The following serves as a notification for any visitor to this website (“(the) Visitor”), made by the owner of this website, Philippe Van Lieu (“(the) Owner”), of the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms of Service, Copyright Notice, and other important legal statements (collectively “this Page”) for this website, Pokémon Aaah! (“PA!” or “this (web)site”).

Look, I get that it reads as if a lawyer puked all over this Page, and that I probably won’t never need to worry about any of this—cuz like, c’mon, it’s just a friggin’ Pokémon fan-site!—but… it needs to be done, to cover my butt, and your’s too. That said, if this Page can be summed up into one handy sentence, it’ll be:

“Basically don’t do anything bad, and nothing will go wrong.”(*)

This of course applies to both you AND us; we just want to make sure everyone can enjoy the content of this site, purchase artwork and other items from it, and participate in its community with as little heartache and drama as possible. But for anyone who doesn’t get it the first time around, read on.

  1. Table of Contents
    1. General Notes, or "Who Am Us, Anyway?"
    2. Privacy Policy, or "Your Data and You"
    3. Cookies Notice/Policy
    4. Wordpress Plug-Ins & Other Site Features
    5. Terms Of Service
    6. Typefaces Notice And License
    7. Copyright Notice
      1. Site Locations



  1. Pokémon Aaah!, or PA!, is a fan-made website for the multi-media franchise, Pokémon (aka Pocket Monsters), a series that is developed, owned and distributed by Game Freak, Inc., Nintendo Inc., Creatures, Inc., The Pokémon Company, Inc., or any of its affiliates, licencees, or subordinates (“Pokémon’s owners”).
    1. PA! is located at However, other content might appear from other domains; please read the “Site Locations” line in the “Copyright Notice” section.
  2. PA! is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise supported by Pokémon’s owners.
  3. PA! is owned and operated by the Owner, Philippe Van Lieu, of Roseville, California, USA.
    1. The Owner is also known by the username “Nick15”.
    2. Any instance of “Philippe Van Lieu”, “(the) Owner”, “Nick15”, or a derivative thereof, all refer to the same person.
    3. The Owner and PA! had formerly been based out of Daly City, California, since its original inception (April 10th, 1999) until moving to Roseville, California (November 16th, 2020).
    4. The Owner has only ever produced original content under either the username “Nick15” or his full name “Philippe Van Lieu”. Any other content released under any another name or username, no matter how similar, was not produced by the Owner, and the Owner therefore has no knowledge, affiliation or connection with those artist(s).
  4. The following people currently assist the Owner in managing PA! (“PA!‘s staff”):
    1. PA!‘s Gaming Director is James Cannon, of Minnesota, USA.
      1. James is also currently known by the username “Teslalyte”, and had formerly used the usernames “MegaX, “IVIegaX” and “CrystalisElite”.
      2. Any instances of “James Cannon”, “Teslalyte”, or a derivative thereof, all refer to the same person.
      3. As PA!‘s Gaming Director, James has the authority to speak and act on behalf of the Owner, in lieu of anything said by the Owner himself.
    2. There is currently no other members of PA!‘s staff.
      1. That said, other regular helpers and assistants are listed accordingly on the PA! Staff page: “The Folk In Charge”).
  5. While other people have been involved in the creation of content, community management, web design, or other aspects of PA! since its original launch, effectively none of them are currently involved with it, and are therefore not authorized to speak for PA! at present. The following, however, are exceptions to this, and only for that which they are concerned with.
    1. The sole member of PA!‘s staff apart from the Owner is PA!‘s Gaming Director, James Cannon, who has participated with PA!‘s development since its original launch, and is currently the only member of PA!‘s staff. As such James has the authority to speak for PA! and the Owner, in lieu of anything said by the Owner himself.
    2. While no longer currently part of PA!‘s staff, former co-webmaster of PA!, Robert Young (known as “RyoShinX” or “Tukaro”), currently hosts an archived copy of the original PA! Forums on
    3. Former PA! staff member, Joseph Milburn (known as “Bass Pikamew” or “Dark Pikamew”) currently owns a domain name hosting business of which is currently hosted with. (The goal is to eventually transfer all PA!-related domain names to that service.)
  6. PA! has been online since April 10th, 1999 (“(PA!’s) launch date”), and has remained in existence continuously since that day. However, it might have been known by different names, or its content appeared on other sites, or other people might have acted in its name (without authorization). This may include the following; however this is not intended to imply a cessation of the Owner’s claim over PA!.
    1. PA! was known as “” for a period between March and August 2004, and could also be found at that domain name since January 2003.
    2. Between 2002 and 2009, the domain name was owned by cyber-squatters.
    3. Between May 2004 and January 2012, ALL regular updates on PA! had ceased, and PA! existed only as an archive of its content during that time.
    4. A completely new version of PA! was created from scratch and went live January 2012, and was sporadically updated until November 2019. Its former content remained on its archived versions, or located on other websites such as Bulbapedia, the PokeGym, and PokeBeach. (For the record, those websites were allowed to use PA!‘s original content, but were not granted exclusive rights to them, and therefore does not prevent PA! from reusing any of its own content later on.)
    5. Finally, regular updates on PA! returned on November 2019.
    6. Again, for the purposes of continuity, none of these interruptions, name changes, or transfer of content to a third-party is meant to imply that PA! has ceased to exist during that time. Ultimately the Owner never ceased claiming ownership of, and/or the right to use, any content that appeared on PA! or was sent to the Owner for use on PA!.
  7. For the purposes of law enforcement, PA! is a website that is operating in the State of California and the United States of America, and is therefore under the jurisdiction of both.
    1. This means that PA! will only abide by the laws of, and enforced by, the State of California and the United States of America, including—but not limited to—its laws concerning Fair Use (17 U.S.C. § 107), as well as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).



