Pokémon Aaah! was the first place on the internet where you could download Pokémon TCG card blanks in order to make your own fake Pokémon TCG cards. This isn’t an exaggeration, we really WERE the first place to do Pokémon TCG fake cards! But alas, a king has his reign, and then he dies. Or at least moves onto webcomics and college and virtual reality. After PA!, the top place for Pokémon TCG blanks eventually became the Pokémon Card Resources over at deviantART. Heck, you can even PLAY with your custom cards on apps like LackeyCCG!

However, we’re now in the year 2024, and maybe the King wants to at least be a Duke or Count or Baron again. Afterall, the fake card making pie is large enough for everyone, right? Or maybe the King wants to be the official Court Historian, recording the classic blanks of yesteryear. In that case, let’s just call the once-king the “King Emeritus”… he’s not here to flex on anyone, but he’s still King, afterall!

OK, metaphors aside, that’s the purpose of this page. All of the blanks I plan on making will be posted here, as well as links to blanks from Pokémon TCG faking past which aren’t originally available any longer but are instead archived here until the original blanks somehow miraculously return online.

These are the first new blanks we’ve released since 2003, intended for the Space World Block Sets.

  • Before I get ahead of myself, check out the Neo Gendai page for more info!
  • The name, Neo Gendai (ネオ現代), was suggested by Hâlian the Protogen on the PA! Discord as a replacement for the original name for the blanks, “Neo Redux”.
    • The name change came because CMP over on the PokéBeach boards already used “Neo Redux” for his own blank refresh project, ALSO because my old blanks were… y’know, old… so it wouldn’t be fair for me to use that name for myself.
    • “Neo Gendai” was therefore suggested as it’s the Japanese word for “modern” or “modern times”. Consider that the name of Korean car company Hyundai is simply the Hanja reading of 現代.
  • They’re ALMOST ready to go, I just need to add in one requested addition before I take them live. That said…
    • I’m gonna work on the Space World set first before any get released.
    • Once a certain card and/or type is released, then I’ll release them on the site afterwards.
    • You can at least learn more about my plans for the Neo Gendai blanks on this page right here this page right here.
  • Planned downloads include:
    • Blanks for all possible types, including Fairy and Dragon-types
    • Symbol sheet
    • Font file download (including normal game text font and HP font)
    • Font size guide + raw card layout to allow you to easily input all the text you need
    • Download available in various file formats, including Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe InDesign…

These blanks and their downloads will be based on over 15 years of experience in document design and other graphic design techniques. Betcha can’t wait, huh??


That’s right; here at PA! we have both the oldest AND the newest blanks! In this case it’s effectively the entire set of Sword & Shield blanks made by aschefield101, basically the best Pokémon TCG blanker I’ve seen come along over the years. If you want the complete set of SwSh Blanks, then PA! is the place to get it! … Well, and also his deviantART account too.

Anyways, right now I only have a single download link: an all-in-one download .RAR file. The download file itself is separated into different stages, with Trainers/Energies in its own folder, as well as the symbol file and holofoil template. Eventually I’ll make a proper download page where you can get what you need on an individual basis, but right now the all-in-one is all I got.

  • Download the All-in-One Pack (0.0 MB; LINK REMOVED!! [read below])
    • As mentioned, this has all the blanks in it. HOWEVER, it only has blanks and symbols. No fonts or other accessories are available… yet.
    • If you want a breakdown of exactly which blanks are is inside the download pack, check out this post.
    • LINK REMOVED! Many apologize; aschefield is working on an update of his blanks and he asked me to remove them from the site for the moment. He said he will be re-releasing them sometime in January or Febraury 2024, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Single download packs (blanks, symbols and fonts)
    • Although some of these items were intended for older blanks, the font—Gill Sans—is still usable for faking, even today! You can download Gill Sans at my old site, but I’ll try to collect it in a new font package soon.
    • As for the other fonts used for this blank, they are listed below. We’ll try to get this as a font package for you as well very soon… but for now you’ll need to find them any way you can.
      • Frutiger — used in the Pokédex Stat Bar (the “Height/Weight” bits) and collector number
      • Futura — used in the HP (the number only! the “HP” text is still Gill Sans, oddly enough) and the “Illus.” text
      • Optima — used for the actual Pokédex entry flavor text
      • Gill Sans — used for everything else (name, attacks, powers/abilities, damage)
  • TCG Energy symbol fonts
    • Unlike the olden days when attacks used the Energy graphic in its game text, such as “Discard 1 Energy card in order to use this attack”… today the attack text uses an actual energy symbol font in it. That energy symbol font can be downloaded on our “Pokémon Fonts” page (specifically download “Elementiarum”).

I’ll be working with aschefield101 to help him complete the remaining elements that he hasn’t completed yet, but I’ll keep you posted on when that’s done, OK?


I finally was able to finish my first completed blank release in some fifteen years: my brand new Japanese Neo blanks. Here’s quick sneak peak:

Let’s cut to the chase: you can download them RIGHT NOW! Click the links below to download either of the two initial download packs I have available. You can also download individual blanks.

So what exactly are you downloading? This is something I plan on expanding upon with future releases, but the goal is to have different download packs depending on your level of skill and program accessibility. Therefore…

  • Standard Pack: this is focused more on novice designers who simply want an all-in-one download
    • CURRENTLY: this file has every blank as an individual .PNG file, as well as a single .PNG symbol sheet
    • EVENTUALLY: I’ll be including fonts and other helpful guides
  • Expert Pack: this is focused more on experts with access to Photoshop; it will provide Photoshop-unique tools and techniques to make faking a bit easier.
    • CURRENTLY: there are only two PSD files: one with every single blank available, plus a unique symbol sheet which lets you select specific type symbols which are already spaced properly for attacks, weakness/resistance, and retreat.
    • EVENTUALLY: the blank PSD won’t be just a collection of all blanks, but instead be a unique system where you can swap in different backgrounds, icons, text layers, etc, to create your own unique blank combination

For more info, check out the official Japanese Neo blanks page!


