in the TCG (switching it from the previous Psychic-types), and Fairy-type Pokemon will become Psychic-types.
    • I will also be making my own little tweaks from this standard. For example, while technically Fairy-type Pokémon will be Psychic-types in the set, I will be making their cards using a Fairy-type blank. They’ll remain technically Psychic-type, it’s just that those Psychic-type cards will have a Fairy-type flair to them, if that makes sense.
  • Because there is a LOT of Pokémon to work with, I will be designing three whole sets for this project.
    • Part of this is to keep the actual set size manageable, but also so that I can include as many cards as I feel would be necessary.
    • But this is also because I want to likewise recreate the Block format of Gen 1-2 TCG sets. Consider that Gen 1 Pokémon were released over the course of Base Set, Jungle and Fossil, while Gen 2 Pokémon were released over Neo Genesis, Discovery and Revelations, and that each of those sets had their own theme and style.
    • Therefore, creating three sets to cover all Space World (and possibly other beta) Pokémon will give me a chance to play with the design a bit and to give each set its own identity.
    • However, the names and themes of each set are yet to be determined.
  • Now it goes without saying that effectively every single new and different Pokemon in the Space World Demo will be included in this set. However, because of the different ways the existing and removed Pokemon interact with one another (or not), this will affect how I actually implement them into the game.
    • Pokémon which look the same but have a different name will just have their actual name in the set. (ie “Happa” will be Chikorita)
    • Pokémon with the same name but a different look will be treated as that same Pokémon, but its look will be considered as a “form”, like the Alolan and Galarian forms of Meowth (ie “Space World” Sneasel)
    • Pokémon with a different name and look, but connected with an existing Pokémon will vary; either they will also be treated as being the “Space World form (ie “Hanamogura” evolves from “Happa”/Chikorita, but even tho it is unrelated from Bayleef in every way, I’m still going to treat it as Bayleef’s “Space World” form), or it will be treated as a completely new Pokémon that just happens to share an evolution with an existing Pokémon, like how Bellossom and Vileplume evolve from Gloom (ie “Tsubomitto” evolves from Weepingbell, but I won’t consider it a “Space World” form of Victrebell.)
    • Pokémon which are clearly newly designed characters, regardless of their association with an existing Pokémon, will be treated as a completely new Pokémon outroght. (ie “Animon”, Ditto’s evolution, will be treated as a new Pokémon, period.)
    • Finally, if a Pokémon from the Space World demo was given an evolution in a later generation game, I may include that evolution, or even its Mega and/or Dynamax form as well. For this I will play it by ear.
  • One major goal for this project is to make sure each type is represented as equally as possible. As in, if at all possible, there will be just as many Grass-type Pokémon as there are Fire-type, Water-type, etc.
    • This was influenced by the fact that the Jungle set had only ONE Psychic-type Pokemon (Mr. Mime) and ONE Trainer Card (Poke Ball)… and yet had like 300 different Grass-type Pokemon. Now obviously the Pokemon types are imbalanced by default in the video game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to balance it within this set. With this in mind, I have a few plans to maintain a fair type balance.
    • Some of the ways I plan on balancing types may include choosing the type that the Space World demo gave the Pokémon, such as how the Vulpix prevo—Mikon—was a Water-type, or giving it a type which seems to make sense based on its design even if it doesn’t actually have that type… or, since the Space World Demo had Shiny Pokémon colors, a type based on its Shiny colors. ORR… I might even make them Delta Pokémon and just force them to be a completely new type.
  • Concerning adding Baby Pokemon in the set, I’ve decided to create a completely new Baby Rule instead of using the existing one.
    • The original Baby Rule was a real pain to deal with back in the day, and I’m glad it had long since been removed from the TCG.
    • However, Baby Pokémon still exist, and in fact are greater in numbers in the Space World demo… so there is no removing them from the set. So what is the alternative?
    • In the end I decided to design a new Baby Rule. This time, you can attack a Baby as normal, without needing to flip a coin. But if it’s knocked out, the attacker doesn’t get to draw a prize, and every card attached to the Baby Pokémon is returned to its player’s hand. Easy-peasy, right? Think of it as an anti-EX; instead of getting more prizes for a knock out, you get less. This way, I feel like Baby Pokemon may become less important targets, but in turn it may give players a chance to build them up and then evolve them into a Basic Pokemon, making it ready to attack as soon as you play it. It also acts like a Clefairy Doll, where you can use it to stall for a bit if necessary.
    • Personally I think it’s a fair compromise in order to keep Baby Pokémon in the set but without them being an annoyance to game play like before.
  • Another aspect of the modern TCG that I want to incorporate into the set are all the special Pokémon card types, such as EX, GX, V, etc. But I also needed to understand what exactly they add to the game, what their rules are, etc. Therefore, I plan on including the following card types in the game:
    • OVERVIEW — for the sake of clarity, I define “special type” Pokémon cards as simply an over-powered card (relative to non-special types) which are, in turn, balanced by allowing an opponent to draw two prizes instead of one when they’re knocked out. They are otherwise no different than any other non-special card. With this in mind, all of the following start with this foundation, but add something else to it.
    • EX — a base level “special type”; the only difference is that they are all Basic Pokémon.
    • MEGA — Mega Pokémon can only evolve from EX cards.
    • GX — unlike EX cards, GX cards can be of any stage. GX also have a “GX attack”, which is a super powerful move of which only one of ANY GX attack can be used per player per game.
    • GX Tag Team — these are effectively no different than other GX cards, except that, thematically, the card represents two or more Pokémon, which share their powers towards an extremely overpowered attack. GX Tag Team cards also allow 3 prizes to be drawn instead of just 2.
    • V — mechanically V cards are no different than EX cards; they too are always Basic Pokémon, and are foundation cards for an even more higher powered evolution.
    • VMAX — similar to Mega Pokémon relative to EX cards, Vmax cards only evolve from V cards. Vmax cards themselves are split up between Dynamax and Gigantamax forms, but this is effectively a cosmetic change, due to whether the Vmax form is either just a bigger version of the original Pokémon with standard “Max” attacks (Dynamax) or a specialized form of it with special “G-Max” attacks (Gigantamax).The following are still what I would consider “special cards”, usually with their own special rules, but don’t have the 2 prize rule.
    • ULTRA BEAST — these can be any kind of card, but Ultra Beast GX cards use red highlights instead of the standard blue.
    • BREAK — BREAK cards can only evolve from another Pokémon, and use most of the stats of its previous evolution. They don’t have the 2 prize rule, however.
    • PRISM STAR — whereas GX attacks can only be used once per game, Prism Star cards of the same name are limited to one per deck. The layout also has a “black crystal” look to it, so I should change cards look to suit the style as well.

OK, this is just about all my little preface notes for this set, at least so far. Basically it’ll be a set that looks like it came from 1999-2000 but can be played in 2019-2020.



Pokemon to add

This is going to be the new list of what Pokémon will be part of this block. As a reminder, there will be three sets, and each set will each have their own general theme (although sometimes the cards in these sets might not reflect this theme). That said, I will try to maintain some common elements which were part of actual existing sets, such as how the Starter Pokémon were all available in the first set of the block (Base Set for Kanto, Neo Genesis for Johto, etc), or how some Pokémon might not have their evolutions in the same set, only to be released later. Any exceptions to the rules will be noted in the “Notes” column.

Also, the “Pokédex Entry Number” values I’ll be using in the set won’t be their ACTUAL National Pokédex numbers, but their “Megadex” Entry number, which is something I developed myself. It’s based on the Johtodex List seen in Gold/Silver and/or HeartGold/SoulSilver, but with all the new prototype Pokémon added in at their appropriate locations (ie the Space World Starters are located at the top of the list, the alt evolution for Weepinbell is located after Victrebel, etc). That said, the alternate Pokédex values under the “Alt#” column may be included on the card somewhere. Finally, the column titled “Final Name” will be what I’ll be officially calling that Pokémon in the set. It may be based on their actual Japanese name (if it has one), or it may be a name of my own creation.

With that said, the themes for each set will be:

  • Alpha97 (α97): This set will focus on the “new” forms of existing Pokémon (like the gold Marill), or the Prevos/Evos of Pokémon which ultimately were never included (such as the Grimer and Vulpix prevos and the Farfetch’d and Weepinbell evos). Basically this set will focus on Pokémon which already exist.
  • Beta98 (β98): This set will cover all the actually truly new Pokémon which never existed before (and technically don’t exist). So stuff like Manboo-1 (ie the Anchor-Shark), the Water/Fire seal Pokémon, and ESPECIALLY the Fire and Water Space World Starters (provided I didn’t include them in the previous set).
  • Omega99 (Ω99): This set will just be a really bizarre and weird set. First off any Pokémon left over from the first two sets will be part of this set. But I also plan on using this as an opportunity to play with the game a bit, like creating new one-off Pokémon types which can only be played using Rainbow Energy. Otherwise I’ll just use this set to make second versions of previous cards, or make cards based on the forms seen in the “sketchpad“. This set may include “hypothetical” forms, where I take a one-off form of an existing Pokémon (like the Pink-Green Cyndaquil) and make completely new versions of their evolutions based on that form (thus Pink-Green Quilava and Typhlosion).

