Wanna give us a ring? Well, I mean… this is the internet, so you can’t exactly literally ring us as that would require a telephone. And who uses a telephone these days? [snort] And then, sure, you could use stuff like Facebook and Twitter, but what if you don’t have an account? Or you don’t want your message seen by anyone else?

Well, that’s when you can kick it old skool: e-mail! By using this handy Contact Us form, you can be sure that any message you send to us will get… well, sent to us. In private, with no one looking at it and without having to sign up for a social media account; after all, getting you to sign up to multiple social media accounts is exactly what they want you do to. Which “they”? Y’know… THEM.

REQUIRED — Don't worry, you don't have to give us your real name; we just want to make sure SePhIrOtH666 is not the same person as sEpHiRoTh999
REQUIRED — I mean, how else are we going to respond to your message? Don't worry tho, the only thing you'll get from us is a reply.
OPTIONAL — TL;DR version of your message
REQUIRED — What's on your mind? Whaddya wanna let us know? Do we got a booger hanging out of our nose in a picture somewhere??
OPTIONAL — We're just curious to learn how you found out about Pokémon Aaah!.

(Oopsy! The Contact Form doesn’t seem to be working right now. :( But if you REALLY need to get a hold of someone here, email Nick15 at nick15 [at] pokemonaaah [dot] net. Thanks for understanding!)