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  • Pokémon’s back at McDonalds for 2022! Check out our report on the McDonald’s 2022 Promo!
  • Pokémon Legends Arceus was released worldwide on January 28th, 2022. Wanna find out how to read the various bits of “Sinnohese” (or rather, “Hisuian”)? Check out our page about deciphering it all!

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The long lost Pokémon TCG is now revealed!

So back around March 2020, during the height of the human malware event… I get a phone call from someone who wanted to ask me a few questions about something I wrote on the site. My Midwest genes kicked in and I was all about sharing whatever I could to this complete stranger, because… y’know… […]

...but it's the middle of March.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Marchmas! So what’s with the Christmas theme? Well, I wanted to release these blanks around Christmas time, as a gift to all of you fans and fakes alike… but, uh… as you can tell, it’s not Christmas. But that’s ok! Let’s just pretend that it’s Christmas. But yeah! I finally was able […]

Oh, and a new game was released recently too!

Happy New York! …sorry, New YEAR. This is why I hate posting on my cellphone! Lousy auto insurance. …CORRECTION. Auto CORRECTION. ANYWAYS…. Yep! As always I disappear for a whole month because of real world concerns, but I’m still here! But because I also need to go to bed, I’m gonna keep this post super short. […]

How the heck did I miss this?!

Oh boy, and here I thought I was done with the whole McDonald’s Pokémon 25 promotion! Ok so if you don’t already know, McDonalds ran a Happy Meal promotion which, well, promoted the whole “Pokémon 25” year-long event. Apparently it was a worldwide event, starting in North America between February 9 and March 9, 2021. Meanwhile […]

[slaps roof of fake card] this bad boy can fit so many HP and energy symbols in its weakness

It’s December! … But of course you knew that. Since this is the season of giving, I’m gonna give it my all and try to focus on fake cards for a while. This may mean that I’ll be focusing less on writing actual news posts and instead updating the various other parts of the site. […]

These games are perfectly fine. Why all the hub-bub?

The latest Pokémon video game—Pokémon BrilliantDiamond/ShiningPearl (“BDSP”)—was released worldwide this past November 19th. And just like almost every single Pokémon game released since Pokémon Yellow in 1999, I bought it on Day One and have been playing it as much as I can since then. And, well… it’s everything I expected it to be, and […]

It may be twenty years hence, but we can't forget the nostalgia-fans and old-mags of Pokémon!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating earlier… BDSP has kinda… well,… absorbed my time. Plus I’m still getting used to my new work/sleep schedule; like, in the past I usually would start working on an article around 9pm my time, but that was because I could go to bed any time I want. Now my […]

A small look into how these videos are made!

OK! So, now that I’m back to being able to work on regular news articles, let’s talk about some of the new stuff I missed in the last couple months. Namely: new videos about Pokémon Legends Arceus and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Sparkling Pearl. Oh crap, BDSP is coming out this weekend! What good timing! So to cut […]