If a TCG type icon appears under in any of the columns of these sets, that means that Pokémon will appear in that set and of that type. They may appear in multiple sets, or multiple times in the same set. If I haven’t worked out which set that Pokémon will appear in, but I’ve at least decided to include it in some set, then their type icon will be in the “TBD” (To be determined) column. On the other hand, if a generic Energy icon ( :TE ) appears in any of the three Set or TBD column, it means that while I plan on including that particular Pokémon in that set, or at least in this project in general, I have yet to work out what type it should be.

I will state that, upon creating the actual cards, I will try my best to make sure you can tell which piece of information is something that is ACTUALLY part of what that Pokémon actually is, or if it’s something I made up. The goal is to make sure people don’t get confused between truly accurately recovered prototype info versus embellishments I’ve added to help fill in some gaps. For this purpose, I’ve included a “RM” (Regulation Mark) column, which will have one of the following marks to denote just where did that Pokémon truly came from.

Regular, normal Pokémon

These Pokémon are unaltered, not customized, completely normal regular plain-as-porridge Pokémon. I’ll be including these guys to bridge the gaps between some of these new Pokémon or fill in some of the empty spaces.

New but related Pokémon

These are all absolutely new Pokémon, but absolutely related to existing ones. So Pokémon like the unreleased Baby Pokémon of Kanto Pokémon, such as プディ Pudi, which evolves into Growlithe, or unused evolutions of Pokémon that made it to the final release, like ツインズ Tsuinzu, which would have evolved into Girafarig, but ultimately Girafarig was made into a Basic Pokémon instead of an evolution. Basically there is some direct—maybe indirect or assumed—connection with a regular, normal Pokémon

Completely new Pokémon

These are the real deals, the actually completely new and totally never before released Pokémon which ultimately never appeared in any final video game release. Furthermore, there are absolutely ZERO connections with any existing Pokémon. This covers lost Pokémon like the マンボー1 Manboo1 line, the リンリン Rinrin line, and ウルフマン Wolfman line.

Officially altered normal Pokémon

This will denote Pokémon which actually exist, but have a completely different appearance. This therefore covers the more lion-esque form of Porygon2, or the spiky green Cyndaquil, etc.

Conjecturally customized but totally unofficial normal Pokémon 

This is a step towards fan-theory, but at least based on what already existed. For example, while the spiky green Cyndaquil was actually depicted in a prototype GS ROM, a similarly formed spiky green Quilava and Typhlosion have not. So if I make my OWN customized versions of those Pokémon, albeit based on established designs, then I’ll use this mark.

OC donut steel Pokémon

Finally, these are the absolutely unofficial, 100% fan-designed, donut steel OC Pokémon. I’m going to avoid using this as much as possible, but maybe I might make up a new evolution of a Pokémon which I’ve always felt needed one, or maybe include one of the classic Pokémon USA designs. Anyways, if I completely made it up from scratch, it’ll use this Z.

That should be about it. Onto the official list!






MD# Alt# Pokémon Alt Name(?) Final Name TBD α97 β98 Ω99 RM Notes
001 J001 N152 S152 W369 Chikorita :TG Grass Starter; Happa will be treated as “Chikorita”, and so Hanamogura will just be a “Space World Forme” of Bayleef.
002 J002 N153 S153 W340 Bayleef Hanamogura Bayleef (Space World Forme) :TG
003 J003 N154 S154 W361 Meganium :TG
004 J004 N155 ____ W364 Cyndaquil Cyndaquil (Space World Forme) :TR As noted, I’ll be adding the “Space World forme” of Cyndaquil (the pink/green spiky version), but then drawing a totally unique version of Quilava and Typhlosion based on that spiky Cyndaquil.
005 J005 N156 ____ ____ Quilava :TR
006 J006 N157 ____ ____ Typhlosion :TR
007 J007 N158 ____ ____ Totodile :TW If I include Cyndaquil, I guess I should include Totodile, given that its line has some unique forms seen in the Sketchpad… but I’m not 100% sure if I will.
008 J008 N159 ____ ____ Croconaw :TW
009 J009 N160 ____ ____ Feraligatr :TW
010 ____ ____ S155 W357 Honooguma Flambear :TR Fire Starter; unlike Happa/Chikorita, this is clearly not supposed to be Cyndaquil. That said, I’m considering adding them to the first set, even though they’re new Pokémon, only because Starter Pokémon lines are almost always included in the first set of a block.
011 ____ ____ S156 W358 Volbear Volcanursa :TR
012 ____ ____ S157 W359 Dynabear Dynamight :TR
013 ____ ____ S158 W366 Kruise Phocaruize :TW Water Starter. Since this is not supposed to be Totodile, I will consider them as a completely new Pokémon
014 ____ ____ S159 W367 Aqua Aquaruize :TW
015 ____ ____ S160 W368 Aquaria Aquaria :TW
016 J010 N016 ____ ____ Pidgey
017 J011 N017 ____ ____ Pidgeotto
018 J012 N018 ____ ____ Pidgeot
019 J013 N021 ____ ____ Spearow
020 J014 N022 ____ ____ Fearow
021 J015 N163 S161 W345 Hoothoot Hoohoo Hoothoot (Space World Forme) :TC Currently listed as Dragon-type in order to keep the overall types a bit more evely distributed.
022 J016 N164 S162 W443 Noctowl Booboo Noctowl (Space World Forme) :TC
023 J017 N019 ____ ____ Rattata
024 J018 N020 ____ ____ Raticate
025 J019 N161 ____ ____ Sentret
026 J020 N162 ____ ____ Furret
027 J021 N172 S172 W379 Pichu :TL Space World Forme. Because of how limited Lighting is, I might include this evo line.
028 J022 N025 ____ ____ Pikachu :TL
029 J023 N026 ____ ____ Raichu :TL
030 J024 N010 ____ ____ Caterpie
031 J025 N011 ____ ____ Metapod
032 J026 N012 ____ ____ Butterfree
033 J027 N013 ____ ____ Weedle
034 J028 N014 ____ ____ Kakuna
035 J029 N015 ____ ____ Beedrill
036 J030 N165 S202 W399 Ledyba :TG Ledyba looks exactly the same, however Ledian (Mitsuboshi in Japanese, versus its final name, Redian) is completely different. This might be a case where I make Mitsuboshi into a completely different Pokemon from Ledian, and both just happen to be evolutions of Ledyba.
037 J031 N166 S203 W447 Ledian Mitsuboshi Ledian (Space World Forme) :TG
038 J032 N167 S185 W384 Spinarak Kokumo Spinarak (Space World Forme) :TD It’s worth noting that these two have completely different Japanese names—Kokumo / Tsuuheddo vs Itomaru / Ariadosu.

Because of Grass is overloaded, I’m gonna make them Darkness-types.

039 J033 N168 S186 W385 Ariados Tsuuheddo Ariados (Space World Forme) :TD
040 J034 N074 ____ ____ Geodude
041 J035 N075 ____ ____ Graveler
042 J036 N076 ____ ____ Golem
043 J037 N041 ____ ____ Zubat I’m definitely not going to include it’s boring ass prevos. Hell, I might not even include Crobat itself, because it’s just too vanilla.

So unless some new proto-ROM is released that reveals a new Crobat form or something, I think I’ll skip this line. Unless I need some Darkness Pokémon to fill in the gaps….

044 J038 N042 ____ ____ Golbat
045 J039 N169 S183 W337 Crobat Ekushingu Crobat
046 J040 N173 S173 W375 Cleffa :TP Baby Clefable. Space World Forme for Cleffa only. I will therefore most likely design a unique form for Clefairy and Clefable based on Cleffa’s proto design.
047 J041 N035 ____ ____ Clefairy :TP
048 J042 N036 ____ ____ Clefable :TP
049 J043 N174 S174 W429 Igglybuff :TP Space World Forme exists for Igglybuff only. I may therefore make versions of Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff based on the prototype Igglybuff design.
050 J044 N039 ____ ____ Jigglypuff :TP
051 J045 N040 ____ ____ Wigglytuff :TP
052 J046 N175 S248 W445 Togepi Vanilla design for Togepi, and Togetic doesn’t seem to be in any of the protos. Consider that Togepi doesn’t evolve in-game. So unless there’s a really good reason to include it, seeing as I want to showcase new Pokemon or different designs of existing ones, I’m gonna skip this line for this block.
053 J047 N176 ____ ____ Togetic
054 ____ N468 ____ ____ Togekiss
055 J048 N027 ____ ____ Sandshrew
056 J049 N028 ____ ____ Sandslash
057 J050 N023 ____ ____ Ekans
058 J051 N024 ____ ____ Arbok
059 J052 N206 ____ W412 Dunsparce :TC Dunsparce clearly has a couple prototype designs. One in particular looks very much like mysterious Pokémon #415 which otherwise has no connection to it or any other Pokémon. For the sake of adding SOME level of continuity and lore to these mysterious Pokémon, I’ll make it evolve from “Space World” Dunsparse.
060 ____ ____ ____ W415 “#415” “Anklyosoar” :TC
061 ____ ____ ____ W351 “#351” “Minisnek” :TF Initially I thought these two were connected to Dunsparse, but I later changed my mind. They do, however, look more alike one another than not, so I will presume them to be part of a single line.