  1. “Personal data” is any kind of information that allows one internet user to be differentiated from another.
    1. This can include personal information such as your name, email address, IP address, and personal account preferences; or transactional data, such as purchase information and web search history; and technical data, such as what browser and computer/mobile you’re using, and your ISP. So even if no one knows it’s you, personally, they can at least know that you—as an anonymous user—came from this city, uses this browser on this kind of computer, etc.
    2. Personal data is generated, not only through direct interaction with the website (ie filling out contact forms, etc) but also through “behind-the-scenes” actions made by your web-browser and computer with the web server which is hosting the website your are visiting.
  2. PA! is not in the business of recording or collecting personal data; unless otherwise stated, none of the entertainment content created for this site uses nor requires the use of any Visitor’s personal data.
    1. However, PA! reserves the right to change this decision; should this decision be changed, a news post about this will be made and a notice will be placed on a highly visible part of the site for at least 30 days but for no longer than 90 days.
  3. However, via various elements and utilities which have been deliberately installed by the Owner to the site can and will collect your personal data. These elements include—but are not limited to:
    1. some of the plug-ins used as a function of the WordPress blogging software used by PA! (“WordPress plug-in(s)”),
      1. More information about what exactly the WordPress plug-in(s) do and collect can be read in the Wordpress Plug-Ins & Other Site Features section below.
    2. by other site features that are installed on PA! which are linked to other services and/or platforms (“other site feature(s)”); these include:
      1. Page-based user trackers, such as FlagCounter and ExtremeTracking.
        1. These track each visitor, records their publicly available user data, and then organizes all site traffic into a graph.
        2. Their privacy policies can be read on their respective sites, which have been linked in their names.
      2. Dreamhost server logs
        1. Dreamhost is the host for Pokémon Aaah!. Its server logs record every action made by the user’s web browser as it communicates with the Dreamhost server.
        2. Their privacy policy can be found on their website, which has been linked in its name.
      3. Google Analytics
        1. PA! uses Google’s traffic analysis tools, which records each Visitor’s publicly available data and organizes all site traffic into graphs.
        2. Google’s privacy policy concerning Google Analytics can be read at site that is linked in its name.
    3. any third-party social media service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, etc
      1. their privacy policies can all be found on their websites as well
    4. All of these elements and utilities record each Visitor’s personal data, and—as stated—each have their own privacy policies concerning how they handle those Visitor’s personal data.
  4. Other site features can also collect personal data.
    1. By posting a comment to a post or page, you won’t be required to register for any kind of account, but you will still be asked to supply some personal data. This data is limited to what is listed on the comment page, along with your IP address and browser data after your comment is submitted. This information is used to help combat spam and to prevent other unauthorized users from commenting on the site.
  5. PA!, the Owner, and/or staff members of PA! may also have accounts on a variety of social media accounts, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. PA!‘s policy of NOT collecting user data extends to those accounts on those websites.
    1. However, PA! cannot guarantee that those social media websites themselves may collect data about you. Please consult those website’s own Privacy and Data Collection Policies for more information.
    2. If PA! decides to change our data collection policy at a later date, and if our data collection policy covers user data generated on those social media websites, this change will be clearly noted at least one (1) month before it comes into force. Furthermore, our data collection policy for user data generated on those social media websites will be bound by the following terms:
      1. collection of user data by PA! will only be done by PA!, and not by those social media websites
      2. collection of will be done by an actual member of the PA! staff; no data will ever be collected by any kind of automated bot, spiders, scrapers, etc.
      3. permission to use this personal user data will be asked by a member of PA! first, and users will be given the option to opt out
      4. data collected will only be done in parts of the social media website that that website allows it to be done it; sections which are bound by tighter restrictions (such as Facebook’s “Call To Action” buttom) will not be included
      5. laws of other nations involving the collection of personal data of their citizens will be respected
    3. If PA! decides to use any other kind of material generated by our users on those social media websites which unrelated to the user’s other personal information (such as artistic content, music, comments, photos, etc), an authorized member of the PA! staff will always ask for that user’s permission in order to use that material. PA! will not use any data from any of our users on any social media website without their explicit permission. Likewise, use of this data is performed only by PA!, not by any of those social media websites.
  6. Since PA! chose to install those elements and utilities, and thus has access and control over the personal data recorded by them, PA! will take the upmost effort to ensure that any personal data PA! has access to will not be used or abused in an unlawful manner. This includes—but is not limited to:
    1. PA! agrees to only use that data for site traffic analysis and other similar tasks, as it is helpful to understand and guide the site’s growth and development.
    2. PA! will not store any personal data outside of whatever service or server that generated it. For example, Dreamhost server logs will remain on the Dreamhost server, Google Analytics logs will remain on Google’s site, etc. The sole exception of this will be for backup or archival purposes, but all attempts will be made to notify PA!‘s visitors that this will be happening should any visitor wish to remove their data from the site to ensure their data is not located within the backup/archive.
    3. PA! will furthermore keep the data on those services/servers indefinitely. Fortunately, since this data is on other services/servers, protecting it from data breaches, hacks, etc is up to those companies, not PA!, and therefore is protected far more strongly than PA! ever could.
    4. PA! will never sell this data or otherwise allow unauthorized people access to it.
    5. If you have left a comment on the site, you have the right to request a copy of all of the comments made by you, as well as request that all information about you—including your comments—be deleted. (In both cases, however, your identity must be verifiable.)
  7. Because each Visitor’s personal data can and will be recorded by PA! and/or any utilities, features, elements, etc, that is installed onto the site, if the Visitor does not wish to have their personal data recorded, it is recommended that that Visitor ceases further use of this site and to then close its browser window.
    1. Conversely, continued use of the site after the Visitor has been made aware that their personal data can and will be recorded is the Visitor’s implicit agreement of their consent to having their personal data recorded.
  8. For the purposes of ensuring compliance with COPPA, as well as a general notice, neither PA! the website nor any of its content is directed to children.
    1. Generally speaking, even though this website is about the “Pokémon” franchise, which is primarily intended for children, and I try to make sure the content is stuff that you can share with your grandmother, this website is not specifically aimed at, nor intended to be visited by, children under the age of 13.
    2. Instead, the age range of the intended target audience for PA! is between the ages of 18 and 35. PA!, however, will not take any steps to prevent any Visitor under the age of 18 from visiting the site.
    3. Furthermore, as mentioned above, while PA! does not collect information on its Visitors, elements of the site by virtue of using WordPress might. In that case, please consult the legal notices for those elements for more information.



