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Professor Finn and the team see if $400 is worth it

On Pokemon Day 2023 (held on every 27th of February), The Pokemon Company unveiled their latest creation, the Pokemon TCG Classic. What was so special about this? They were re-launching Base Set cards as their own board game! So once again, we would have freshly-printed Base Set Charizards, Blastoises, and Venosaurs. Oh, and don’t forget […]

No, it's not Paradox Drift. Nobody's floating anywhere.

Hullo readers! Welcome back to yet another article here on Pokemon Aaah! Before we begin, let me answer that question that you ask. No, the author’s name isn’t a typo (would have to be a big one!). No, it isn’t a prank, either. Yes, you guessed it right, a new writer here on PA!! I’m […]


Today’s news will cover these topics: The CRAZY Story About Promo Snorlax! Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet Blanks… ARE DONE?! WAIT! AND ALSO CLASSIC AND GYM BLANKS TOO?! Hide Your Trainers: it’s Four More Safari Zone Cards     The CRAZY Story About Promo Snorlax! So as you may have noticed, very little Pokémon TCG […]

We're back from vacation... with a super new diet!

Today’s news will cover these topics: The Ultimate Jamboree Video Pokémon 151 Set Release Deholo Card Project Other Random Tidbits Six Safari Zone Cards!     The Ultimate Jamboree Video So last summer I posted about how Matt Matoba (of design house Matoba Design) contacted me for an impromptu interview about the lost Pokémon TCG […]

Remember, you heard it here second! Or maybe third....

Today’s news will cover these topics: Scarlet & Violet TCG has been released! ScVi Blanks A’Coming Soon! Smuggled Cards Is Serious Business Safari Zone Cards Rise From Below!     Scarlet & Violet TCG has been released! Alreet! If you haven’t noticed it already, but TCG Scarlet & Violet was officially released! (Well, it got […]

Next up, local man from local town uses local stores.

Today’s news will cover these topics: Again with the Logan Paul! – Illustrator Card Doesn’t Sell Meanwhile in Magic Land… This week’s Safari Zone HD Remaster Cards are for the Birds!     Again with the Logan Paul! – Illustrator Card Doesn’t Sell On one hand I guess I can say that this isn’t Logan […]


Yknow, it’s funny… but I’ve been running a Pokémon fan site since 1999 but I haven’t really done much actual non-fake card art. Lately I’ve been on this art kick, so here are just a couple pieces. Nothing special, but I wanted to just do a test sketch to break in a new 11″x14″  (280 […]

Let's just pretend this showed up last week!

Today’s news will cover these topics: Now that the dust has settled… Pokemon TCG Classic Language Arts in ScVi DLC And The Rest Inspired Art The Creamy Middles of the Safari Zone HD Remaster This Week’s Homework: A TCG History Lesson     Now that the dust has settled… …was last week’s Pokémon Presents any […]