I’m making them a Fighting-type, as I feel like they would be Dragon/Ground in the video game.

062 ____ ____ ____ W344 “#344” “Snekkja” :TF
063 J053 N179 S163 W408 Mareep Pachimee Mareep :TL Because these are too vanilla as themselves, I’ll work something out to spice them up. Or maybe not.
064 J054 N180 S164 W439 Flaaffy :TL
065 J055 N181 S165 W321 Ampharos :TL
066 J056 N194 ____ W298 Wooper :TW Wooper and Quagsire have some really weird sprites. I may make one Quagsire based on its Basic form, and another based on the weird Wooper sprite.
067 J057 N195 S175 W318 Quagsire Mizuuo Quagsire (Space World Forme) :TW :TF
068 J058 N092 ____ ____ Gastly
069 J059 N093 ____ ____ Haunter
070 J060 N094 ____ ____ Gengar
071 J061 N201 S201 W348 Unown :TC :TP :TP Unown’s type in the Demo was Normal… for once I might actually NOT change this. And since Unown’s various forms are exactly the same in the Demo as they are in the final release, I might create some other, newer Unown, like perhaps Unown’s menu sprite, which does not look like any actual existing Pokemon. Or, I MIGHT use this as an opportunity to make “Galarian Unown” cards, as in Unown in the shape of Galarian letters.
072 J062 N095 ____ ____ Onix :TM Prevo for Steelix, added to try to fill out Fighting as much as possible. Steelix, however, is a perfectly vanilla version. I may therefore play around with it, give it some extra value.

MAYBE I’ll make Onix a “Crystal Onix”?

073 J063 N208 S241 W420 Steelix :TM
074 J064 N069 ____ ____ Bellsprout :TD Tsubomitto is a Weepinbell evolution, similar to the split between Vileplume and Bellossom. Since this line is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon, I’m gonna make it a Darkness-type. I may or may not include Victreebel, however.
075 J065 N070 ____ ____ Weepinbell :TD
076 J066 N071 ____ ____ Victreebel
077 ____ ____ S222 W437 Tsubomitto Scarletbel :TD
078 J067 N187 S214 W328 Hoppip Haneko Hoppip (Space World Forme) :TG Space World Forme. If push comes to shove, I MIGHT give this Pokemon line a different type. However since it has always been Grass/Flying, I’m hard pressed to think of something different with it.
079 J068 N188 S215 W329 Skiploom Poponeko Skiploom (Space World Forme) :TG
080 J069 N189 S216 W330 Jumpluff Wataneko Jumpluff (Space World Forme) :TG
081 ____ ____ S184 W438 Para Piwis :TG Baby Paras. I will also include its evolutions as well. Pretty vanilla bunch.
082 J070 N046 ____ ____ Paras :TG
083 J071 N047 ____ ____ Parasect :TG
084 J072 N060 ____ ____ Poliwag :TW Another cut-and-dry “Space World Forme”.

Now there are actually two “new” Politoeds seen in various prototype material. There’s one where it looks a little more frog-like, and another where it looks like… some kind of teddy bear? I can’t say what I saw but it’s definitely supposed to be Politoed. It’s other form therefore makes more sense to appear in the Omega99 set.

That said, I’m unsure if I’ll keep the prior Poli’s looking normal, or if I will edit them to look more like Politoed. For now I’m sticking with normal look.

085 J073 N061 ____ ____ Poliwhirl :TW
086 J074 N062 ____ ____ Poliwrath
087 J075 N186 S199 W326 Politoed :TW :TF
088 J076 N129 ____ ____ Magikarp
089 J077 N130 ____ ____ Gyarados
090 ____ ____ S178 W395 Gyopin Zippeeng :TW Nothing special about these guys other than ithem existing. I may keep them vanilla, or maybe I’ll spice them up.
091 J078 N118 ____ ____ Goldeen :TW
092 J079 N119 ____ ____ Seaking :TW
093 J080 N079 ____ ____ Slowpoke I’m unsure what I plan to do with this line. I mean, the fact that “Turban” exists might give me a reason to include this line, but, hmmm… lemme think about this.
094 J081 N080 ____ ____ Slowbro
095 J082 N199 S200 W335 Slowking
096 J083 N043 ____ ____ Oddish :TG Space World Forme. The Grass-type is just overloaded, so I might make Bellossom a Basic Pokemon in some way, like as a Team Up card or something, like say “Bellossom and Space World Bellossom Team Up”…

I recently removed Vileplume from B98… I may make a Vileplume card later, but right now it’s just not “in the cards” (so to speak).

097 J084 N044 ____ ____ Gloom :TG
098 J085 N045 ____ ____ Vileplume
099 J086 N182 S221 W436 Bellossom Bellossom (Space World Forme) :TG
100 J087 N096 ____ ____ Drowzee
101 J088 N097 ____ ____ Hypno
102 J089 N063 ____ ____ Abra :TP Given Uri Geller’s recent change of heart concerning Kadabra, I might include this line in a set. Maybe calling it “Uri’s Abra”, “Uri’s Kadabra” and “Uri’s Alakazam”, lol
103 J090 N064 ____ ____ Kadabra :TP
104 J091 N065 ____ ____ Alakazam :TP
105 J092 N132 ____ ____ Ditto :TC Ditto evo?! Awesome!! That said, while Animon is a Normal-type in the demo, it evolves from Ditto via Metal Coat. So for the sake of broadening the types, I’ll make it Metal-type here. But what to do with it…? And what to do with Ditto? Should I keep Ditto Colorless-type even though Animon will be Metal-type?
106 ____ ____ S178 W427 Animon Mimeo :TM
107 J093 N204 ____ ____ Pineco :TM Forretress has a prototype form, which I will utilize. Pineco will therefore be given a similar redesign, albeit unofficially.
108 J094 N205 ____ ____ Forretress :TM
109 J095 N029 ____ ____ Nidoran♀
110 J096 N030 ____ ____ Nidorina
111 J097 N031 ____ ____ Nidoqueen
112 J098 N032 ____ ____ Nidoran♂
113 J099 N033 ____ ____ Nidorino
114 J100 N034 ____ ____ Nidoking
115 J101 N193 ____ ____ Yanma
116 J102 N469 ____ ____ Yanmega
117 ____ ____ ____ W404 “#404” “Minikern” :TG Like with Quagsire, the Demo treats Sunflora as a basic Pokemon. It also gave it an additional Psychic typing, which was removed in the final game (leaving it pure-Grass). A later leak introduced us to what I call “Minikern”, what is either a previous form of Sunkern, a Baby form to Sunkern, or the original Basic Pokémon stage of which Sunkern is “Stage 1” and Sunflora is “Stage 2”

What I’m likely going to do something similar to Quagsire; I’ll make a standard set for the family, albeit with Minikern as a Baby Pokémon, and then I’m going to make a Sunflora-EX or some sort, allowing it to be a Basic Pokemon, thus giving me a way to keep it consistant with its original designs.

