The manga series Battle Angel Alita (aka Gunnm, or Gun Dreams) by Yukito Kishiro has been perhaps THE most favorite manga series of Nick15. He got into it back in high school, and then got his friend Teslatyle into it as well. You can therefore imagine the frustration they felt for having to wait nearly two decades for the Alita: Battle Angel movie to come out!

Anyways, when Nick15 isn’t working on Pokémon-related stuff, he’s plugging away on Alita-related work. This page therefore covers some of that work.

  • The Kudos! ListDoes something about the Scrapyard seem vaguely familiar? … Many authors pay tribute to their inspirations in rather surreptitious ways in their work, and Yukito Kishiro appears to be no exception. Nick15 has been working on this list of all the great many references to popular culture, in-jokes, and the like from the entire Battle Angel Alita manga series.

Oh and finally, remember these Gunnm-related fake cards Nick15 made back in the day?

Ahhh, good times.

This is also a reminder of the time that Nick15 wanted to create THREE other Aaah!-branded fan sites:

  • Transformers Aaah! (for Transformers),
  • Dragon Ball Zaaah! (for the Dragon Ball franchise), and…
  • Earth Angel (for Battle Angel Alita)

Apparently “Battle Angel Aaah!lita” just didn’t sound right. But you probably also remember that they didn’t last very long. Ohhh lol, and get this, some rando emailed Nick15 after the launch of “Earth Angel” and claimed to have ownership over that title for THEIR Alita fan site, and thus said that no one else was allowed to use it. This was despite the fact that they didn’t have a website called that online anyways, and… y’know, it being the name of a song from the 1950’s!

… Anyways, that’s about it for now, but more is to come soon!