These blanks are not yet available for download, but we’re planning to release them soon!

Pictured: Classic Shadowless (left), Wizards Alpha (right)
  • Scarlet/Violet Blanks
    • Aschefield is working on these, and they’ll be exclusively available here! We’ll let you know when they’re done, so keep an eye out for them!
  • Classic Shadowless Blanks
    • These are going to be my next blanks, after the release of Neo Gendai.
    • Apparently, across the entirety of Pokémon TCG fake card making, NO ONE has ever made blanks based on the very first, original Pokémon TCG cards from 1st Edition Base Set. Y’know, the shadowless border variants.
    • Technically my very first fake cards from back in the day were made from blanks that I had produced from 1st Edition Base Set scans, but I had artificially added a Shadow’d border in order to make them look more like the post-Unlimited Jungle-era blanks.
    • So since NO ONE has ever made 1st Edition blanks, then I guess I’ll just have to make them! Afterall, I do still have a TON of 1st Edition Base Set cards to scan!
    • The next question however is, should I include the 1st Edition symbol or not? Oh wait, never mind, I WON’T include them, because I forgot that there WERE non-1st Edition Shadowless cards made.
  • Wizards Alpha Blanks
    • Inspired by the recently discovered Prototype Blastoise cards, these blanks will replicate the look and design elements of literally the very first English Pokémon TCG cards designed by Wizards of the Coast, back even before they had the license. These blanks will be beyond “Retro”… in fact, proper retro blanks will be too new!
    • Blanks will come in both normal/yellow- AND black-bordered variants!
    • This blank has all the various design elements of that Proto-Blastoise card, as well as the space to put every other strange difference… such as Set Symbols next to the HP, different game play concepts like “escape” instead of “retreat (cost)” and “Level 1/2” versus “Stage 1/2”, and even using a completely different typeface for names, attacks, etc! Just as an FYI, the fonts used in the Alpha card style are:
      • Tekton Pro — used in its name and HP, as well as the name its Pokémon Power (called “Special Power” in the prototype) and both its attack name and damage done
      • Helvetica — used ONLY in the “Level” value in the flavor text box
      • Gill Sans — used for everything else; note that the use of Gill Sans was established all the way back in this Prototype Blastoise.

Keep an eye out for any updates!


These never disappeared from the internet! You can still download PA!’s classic blanks at the following links, including all the various styles, types, and versions.

  • 1st Generation Blanks — these are the very original, very first set of blanks released by ANYONE on the internet, back in 1999! Boy have things have changed since then…
    • Blank downloads
      • Covers only the Classic style in Standard borders
      • No symbol files or fonts available either, but you can simply utilize any of the ones available below.
  • 2nd Generation Blanks — this was the first update to Nick15’s blanks, an attempt to focus on authenticity
  • 3rd Generation Blanks — this was the last update to Nick15’s blanks, which focused more on quality
    • Single download packs (blanks, symbols and fonts)
      • Basically the “single download packs” are “all-in-one” downloads which include the all basic necessary files for faking
      • Individual symbols and font files can also be downloaded on that page
    • Individual blanks download
      • Covers Classic, Gym, Neo, Neo Gym, Card-E and EX styles
      • Standard, Dark and Light borders available
      • Includes Bug, Diamond, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Plastic, Poison and Techno-Organic types

Pretty nifty archive of all of my old blanks, eh? Well, barring the very first versions of my blanks, which I’ll need to bring back somehow. Sla, I got nothin’.


Alveinhero on the PA! Discord has originally contacted me about this after I mentioned in a post that Pokémon Zeo‘s blanks all seem to be offline. Apparently Zeo superfans kyatt7 and angurisneo had archived whatever they could of Zeo‘s blanks a while back, and so Alveinhero sent me whatever blanks he could of that original archive. And since I still get a few hits from people searching for Zeo‘s old blanks (see pic below)… I guess, for the sake of posterity, we’ll have a collection of Zeo‘s blanks here on PA!. At least until Zeo decides to come back online and bring them all back again. BEHOLD! THE SECOND COMING OF ZEO IS UPON US! (They’re in line right behind Jesus.)

Screenshot of Google Search Results that visitors found PA! with

That said, not all of Zeo‘s original blanks were archived. In fact, the only sets of blanks which were complete are their Card-E and Neo Gym blanks… though I’m sure you could splice some of their blanks together to recreate other blanks of their’s. Anyways, below is the full list of blanks that is part of the Zeo Blanks Archive:

Look good to you? Well, just click on the link to download the archive (23.7 MB .RAR download):

  • Download Zeo Blank Archive
    • The archive also includes a base collection of Trainer and Energy blanks, including Zeo‘s classic “Dark Trainer” blank, as well as Energy and other handy symbols.

Of course if you happen to have any Zeo blanks left over and would like to contribute to the archive, then send them our way! Alternatively, if anyone higher up on the Zeo inner staff wants to be the ones to host their blanks archive, by all means go for it! I’ll post a link instead to send everyone your way. In the mean time tho, this’ll have to do.

  • And just to address any potential elephants in the room; any grudges left over from back then evaporated a long time ago. It’s frankly childish to have one last this long. This is for the sake of fans who wanted to see their favorite blanks online again, seeing as the demand for them is still there.