118 J103 N191 ____ W298 Sunkern :TG
119 J104 N192 S190 W417 Sunflora Sanii Sunflora (Space World Forme) :TG :TP
120 J105 N102 ____ ____ Exeggcute
121 J106 N103 ____ ____ Exeggutor
122 ____ N438 ____ ____ Bonsly
123 J107 N185 ____ ____ Sudowoodo
124 ____ N360 ____ ____ Wynaut :TP Wobbuffet has an amazing redesign which looks nothing like its actual form. It also has a more vague, nebulous prototype form which I doubt I will use. That said, I MIGHT make Wynaut look like that Jellybean Wobbuffet prototype design instead, although I’d still consider it unofficial. Lemme think about this.
125 J108 N202 ____ ____ Wobbuffet :TP
126 J109 N048 ____ ____ Venonat
127 J110 N049 ____ ____ Venomoth
128 J111 N123 ____ ____ Scyther :TG In the Demo, Scizor was merely Bug/Flying, only to be changed to Bug/Steel later. I’m going to keep its Metal-type for the card, but use its Space World forme. I’m considering making Scyther look a bit beefy like Scizor does, maybe even coloring it red seeing as Space World Scizor was green.
129 J112 N212 S233 W424 Scizor Shizaasu Scizor (Space World Forme) :TM
130 J113 N127 ____ ____ Pinsir :TG Pinsir evolution. As huge as Grass is, this might be an acceptable addition. I may also just keep Pinsir itself looking normal, as its would-be evolution looks like it evolves from a proper Pinsir.
131 ____ ____ S234 W426 Purakkusu Chelicerae :TG
132 J114 N214 ____ ____ Heracross
133 J115 N109 ____ ____ Koffing
134 J116 N110 ____ ____ Weezing
135 ____ ____ S208 W410 Betobebii Sloppy :TD Baby Grimer. Pretty straight forward addition.
136 J117 N088 ____ ____ Grimer :TD
137 J118 N089 ____ ____ Muk :TD
138 J119 N081 ____ ____ Magnemite
139 J120 N082 ____ ____ Magneton
140 ____ N462 ____ ____ Magnezone
141 J121 N100 ____ ____ Voltorb
142 J122 N101 ____ ____ Electrode
143 J123 N190 S250 W323 Aipom Aipom (Space World Forme) :TC Space World Forme for Aipom, which looks very much different than it ultimately does. So I’m definitely gonna add Ampipom as well.
144 J124 N424 ____ ____ Ambipom :TC
145 J125 N209 S249 W363 Snubbull :TP Space World forme. While it normally has been a Colorless and then Fairy-type card, the Demo gives Snubbull a Psychic-type, which might actually be worth turning it into a Psychic-type card. And then of course Fairy-types switched to Psychic-types anyways, so…
146 J126 N210 ____ ____ Granbull :TP
147 ____ ____ S166 W396 Mikon Triox :TR Baby Vulpix; was accidentally given a Water-type in the demo, which I’ll correct here.

There’s a chance I might utilize prototype names of Gen 1 Pokémon in various ways. In this case, Vulpix was originally called Foxfire in English before Nintendo settled on Vulpix. I may therefore call Mikon “Foxfire” to reference that prototype name. But lemme think about that.

148 J127 N037 ____ ____ Vulpix :TR
149 J128 N038 ____ ____ Ninetales :TR
150 ____ ____ S213 W431 Pudi Pupyre :TR Baby Growlithe. I’ve chosen the name “Pupyre” for it, which mixes “pup(py)” and “pyre” or “fire”.
151 J129 N058 ____ ____ Growlithe :TR
152 J130 N059 ____ ____ Arcanine :TR
153 J131 N234 ____ W338 Stantler
154 ____ N298 ____ ____ Azurill :TW Space World formes exist for Marill and Azumarill. Namely, Marill had a pink hue, while Azumarill had two tails and was colored gold. I’ll therefore also include Azurill, giving it a look similar to Marill’s and Azumarill’s prototype looks.

I WON’T be using my custom “Psychic/Fairy” blanks; it’ll have a Fairy-type background but is officially a Psychic-type. Instead, I’ll be making them Water-types.

155 J132 N183 S179 W322 Marill :TW
156 J133 N184 ____ ____ Azumarill :TW
157 J134 N050 ____ ____ Diglett
158 J135 N051 ____ ____ Dugtrio
159 J136 N056 ____ ____ Mankey
160 J137 N057 ____ ____ Primeape
161 ____ ____ S196 W430 Koonya Meowney :TC Baby Meowth. It’s design looks pretty connected to Meowth and Persian, so while I’ll include those cards, I likely won’t give them a special, custom “Space World forme”.
162 J138 N052 ____ ____ Meowth :TC
163 J139 N053 ____ ____ Persian :TC
164 ____ N863 ____ ____ Perrserker
165 J140 N054 ____ ____ Psyduck
166 J141 N055 ____ ____ Golduck
167 J142 N066 ____ ____ Machop
168 J143 N067 ____ ____ Machoke
169 J144 N068 ____ ____ Machamp
170 J145 N236 S211 W448 Tyrogue Gongu Tyrogue (Space World Forme) :TF Space World Formes. I will definitely include the other Hitmon’s to help fill out the Fighting-type, since it’s looking a little sparse.

Although Tyrogue and Hitmontop will use their prototype looks, I’m unsure if Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee will have a different look or not. Right now I’ve given them a regulation mark of U, but I may create a custom “prototype-y” look for them, which will thus give them a Y mark.

171 J146 N106 ____ ____ Hitmonlee :TF
172 J147 N107 ____ ____ Hitmonchan :TF
173 J148 N237 S212 W409 Hitmontop :TF
174 ____ ____ S193 W398 Tsuinzu Twinzniwt :TD Since Girafarig has been established as a Basic Pokemon, Tsuinzu will therefore be a Baby Pokemon, even though if this version was released, it would’ve just been treated as a Basic Pokemon with Girafarig as a Stage-1 Evolution. Oh well. Similarly, Girafarig will be a “Space World Forme”… which means Tsuinzu will likely be defined as such just the same. This therefore means there won’t be a “normal” Tsuinzu form. Or maybe I WILL make a “normal” Tsuinzu which evolves into a standard Psychic-type Girafarig? We’ll see.
175 J149 N203 S194 W336 Girafarig :TD
176 J150 N128 ____ ____ Tauros
177 J151 N241 S223 W362 Miltank Fairly vanilla. I’m prolly gonna skip it.
178 J152 N240 S220 W425 Magby Magby (Space World Forme) :TR Baby Magmar. Since these Pokémon aren’t new but did have a unique look in the Space World Previews, I will make a version of its evos which look like the prototype version.
179 J153 N126 ____ ____ Magmar :TR
180 ____ N467 ____ ____ Magmortar :TR
181 J154 N238 S218 W413 Smoochum Lippu Smoochum (Space World Forme) :TP Baby Jynx. Space World forme exists only for Smoochum, so I’ll likely make a Jynx that looks more akin to that proto Smoochum.
182 J155 N124 ____ ____ Jynx :TP
183 J156 N239 S219 W342 Elekid Elebebii Elekid (Space World Forme) :TL Space World Forme. This is another line that I’ll likely include. But, again, I’ll spice it up.
184 J157 N125 ____ ____ Electabuzz :TL
185 ____ N466 ____ ____ Electivire :TL
186 ____ N439 S217 W441 Baririina Mime Jr. (Space World Forme) :TYP Space World Formes exist only for Mime Jr. (technically named “Baririina” or perhaps “Balirina”). Given that the introduction of Mr. Rime in SwSh was its “Galarian Forme”, it’s not unreasonable to make a “Space World forme” for it too. Therefore, I’ll be making a version of Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime which looks similar to the “Baliriina” design.

I recently decided to remove all Fairy-style Psychic-type Pokémon from the first two sets as well as from type balancing equasions. However, I in turn decided to include proper Fairy-types in the final set, albeit in a limited manner, and as one of many different “non-standard” types (including “Bird” and “Gear” types).

187 J158 N122 ____ ____ Mr. Mime :TYP
188 ____ N866 ____ ____ Mr. Rime :TYP
189 J159 N235 S195 W346 Smeargle Peintaa Smeargle Pretty vanilla here. Unless I can think of a good idea, I’m not gonna make a fake with it.
190 J160 N083 ____ ____ Farfetch’d :TC Madaamu is a Farfetch’d evo, unique to Space World demo. Given this, I’ll include a Farfetch’d for Madaamu to evolve from, as well as a Sirfetch’d and maybe Galarian Farfetch’d as well. I MAY in turn make a “Space World Forme” Farfetch’d to balance the Galarian Farfetch’d. Or maybe even a Galarian Madaamu. Or not. We’ll figure something out here.
191 ____ ____ S228 W419 Madaamu Turngoos’d :TC
192 ____ N865 ____ ____ Sirfetch’d :TC
193 J161 N177 S176 W310 Natu :TP Too vanilla and too many Psychics, so I’m dumping it.

Actually, skip that. The discovery of a middle-evo for Natu—which I’ve dubbed “Datu”—makes including Natu and Xatu a must. But how would I do this? Will Xatu become a “Stage 2”, despite it normally being “Stage 1”? Or will Datu be an alt-Stage 1, kinda like Slowking is relative to Slowbro?

194 ____ ____ ____ W311 Datu :TP
195 J162 N178 S177 W312 Xatu :TP
196 J163 N211 S170 W339 Qwilfish Pukuu Qwilfish :TD Qwilfish is usually Water-type in the TCG, but I’ll make it a Psychic-type as a reference to its Poison-typing in the VG.

Although there are no signs that suggest ANYTHING about the unnamed Pokémon in position #317 in the Space World 980506 ROM, I’m gonna consider it to be a “Stage 2” evolution of Shibiregufu, which is a “Stage 1” evolution of Qwilfish.

