I’ll cut to the chase: this page will let you download the latest versions of our custom Pokémon-related fonts and typefaces. Either they’ll be symbols you can use for your fake cards, or allow you to type in Galarian, or whatever else you have in mind. Whatever it may be, you can get them here.

Here’s what we have so far:



Galarian Font (“Thraex Sans”)

With this font you can start typing with the Galarian alphabet, as seen in Pokémon Sword/Shield.

Download Thraex Sans
(Download Thraex Sans)
24kb .TTF file, v1.00 — last updated 2020-01-11

If you need a handy guide for which English character produces which Galarian letter, consult this handy guide:

! + ^ ? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
! + ^ ? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M



Pokémon Type Symbols Font (“Essentiarum”)

This font allows you to add in Pokémon type symbols into your text, whether it’s fake cards, a list of Pokémon Sword/Shield types, etc.

DoWnLOad   EleMEnTiArUm
(Download Essentiarum)
20kb .TTF file, v0.960 — last updated 2021-01-25

Here’s a quick preview of what you can do with the Essentiarum font:

If you need a handy guide for which English character produces which Pokémon type symbol, consult this handy guide. But first, a couple quick notes:

  • As you can see, there are two symbols for each letter: one for uppercase, one for lowercase.
  • The video game type symbols are all in the lowercase slots, while the TCG are in the uppercase; the letters chosen are based on the Type Emoticon list I’ve been using for the site.
    • This also means that same/similar types share the same letter; for example, “G” produces the TCG Grass-type symbol, while “g” produces the Video Game Grass-type symbol.
  • Other icons like Status effects and Capture locations tend to also be in the uppercase slot too, sometime connected with similar looking or otherwise related types (provided an open spot was available)
    • For example, “o” produces the Video Game Poison-type symbol, while “O” produces the “Poisoned” status.
    • Other symbols—like the “Burned” status—can be found as “B“, because… well, “Burned” starts with the letter “B”.
  • Finally, there does exist alternate versions of these icons, which I will try to include in this font pack. For now, however, I’ve only included two extra TCG symbols—one Grass and one Water—as they were altered slightly during the release of the HeartGold/SoulSilver set.
    • Technically ALL of the Energy symbols were altered ever-so-slightly in the HGSS set, but their changes were ultimately insignificant and in some ways the TCG symbols in this font are a mix of the old and new.
    • The Grass and Water symbols, on the other hand, were the most significantly different, so I included both versions.
    • The current icon used in the TCG are in their normal position, while the original, pre-HGSS versions are in adjacent key positions: old style Grass uses letter “T” (just above the “G” key), while old style Water uses the number “2” (just above the “W” key)… of course this only applies to English QWERTY-style keyboards; other language keyboards may vary.
  • Other notes for specific symbols will be listed in their appropriate box

Here’s the raw output (anything grey’d out means that it isn’t part of the font).

If you can’t read the super small yellow box, then here’s a different guide:

UPPERCASE LETTERS lowercase letters
G G TCG – Grass g g VG – Grass
R R TCG – Fire r r VG – Fire
W W TCG – Water w w VG – Water
L L TCG – Lightning l l VG – Electric
F F TCG – Fighting f f VG – Fighting
P P TCG – Psychic p p VG – Psychic
D D TCG – Darkness d d VG – Dark
M M TCG – Metal m m VG – Steel
N N TCG – Dragon n n VG – Dragon
Y Y TCG – Fairy y y VG – Fairy
C C TCG – Colorless c c VG – Normal
V V STATUS – Paralyzed (the Paralyzed status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Electric-type icon) v v VG – Flying
O O STATUS – Poisoned (the Poisoned status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Poison-type icon) o o VG – Poison
A A LOCATION – Kalos a a VG – Ground
K K STATUS – Knocked Out k k VG – Rock
B B STATUS – Burned b b VG – Bug
H H STATUS – Asleep h h VG – Ghost
I I STATUS – Frozen (the Frozen status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Ice-type icon) i i VG – Ice
S S STATUS – Shiny s s STATUS – Captured
E E LOCATION – Alola e e LOCATION – Galar
Q Q LOCATION – Game Boy VC q q LOCATION – Game Boy VC (this is a duplicate icon for both upper- and lower-case Q)
U U LOCATION – Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee u u MISC – Pokémon GO Candy Stripes (only the stripes; usage tips below)
X X MISC – Poké Ball, center dot x x MISC – Poké Ball, bottom half
Z Z MISC – Background circle (tips on how to use this can be read below) z z MISC – Poké Ball, top half (more info about Poké Ball construction below)
T T TCG – Grass, Old style (used on cards before HGSS)
2 2 TCG – Water, Old style (used on cards before HGSS)


I should note that the icons in this set do NOT have any circles around them… however, a background circle HAS been included in the font for you to use, if needed. That is to say, the font will be set up so that you can use the icons as-is, in between actual text, or you can use the circle as a background and type the symbol over it.

Here, lemme show you what I mean:

U S g F n

You can use the icons as-is, just the icon itself. This is seen in, like, the Pokémon TCG’s game text, when it says something like “Discard 1 R Energy card attached to this Pokémon (in order to use this attack)”; in the past it used to be an actual TCG icon, like “Discard 1 :TR Energy card”, but for quite some time now that had been replaced with the actual plain black icon.


On the other hand, you can type “Z” to get the above circle icon, and it’s set up such that you can immediately type in another letter and it’ll appear directly over it. So for example…


The icons above will appear if you type in (in order) “ZU“, “ZS“, “Zg“, “ZF“, “Zn“. Of course you’ll have to color them appropriately, otherwise it’ll just be a black symbol over a black circle. So in the above example, I’ve colored them as: ZU ZS Zg ZF Zn. Still, pretty neat little idea, eh? This will also work nicely in actual web design, when you use the font on your website itself; this way you can get a two-tone type icon, like a green circle and a black TCG Grass symbol, all on a white background.

This is also why I’ve included “Pokémon GO Candy Stripes” as their own thing, because it can then be used with the “Z” Background Circle to create your own Pokémon GO Candy within your own text. Here’s just a few of my favorite candy:

Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu

Figured them out?? Obviously the first one is just the stripes alone, but when combined with the background circle, you’ll get… Gastly Candy, Magnemite Candy, Larvitar Candy, Cacnea Candy, Aron Candy, Beldum Candy and Piplup Candy.   Pretty convincing, huh? It helps to use the ACTUAL colors for the candies, based on this spreadsheet by “skewtr”. That said, I may update the font to include the little specular highlight (aka the bright spot) for the Candy, maybe other bright spots for other things as well, possibly even a circle outline for around the “Z” Background Circle… but maybe later.

Finally, using the “Z” Background Circle is also how you’ll be able to construct a three-colored Poké Ball: simply type “ZzXx” and you’ll get all four pieces over one another… then when you color them like, say, “ZzXx“, then it’ll look like the last-most picture. Supercool!

ZzXx = ZzXx

Anyways, that’s my plan for the Pokémon Type Font! As you’ve seen above, I have a mostly-done version of the font available for download, albeit as “version 0.960”. I hope to have a proper “version 1.0” copy of the font—with all the little minor tweaks and last minute fixes—done by no later than the end of the month. Sounds like a plan, eh? Good times…!


Pretty awesome, huh? Anyways, more is due to come, so stay tuned!