“I love ALL of Magic’s ‘Un-sets’: Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable, and Unlimited.”

I love playing Magic: the Gathering. Although it wasn’t the first card game I got into and made fake cards for, it’s would be the first game I actually enjoyed playing. Sorry Star Trek CCG and Star Wars CCG, your games were just WAAAY too complex for my 12-year old brain to process.

I always had tons of fun playing Magic in high school. Best of all, it was also what got me into playing the Pokémon TCG, as I found Pokémon’s friendlier, more casual player base to be more satisfying versus Magic’s hardcore, victory-focusee players. In fact, there was a while there when I quit Magic and played Pokémon exclusively, as well as when I returned to card gaming and started playing Pokémon first before returning to Magic. And even then, it was only because I discovered Magic’s hyper-casual “Elder Dragon Highlander” format (EDH, aka Commander) which was totally up my alley.

So why have a Magic page on a primarily Pokémon-based website? Well, why not? I enjoy sharing all kinds of nerdy, geeky stuff with everyone, and fans of all stripes are rarely exclusive to one franchise… so this page let’s me share my fun Magic ideas (like fake cards, deck ideas, funny combos, etc) with anyone who wants to see it.

That said, that’s what’ll appear here when I actually have something to share. Don’t worry, I plan on getting something together soon; like, I found a whole bunch of my old Magic fake cards on a backup, as well as some of my fake sets… I wanna see how many of my dumb ideas actually have an IRL equivalent after 15 years of R&D and power creep…