197 ____ ____ S171 ____ Shibirefugu Torpofish :TD
198 ____ ____ ____ W317 “#317” “Qwilrock” :TD
199 J164 N072 ____ ____ Tentacool
200 J165 N073 ____ ____ Tentacruel
201 J166 N098 ____ ____ Krabby
202 J167 N099 ____ ____ Kingler
203 J168 N213 ____ ____ Shuckle :TG Shuckle has a prototype form, although it doesn’t look AS different as its final design.
204 J169 N120 ____ ____ Staryu
205 J170 N121 ____ ____ Starmie
206 J171 N090 ____ ____ Shellder
207 J172 N091 ____ ____ Cloyster
208 J173 N222 ____ ____ Corsola
209 ____ N864 ____ ____ Cursola
210 J174 N223 S209 W341 Remoraid :TW While some Pokémon have some pretty text book baby forms, like Paras and Goldeen, the original designs for Remoraid and Octillery are just as textbooky. Not that that’s a bad thing, just that they represent the clearest examples of “Space World Forme”.
211 J175 N224 S210 W376 Octillery :TW
212 J176 N170 ____ ____ Chinchou :TL Prototype forms exist for both Chinchou and Lanturn, although Lanturn looks more different than Chinchou does relative to their final forms.
213 J177 N171 ____ ____ Lanturn :TL
214 J178 N086 ____ ____ Seel
215 J179 N087 ____ ____ Dewgong
216 J180 N108 ____ ____ Lickitung :TC Space World Forme exists for Lickilicky. I’ll likely make a Lickitung that looks like the proto-Lickilicky.
217 J181 N463 S240 W442 Lickilicky Nameeru Lickilicky (Space World Forme) :TC
218 ____ ____ S167 W422 Monja Tangwirl :TG Tangela pre-evo and Evo. I was considering Jaranra as a separate evo from Tangrowth, but in the end I chose to consider it a new form of Tangrowth instead.

As it involves Tangela, it will be part of the first set, Alpha97.

Curiously, this line is the first that has three different regulaiton marks and therefore sources; Monja is a completely new Pokémon, Tangela will remain vanilla, and Jaranrawill be treated as a form of Tangrowth versus a new unique evolution.

219 J182 N114 ____ ____ Tangela :TG
220 J183 N465 S168 W423 Tangrowth Jaranra Tangrowth (Space World Forme) :TG
221 J184 N133 ____ ____ Eevee :TC Space World Formes. Since there Leafeon is included with Espeon and Umbreon, I’ll likely included an Eevee card.

ESPEON: it’s yellow in the demo, so maybe I’ll make that its SW Forme.

UMBREON: The demo gave it a Poison-type, which was almost likely intended, but that just makes it Darkness-type in the end anyways. But regardless of its type, I’m going to make Umbreon weak to Psychic as well, which is a reference to its Poison-typing.

LEAFEON: I’ll treat it as a form of Leafeon rather than a new evolution which also just happens to be Grass-type as well.

222 J185 N134 ____ ____ Vaporeon
223 J186 N135 ____ ____ Jolteon
224 J187 N136 ____ ____ Flareon
225 J188 N196 S205 W434 Espeon :TP :TL
226 J189 N197 S206 W418 Umbreon :TD
227 ____ N470 S251 W433 Leafeon :TG
228 ____ N471 ____ ____ Glaceon
229 ____ N700 ____ ____ Sylveon
230 J190 N116 ____ ____ Horsea :TN Literally the first actual Dragon-type Pokemon so far. Which would be important if I decided to keep the Dragon-type as part of the sets. Space World Forme exists only for Kingdra. I will likely create custom formes for Horsea and Seadra based on the prototype design of Kingdra.

Actually, y’know what? I’ll keep these Dragon-types, but I’ll move them to the Omega⁹⁹ set instead. That is to say, because O99 will be less “authentic”, it will feature all kinds of random types and mechanics… which includes the Dragon-type. I will otherwise not include it in my type balancing.


231 J191 N117 ____ ____ Seadra :TN
232 J192 N230 S242 W432 Kingdra :TN
233 J193 N207 ____ ____ Gligar :TD Space World forme.
234 ____ N472 ____ ____ Gliscor
235 J194 N225 S225 W374 Delibird Gifuto Delibird (Space World Forme) :TW Space World forme. Maybe Delibird EX?
236 J195 N220 ____ ____ Swinub
237 J196 N221 ____ ____ Piloswine
238 J197 N473 ____ ____ Mamoswine
239 J198 N216 ____ ____ Teddiursa :TC Space World forme exists for Teddiursa, as a golden-colored bear. I’ll likely make a custom Ursaring which looks the part.
240 J199 N217 ____ ____ Ursaring :TC
241 J200 N231 S191 W444 Phanpy Paon Phanpy (Space World Forme) :TF Only Phanpy looks different in the Demo, but for the sake of consistency, I’ll both Phanpy and Donphan “Space World Formes”. In that case, I’ll maybe just color it’s SWF to be more like SWF Phanpy… maybe give it “white walls“?\

Finally, an elephant-esque mysterious Pokémon was found in a prototype ROM. It has no known official connection to any Pokémon, but it looks a lot like Donphan, so I will make it an evolution of it.

242 J201 N232 S192 W334 Donphan :TF
243 ____ ____ ____ W309 “#309” “Elephunt” :TF
244 ____ N458 ____ ____ Mantyke :TW will be “Space World Forme”, I will also make Mantyke look like the Space World Mantine.
245 J202 N226 S160 W381 Mantine Haneei Mantine (Space World Forme) :TW
246 J203 N227 S187 W373 Skarmory Yoroidori Skarmory :TM Another vanilla Pokemon, despite its different Japanese name. MAYBE I can manipulate it into a forme difference?
247 ____ ____ S189 W414 Hinaazu Doden :TN Baby Doduo. Maybe I’ll name it “Doden”, like it’s living in a Doduo/Dodrio’s den. Initially not all types had a Baby Pokemon, so I chose to give Hinaazu a Dragon-type in order to ensure the Dragon-type has a Baby associated with it. But now that Hinaazu is a Dragon-type, I’ll add Doduo and Dodrio into the mix, making them Dragon-types as well… although I’ll make them into a different form to justify their new typing.

This is another which I plan on keeping as Dragon-type, despite my move to remove Dragon-types from the first two sets (and my type balancing equasions).

248 J204 N084 ____ ____ Doduo :TN
249 J205 N085 ____ ____ Dodrio :TN
250 ____ ____ S204 W394 Puchikoon Tinyta :TR :TC Baby Ponyta; was given Normal-type in the Demo, but I’ll correct it here.

That said, I may make a Colorless Puchikoon in the third set.

251 J206 N077 ____ ____ Ponyta :TR
252 J207 N078 ____ ____ Rapidash :TR
253 J208 N104 ____ ____ Cubone
254 J209 N105 ____ ____ Marowak
255 J210 N115 ____ ____ Kangaskhan
256 J211 N111 ____ ____ Rhyhorn
257 J212 N112 ____ ____ Rhydon
258 ____ N464 ____ ____ Rhyperior
259 J213 N198 S231 W411 Murkrow Murkrow (Space World Forme) :TD Space World Forme exists for Murkrow. Turning Honchkrow into something is pretty obvious for this.
260 ____ N430 ____ ____ Honchkrow :TD
261 J214 N228 S235 W388 Houndour Debiru :TR Space World Formes for both exist, but they’re kinda not very different. Still tho, the lack of certain Pokémon of a certain type might necessitate their addition.
262 J215 N229 S236 W389 Houndoom :TR
263 J216 N218 ____ ____ Slugma :TR Slugma has a prototype form which I will incorporate into a Magcargo redesign.
264 J217 N219 ____ ____ Magcargo :TR
265 J218 N215 S246 W320 Sneasel Sneasel (Space World Forme) :TD Space World Forme exists only for Sneasel, and boy-oh-boy does it have a varity of forms.

It’s most common alternate form makes it look like a stoat or ermine (“White Sneasel”), while a one-off design looks like a mix between that and the current IRL Sneasel (“Black Sneasel”). I’m definitely going to make a Weavile that looks like “White Sneasel”, but I’m unsure about what I’ll do with “Black Sneasel”.

266 ____ ____ ____ ____ Weavile :TD
267 J219 N200 ____ ____ Misdreavus Misdreavus appears to have its own prototype form, but I’m unsure if it’s different enough to warrant adding to the set.
268 ____ N429 ____ ____ Mismagius
269 J220 N137 ____ ____ Porygon :TC Space World Forme for Porygon2. I’m definitely gonna make Porygon and Porygon-Z look like it’s connected to Space World Porygon2.
270 J221 N233 S239 W428 Porygon2 Porygon2 (Space World Forme) :TC
271 ____ N474 ____ ____ Porygon-Z :TC
272 ____ N440 ____ ____ Happiny :TC Two separate Space World Forme exists only for Blissey; the first is a completely unique design (“Heart Blissey”), while the second looks like a Chansey with an apron (“Golden Blissey”). I’m therefore planning on making two versions of them.

I’m also unsure if I will make a completely new look for Happiny and Chansey like I’m planning to do with others, or if I’ll just utilize normal designs. If I do create a unique design for them, it’ll probably be for “Heart Blissey”. I may in turn make “Golden Blissey” into a Basic EX. On the other hand, I may do things the other way around: I might make “Golden Blissey” a standard “Stage 1” evolution for a gold-colored Chansey, and then make “Heart Blissey” the Space World forme for “Mega Blissey”.

273 J222 N113 ____ ____ Chansey :TC
274 J223 N242 S232 W421 Blissey Happii Blissey (Space World Forme) :TC :TC
275 ____ ____ S180 W354 Manboo-1 Manboo-1 :TM :TW Technically “Manboo-2” and “Manboo-3” have no official reltionship with Manboo-1 or any other Pokémon for that matter, but I’m going to connect it to Manboo-1, as they look like they evolve from it. As for their types… I’m not quite sure just yet. I’ll give them types based on my type needs. OK, looks like it’s safe enough to make them Water-types.

Manboo1 is Water-type only, but given that I plan to have it evolve into two separate lines, I’ll make two unique Manboo-1’s, with one as a Water-type and the other as a Metal-type just to keep things consistent.

276 ____ ____ S181 W303 Ikari Anchorage :TM
277 ____ ____ S182 W302 Grotesque Grotesque :TM
278 ____ ____ ____ W355 “#355” “Manboo-2” :TW
279 ____ ____ ____ W356 “#356” “Manboo-3” :TW
280 ____ ____ S197 W365 Rinrin Belling :TD One of the few truly new and original unused Beta Pokemon. This Pokemon is what this set lives for!
281 ____ ____ S198 W440 Berurun Belfryline :TD
282 ____ ____ S207 W418 Turban Shellderban, Shlowderban :TW This is the actual shell on the tail of a Slowbro, after a Shellder clamps onto its tail when it was a Slowpoke. However, the Demo didn’t program anything that links it with Slowpoke’s nor Shellder’s line. It is instead treated as a Basic Pokémon.

Despite this, I will set this guy to be able to evolve from BOTH Shellder AND Slowpoke… like, it’ll be a Stage 1 Evolution card, which you can evolve from eoiher a Shellder OR Slowpoke, depending on which card it is (Water or Psychic).

283 ____ ____ S224 W393 Bomushikaa Zalophorus :TR :TW This would have been the first Water/Fire type. Holy crackers! To celebrate this unique typing, I’ll make TWO of it, one of each type. Maybe a bonus could be had if both are in play.
284 ____ ____ S226 W332 Kotora Shockub :TL New Pokemon, and just boring ol’ Electric (or Lightning) type. Still, it’s good to help fill out this type a bit.
285 ____ ____ S227 W333 Raitora Panthunder :TL
286 ____ ____ ____ ____ ? Grimalkin :TL
287 ____ ____ S229 W327 Norowara Curstraw :TP The “Curstraw” test card I made above is of Norowara. Although its Space World type was merely Ghost, my original plan was to treat it as if it was Ghost/Fairy instead. However, that since became irrelevant when Fairy-types switched to Psychic-types, which is also what Ghost-types are. So… I may or may not use the Fairy/Psychic blank with “Curstraw” as well.
288 ____ ____ S230 W324 Kyonpan Jumpanda :TP
289 ____ ____ S237 W390 Urufuman Lycansnope :TF New and unique Beta Pokemon from the Demo. It’s Ice-type only in it, so I’m going to treat it as Ice/Fighting instead, since that seems to make a bit more sense to me. That is to say, since Dragon’s are mythical creatures, and so are “werewolves”, it makes sense to me to give it that mythical attribute. Well, that’s what I thought back when this was originally Dragon-type.

That said, its attacks will likely utilize Water energy cards to underline its Ice-typing.

Finally prototype Pokémon #349 is added in as a “Stage 2” evolution for this line, despite zero evidence that it was actually related to it. To me, however, it looks cloose enough to them that I feel that it’s worth adding it in. If evidence comes in another prototype ROM which reveals that #349 does NOT evolve from Waaurufu, then… well, maybe I’ll preemptively account for this by mentioning that the Space World is a dimension which doesn’t make sense, allowing some Pokémon to evolve from another, despite having no relationship with it. I might underline this point by making other Pokémon evolve from another unrelated Pokémon.

290 ____ ____ S238 W391 Waaurufu Polarewolf :TF
291 ____ ____ ____ W349 “#349” “Hairwolf” :TF
292 ____ ____ ____ W301 “#301” “Whitesnake” :TF Basically all totally new Pokémon will be a part of the Space World Beta ’98 set. However, I have yet to determine what type these Pokémon should be.

I am considering #W301 to be a Basic form for #W300, despite their originally discovered positions being reverse. I feel they are related as they share a similar lanky look and sprigs jutting out of the back of their heads.

293 ____ ____ ____ W300 “#300” “Toots” :TF
294 ____ ____ ____ W377 “#377” “Angryfox” :TM To me these are clearly related to one another. However #W304 “Fireyfox” being a Fire-type seems redundant, given the existence of the Vulpix-line. This may be why it was removed.

Concerning its type, however, I’ll make it a Metal-type, thinking of something like Mercury or some such.

295 ____ ____ ____ W304 “#304” “Fireyfox” :TM
296 ____ ____ ____ W305 “#305” “Lump” :TG The first four of the following five are very obviously part of the same family, although #W307 and #W308 seem to be co-evolutions of #W306. Finally, originally #W350 was separate, but upon further consideration, I feel like it makes a THIRD evolution of #W306.

The leaves on their head makes me think it’s part Grass-type. Their lumpy look might make it look like it’s either like a snowball (thus Ice-type) or maybe a Pokémon similar to Jigglypuff (thus Fairy-type). However #W308 looks more angry or “evil”, so maybe that’ll be a Dark-type. But since there are too many Psychic types, I’m leaving the first three unknown for now, while #W308 will be a Darkness-type card.

Finally, #W350 seems to be a Grass/Steel-type, meaning I’ll make it a Metal-type card.

297 ____ ____ ____ W306 “#306” “Leafylump” :TG
298 ____ ____ ____ W307 “#307” “Hairylump” :TG
299 ____ ____ ____ W308 “#308” “Hangrylump” :TD
308 ____ ____ ____ W350 “#350” “Pikabot” :TM
300 ____ ____ ____ W313 “#313” “Upkiwi” :TF #W313 looks like a Kiwi bird, but one that roots around in the dirt. So Fighting-type card seems most logical.

Meanwhile, while I originally didn’t consider these two proto-Pokémon to be related, I later decided to make #W352 evolve from #W313. Mostly because it feels like they belong together; like, since #W313 looks like it roots around in the dirt, it almost feel slike #W352 popped out from the dirt… like, it was in hiding, and it’s “Helmet” was a plop of dirt or mud.

309 ____ ____ ____ W352 “#352” “Helmetbird” :TF
301 ____ ____ ____ W314 “#314” “Skorpeon” :TF This also looks like it roots around in the dirt, but it could also be Poison-type. So I may make it a Fighting or Darkness-type card, depending on my type balancing needs.
302 ____ ____ ____ W315 “#315” “Chickenhawk” :TC These two definitely belong to the same family. Obviously Flying-type bare minimum, but its secondary type is up for interpretation. I’ll stick with making them a Colorless-type card for now, but I may give it a different type later.
303 ____ ____ ____ W378 “#378” “Chickenstork” :TC
304 ____ ____ ____ W316 “#316” “Swansong” :TM #W316 almost looks like it’s a flying harp. So maybe I’ll consider it to be a Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon, and therefore release it as either a Metal or Psychic-type card. I’m leaning more towards Metal-type.
319 ____ ____ ____ W400 “#400” “Herspers” :TF I’m going to treat this as a sort of secondary Magikarp… namely, it’s a derpy, pathetic Basic Pokémon that evolves into a bad-ass Stage 1. Right now I’ll make it a Fighting-type, but I’m open to this being something else to help with the type balancing.
305 ____ ____ ____ W319 “#319” “Boaralope” :TF
306 ____ ____ ____ W325 “#325” “Unipup” :TD This almost looks like a prototype form of Pudi (#W431), but I won’t treat it as such. I’m currently unsure what I plan to do with this Pokémon, however.

Actually, I chose to make it Darkness-type, because I want to play with the whole “Deadly Cute” trope.

307 ____ ____ ____ W331 “#331” “Phantaiden” :TP Clearly a Ghost-type Pokémon. I may give it a special Ability.
324 ____ ____ ____ W406 “#406” “Lizardball” :TM These three proto-Pokémon were originally located in completely different places when originally discovered. However I decided to merge the three into a single family line, representing mortality… namely, Birth, Life and Death.

Dialga, as the Temporal Pokémon, was Steel/Dragon-type, so I’m going to make this line just the same.

310 ____ ____ ____ W353 “#353” “Kangawyvern” :TM
320 ____ ____ ____ W401 “#401” “Marrow” :TM
311 ____ ____ ____ W380 “#380” Squidrill :TM Since its front and back views look slightly different, I’m unsure if that represents different interpretations of the same Pokémon, or two separate Pokémon outright. I’ve decided to just consider that it’s the former, and will incorporate as much from both as I can into this card’s final design.

Actually, I see this Pokémon as producing drills at will… so when I draw this Pokémon, I’m gonna make it look like something from Gurren Lagann. (Row! Row! Fight the POWAH!)

312 ____ ____ ____ W382 “#382” “Crunchycoon” :TR No unambigeous “Caterpie” or “Weedle”-esque Basic Pokémon seems to exist for this Pokémon. There does exist the Bug-like Pokémon #W403 and #W405, but because there are TWO of them… who knows?

So I’ll be treating #W382 as a Basic and #W383 as a Stage 1. And since it looks like #W383 is on Fire, both will be a Fire-type card… for now, at least.

313 ____ ____ ____ W383 “#383” “Fireyfly” :TR
314 ____ ____ ____ W386 “#386” “Protomala” :TC I thought of considering this Pokémon as a prototype of Komala, and therefore its “Space World forme”, but I feel like it’s different enough to be its own Pokémon. In that case it’ll be a plain-as-porridge Colorless-type card.
315 ____ ____ ____ W387 “#387” “Stickraccoon” :TR I felt these two belong to the same family, as they share various “feudal Japan” tropes, like #W387 being a tanuki, the way it holds sticks it found on its back, and #W360’s use of a Japanese-style sword. Also since #W387 is clearly a prevolution of #W360, despite being placed after it in its original order, that is my justification for considering some Pokémon  as prevolutions for other Pokémon despite being likewise ordered after it.

The fact that #W387 is on fire gives me reason to treat this family as a Fire-type Pokémon.

316 ____ ____ ____ W360 “#360” “Ninjaraccoon” :TR
317 ____ ____ ____ W392 “#392” Liarbyrd :TL This is another Pokémon which I thought might be a prototype/Space World form for a later Pokémon, in this case Oricoro, but I decided against it. That said, I’m unsure what I will do with it; it’ll be based on other factors yet to be determined.

Its “megahorn” beak makes me think more akin to maybe it’s electrified sound speaker able to reproduce any sound it heard, like the lyrebird. Thus its name.

318 ____ ____ ____ W397 “#397” “Greathorny” :TD I made this a Darkness-type because I almost see its tongue as being used in a sadist manner… but like, its tongue has a mind of its own and it makes this Pokémon do things it doesn’t want to do.
321 ____ ____ ____ W402 “#402” Earfull :TC This Pokémon has no hands! I decided to name this Pokémon Earfull, and I worked out some of its lore already. That said, it’ll likely be a Colorless-type Pokémon… the card I make for it might have high evasion properties built into its gameplay mechanics.
322 ____ ____ ____ W405 “#405” “Flyerant” :TL These two Bug-type Pokémon form a family line in my eyes. I made it a Lighting-type because I see its stinger as producing sharp, electric-like pain.
323 ____ ____ ____ W403 “#403” “Ionoquito” :TL
325 ____ ____ ____ W407 “#407” “Protocherrim” :TG Like #W392 and #W386, I thought of making this a Space World forme of an exisitng Pokémon, in this case Cherrim, but opted against it. That said, I know it’ll be a Grass-type card, but that’s it.
326 ____ ____ ____ W416 “#416” “Chickenorfish” :TW The last of the mysterious proto-Pokémon is a true mystery… is it Chicken or Fish? Yes.

Jokes aside, it looks like a flying fish, so I’m gonna start with that and build upon it.

327 J225 N138 ____ ____ Omanyte
328 J226 N139 ____ ____ Omastar
329 J227 N140 ____ ____ Kabuto
330 J228 N141 ____ ____ Kabutops
331 J229 N142 ____ ____ Aerodactyl
332 ____ N446 ____ ____ Munchlax
333 J230 N143 ____ ____ Snorlax
334 J231 N001 ____ ____ Bulbasaur
335 J232 N002 ____ ____ Ivysaur
336 J233 N003 ____ ____ Venusaur
337 J234 N004 ____ ____ Charmander
338 J235 N005 ____ ____ Charmeleon
339 J236 N006 ____ ____ Charizard
340 J237 N007 ____ ____ Squirtle
341 J238 N008 ____ ____ Wartortle
342 J239 N009 ____ ____ Blastoise
343 J240 N144 ____ ____ Articuno
344 J241 N145 ____ ____ Zapdos
345 J242 N146 ____ ____ Moltres
346 J243 N243 S243 W370 Raikou Rai Raikou (Space World Forme) :TL I wouldn’t go so far as call these their “Space World Formes”. Rather, y’know the story about the three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower in G/S? Well, the Demo versions of the Legendary Hyenas Beasts will be those three. I’ll figure out some way to work this story into the set.

I’m considering putting them into the second set instead of the first.

347 J244 N244 S244 W371 Entei En Entei (Space World Forme) :TR
348 J245 N245 S245 W372 Suicune Sui Suicune (Space World Forme) :TW
349 J246 N147 ____ ____ Dratini
350 J247 N148 ____ ____ Dragonair
351 J248 N149 ____ ____ Dragonite
352 J249 N246 ____ ____ Larvitar :TF :TF There are two proto forms of Larvitar: one where it has very little detail, and another where they took Tyranitar and cut it up and used the pieces to make Larvitar.

I’m also considering making a version of Tyranitar based off the “one off” magazine cover.

353 J250 N247 ____ ____ Pupitar :TF :TF
354 J251 N248 ____ ____ Tyranitar :TD :TD
355 J252 N249 ____ ____ Lugia
356 J253 N250 S247 W347 Ho-Oh :TR Space World Forme? I might even incorporate elements of Ho-oh’s design from the first episode of the Pokemon animeee….aaaated series.
357 J254 N150 ____ ____ Mewtwo
358 J255 N151 ____ ____ Mew
359 J256 N251 ____ ____ Celebi :TG :TP Celebi has a very unique prototype form.
XX1 J224 N131 ____ ____ Lapras Dagnabbit, I messed up with the numbering here, and Lapras is a casualty. I will figure out a new home for it later.
XX2 ____ N595 ____ ____ Joltik :TL In order to pad up some of the types so that they are balanced a bit better, I’ve decided to include some other choice Pokémon. Joltik and Galvantula are perfect inclusions. Because even though this set will focus more on Pokémon from Gens 1 and 2, there are still some Pokémon that I’ve always wanted to make fakes of.
XX3 ____ N596 ____ ____ Galvantula :TL
TYPES Grass 13 17 0 30
Fire 17 9 4 30
Water 16 10 4 30
Lightning 11 9 2 22
Fighting 9 13 3 25
Psychic 14 11 1 26
Darkness 13 12 1 26
Metal 7 11 0 18
Colorless 15 15 1 31
Trainers 10 18 0 28
(OTHER) 9 9
Total 125 125 25 275 (…so far)
IDEAS Grass Plenty enough
Fire Plenty enough
Water Plenty enough
Lightning This is the second least utilized type, so I will need to include a couple more in here.
Psychic Plenty enough
Darkness Plenty enough — That said, various Arbok with unique patterns can be included here.
Metal This has the least, so I need to add in some more.
Colorless Plenty enough — In fact, I might have to drop one or two of these.
(TBD) The third set still has a lot of empty spots that need filling, so I plan to include other random Pokémon, or even “Pokémon”. Some of these could be:

(OTHER) Obviously these will be all the random types I plan to include in the final set, at least ones with a history in Pokémon. The rationale behind this is hinted in cards like Rainbow Energy, which says that it provides “every type of Energy”, which suggest that maybe there are OTHER “Energies” out there that Rainbow Energy provides, or could ONLY provide… but we don’t know what they are yet.

I therefore intend to add the following unique types in the set… think of it as types which might exist in a version of the Pokémon TCG that is played in some other “Mandela Effect” universe, like, the universe of children that read “the Berenstein Bears” books also played with cards of these types:

  • Bird-type (from Missingno.’s original typing)
  • ???-type (which was an actual technically real type for a while)
  • Gear-type (seen in the bootleg cards I reported on)
  • Shadow-type (not Dark Pokémon, not Darkness-type, but Shadow, from the GameCube-era games)
  • Dragon-type (an actual “Dragon Energy” type for attacks, which was never made)
General Notes Concerning the types, I want to make sure that the least utilized type has no less than half as many cards as the most utilized type. So in this case, if there are 30 Colorless-type cards, I want to make sure that there is at least 15 Metal-type cards. Which I seem to have pulled off already. So yay!

Another note is that, I’m thinking of making each set have 125 cards in it. The first two sets have about 110 cards, meaning the rest will be filled with Trainer cards. The final set has only 22 Pokémon cards in it so far… which means I still have a ways to go to finish designing this one…!



Other kinds of Pokémon to include?

I want this set to be a celebration of the obscure and unique Pokémon, which is one reason why I’m including all these non-existent Pokémon in the project. But what I’d also like to do is include other unique forms of existing Pokémon. For example, I discovered @LegacyPsk9999 over at Twitter, and they’re designing Pokédex-quality artwork of all kinds of unique and obscure Pokémon, like all the different Arbok “belly” patterns, given how its Pokédex entry states: “It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area.”

So I got to thinking, maybe I could make fake cards of all of THOSE different kinds of Pokémon as well! But which set would they belong to? Maybe I’ll sprinkle them in all different sets in case I need to add more of a certain type of Pokémon in order to balance out the types a bit. Anyways, the different kind of Pokémon I’d like to make fakes of include:

  • All the different Arbok patterns
    • maybe I can have them represent some kind of special mechanic, like you can swap out for different Arbok with a different pattern which in turn has a different ability
  • The different, non-Latin character Unowns seen in Spell of the Unown
  • The Pinkan Pokémon from the Orange Island-era episode In The Pink
    • Likewise, I imagine I would be giving them some kind of shared special abilities and/or attacks because of their pinkness
    • On top of that, I’ve already thought up three different Trainer cards I could make relating to this:
      • Pinkan Berry” Trainer (Item) card: lets you search for Pink Pokémon,
      • “Pinkan Island Reserve Gym” Trainer (Stadium): either gives Pinkan Pokémon special bonuses (ie -10 damage from attacks), or the Pinkan Berry Trainer card is shuffled back into your deck after use versus placed into your Discard Pile, or players can’t do damage or otherwise target Pinkan Pokémon on their opponent’s bench
      • “Pinkan Island Officer Jenny” Trainer (Supporter): clearly she’ll defend Pinkan Pokémon somehow… maybe it gives Pinkan Pokémon free retreats, prevents all effects of attacks (except damage) during the opponent’s turn, or… I dunno. Maybe when I start designing other cards and I get a common theme going, then I can use Pinkan Jenny to protect Pinkan Pokémon from whatever those effects are
  • The alternate Valencia Island forms from the Orange Island-era episode Poké Ball Peril
    • These, on the other hand, might just be the designs used on standard cards for those Pokémon, as opposed to if I made them into a “Valencia Form”. Like, I’ll make a standard Vileplume card and its artwork would be that of a Valencia Vileplume.
  • Cloned Pokémon, with stripey bits similar to the Pokémon that Mewtwo duplicated from Mewtwo Strikes Back
    • This idea has plenty of potential… like, I can make them highly powered Basic Pokémon, regardless of what Stage the actual Pokémon is, BUT you can only play them if its original already exists in play, similar to how it worked in the movie. Like, you can only play Cloned Blastoise (or “Blastoisetwo”) if a Blastoise already exists in play (your’s or your opponent’s).
    • I MAY even do something like “Mysterious Fossil” in case I need to balance it a bit, where you have to play a Trainer (Item) card caled “Protomatter” or “Protomon”, where the Cloned Pokémon “evolves” from, such that ALL Cloned Pokémon use that card instead of just being dropped into play immediately. Lemme think about this.
    • Seeing as I already did this idea back in the old Fake Edition days—with “Super” forms of Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard—maybe I’ll do something meta with them… throw in some kind of in-joke referencing the older cards.
  • The ancient Pokémon from the Indigo-era episode The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis
    • These are ones I also made back in the day, with Ancient Alakazam, Giant Gengar and Jumbo Jigglypuff, but I may instead make new versions relating to them.
    • ORRRR I can make Dynamax versions for Alakazam, Gengar and Jigglypuff which resemble these versions.

OK, that’s all I got for now.


Trainer card ideas

Because of the different trainers, new cities (and thus new Gyms), and unique everything-elses… I might as well throw in a few Trainers into the set as well! Here’s what I have in mind…



:TT Silent Hills The following are the actual town names used in the Space World Demo. Eventually they will become their own Stadium cards or other Trainer types based on various factors or decisions of mine. I may also change their names to be more… well, something more akin to what Nintendo of America might have translated them to, namely following some kind of theme which intersects their original Japanese name meaning.
:TT Old City
:TT West City
:TT High Tech City
:TT Font Town
:TT Birdon Town
:TT Newtype Town
:TT Sugar Town
:TT Stand City
:TT Blue Forest
:TT South Island
:TT North Island
:TT Prince Plateau Home of the Pokémon League
:TT Kanto (?) Not sure if I’ll include this as a “City” because, yeesh, it’s the entire Kanto Region condensed into a single map!




Overall Analysis

So far the total count of each Pokemon and Trainer type are…:

0 0 0 0 0


Notes on the type frequency:

  • The top row is the actual number of cards with the type, while the bottom row is a possible arrangement. A lot of the variation comes from an abundance of Grass and Psychic types.
    • So I guess as long as each type can have 9 cards in it, minimum, that would be a fair amount.
  • First off, let’s cover Baby Type Coverage. Here’s all the Baby Pokemon, along with their Initial types.
    • :TGMonja, Para
    • :TRMikon, Puchikoon, Pudi, Magby
    • :TW – Gyopin
    • :TL – Pichu, Elekid
    • :TFTyrogue
    • :TPBetobebii, Smoochum
    • :TCHinaazu, Koonya
    • :TDTsuinzu
    • :TM – (none)
    • :TN – (none)
    • :TY – Cleffa, Igglybuff, Mime Jr.
    • OOOPPS! As you can tell, the initial version was just almost there! So what I chose to do was take two of these babies and change their types, one to Metal and the other to Dragon, which I may then carry this type change up to their Evolutions (albeit as a “Space World Forme”) The two I chose were:
      • :TM – Cleffa; since it looks a bit like a space ship; its evos can then carry that “space alien” or “carry moon beams home in a jar” motif a bit further
      • :TNHinaazu; since birds evolves from dinosaurs, I could reform Doduo and Dodrio to be more “dinosaur”-like, and thus justify a Dragon-typing
  • Now even with the Baby type adjusted, it’s clear that some types are still GREATLY underused. Adding in a full line for the cards that need it might help. Knowing that, these Pokemon could be added in order to pad out the set a bit. This may not mean these cards will actually be included, just that this is what I have to work with. Anything in BOLD means that it’s a Pokemon that will evolve into one of the Space World Pokemon in the list above.
    • :TG – Paras, Parasect / Oddish, Gloom / Pinsir / Scyther / Sunkern / Bellsprout, Weepinbell
    • :TR – Vulpix, Ninetales / Ponyta, Rapidash / Growlithe, Arcanine
    • :TWWooper / Goldeen, Seaking / Poliwag, Poliwhirl / Shellder, Cloyster (maybe) / Horsea, Seadra
    • :TL – Pikachu, Raichu / Electabuzz, Electravire
    • :TF – Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee / Onix
    • :TPZubat, Golbat / Slowpoke, Slowbro / Grimer, Muk / Jynx
    • :TCEevee / Meowth, Persian / Farfetch’d, Sirfetch’d / Porygon, Porygon-Z / Lickitung / Togetic, Togekiss / Ditto
    • :TD – Honchkrow / Weavile
    • :TM – Clefairy, Clefable
    • :TN – Doduo, Dodrio
    • :TY – Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff / Azumarill / Mr. Mime / Chansey / Granbull
    • Some of the Pokemon might not actually be the type I’ve put them in, but this is because I changed their type of their associated Pokemon.
  • So with this information, let’s recalculate the type frequencies.
    • TT – (<span alt=”Possible arrangement total”>#1</span>) – (<span alt=”Bold Pokemon means absolutely needed”>#2</span>) – (<span alt=”Total thus”>#3</span>) – (<span alt=”The other Pokemon”>#4</span>) – (<span alt=”Total all together”>#5</span>)
    • :TG – 15 – 7 – 22 – 2 – 24
    • :TR – 10 – 0 – 10 – 6 – 16
    • :TW – 13 – 5 – 18 – 4 – 22
    • :TL – 8 – 0 – 8 – 4 – 12
    • :TF – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 7
    • :TP – 13 – 3 – 16 – 4 – 20
    • :TC – 11 – 5 – 16 – 6 – 22
    • :TD – 9 – 0 – 9 – 2 – 11
    • :TM – 8 – 0 – 8 – 2 – 10
    • :TN – 4 – 0 – 4 – 2 – 6
    • :TY – 7 – 1 – 8 – 5 – 13
    • Holy crackers, the maxiumum number of Pokemon will be 163! This is just WAAAY too much. So I’m gonna have to think of something else.
  • fff