  1. PA! has yet to utilize cookies in any of the content that it has been created by the Owner for this site.
  2. However, some WordPress plug-ins or other site features might utilize cookies in order to function as intended.
    1. This specifically includes the Comment form, which uses cookies to remember your user data once you have posted a comment to the site.
  3. The Owner cannot guarantee that cookies are not used, so this serves as a notice to the Visitor that cookies might be used on PA! or any of its pages.
  4. After the Visitor is made aware of this, further visits to PA! implies that the Visitor consents to the possible use of cookies.



For the sake of clarity and full disclosure, PA! uses the following third-party elements. However, the Owner can only warrant the quality of the parts of PA! that he personally designed and/or coded.

  1. PA! utilizes the WordPress blogging software, currently version 5.3. Most of the underlying WordPress code is installed AS-IS, however some of it has been edited by the Owner, such as:
    1. Editing the function.php file in order to remove the default “smilies” in place of custom ones; the custom ones are “Nick15 smilies” ( :) :D ;) etc), “Pokémon TCG Energy” symbols ( :TG :TF :TD etc), “Pokémon Video Game Type” symbols ( :SWG :STF :SDD etc), and “Galarian Alphabet” ( :GS :GN :GA etc).
    2. Editing CSS files outside of the one in the “PA! Version 10″ WordPress theme.
  2. PA! uses a custom WordPress theme, “PA! Version 10″, which was based on the “BLANK” Theme by Chris Covier.
  3. PA! has currently activated the following WordPress plug-ins:
    1. Akismet Anti-Spam, version 4.1.3, by Automattic
    2. All In One SEO Pack (Free Edition), version 3.3.3, by Michael Torbert
    3. Classic Editor, version 1.5, by WordPress Contributors
    4. Facebook Comments for WordPress, version 3.1.3, by we8u
  4. The Owner cannot guarantee that cookies are not used, so this serves as a notice to the Visitor that cookies might be used on PA! or any of its pages.
  5. Akismet Anti-Spam has an additional privacy notice:
    1. We collect information about visitors who comment on Sites that use our Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect depends on how the User sets up Akismet for the Site, but typically includes the commenter’s IP address, user agent, referrer, and Site URL (along with other information directly provided by the commenter such as their name, username, email address, and the comment itself).



  1. PA! is a website intended to entertain and amuse the Visitor.
  2. PA! is not a website intended to provide accurate or factual information, nor can the Owner guarantee that any of the information on PA! is accurate or factual, unless otherwise claimed.
  3. The Owner also makes no claims that the information provided on PA! is accurate or factual, unless otherwise claimed, and the Owner takes no responsibility for any use of the information provided on PA! by the Visitor.
    1. This is not to say that PA! does NOT contain accurate or factual information. Rather, PA! is under no obligation to always provide that level of information to the Visitor. Errors in accuracy or potentially false information may and can occur, and PA! can not be held liable for it—either as a matter of fact and/or due to any problems that may arise because of it.
  4. All information on PA! is therefore being provided to the Visitor on an AS-IS basis and at their own risk.
    1. This does not count the information contained within this Page, as this Page is intended to inform the Visitor of the rights of both themselves and the Owner with regards to PA!.
  5. All information on PA! is also subject to change; this includes all information located within this Page.
  6. The rights of the Owner and/or the Visitor may include those not listed on this Page. While this Page aims to provide the most accurate description of the rights being reserved by the Owner and the Visitor, it may not list them all. Therefore, the Visitor understands that any right that is NOT listed on this page is NOT an acknowledgement nor admission that those rights do not exist or are not applicable.
  7. Furthermore, any right of the Owner and/or the Visitor that IS listed on this Page may be superseded by the law of a particular jurisdiction; therefore the existence of those rights on this Page is not a claim that it is intended to supersede the laws which instead supersede it.
  8. The Owner claims all rights and responsibilities regarding PA! and its actions and appearances online that the Owner directly participated in.
  9. The Visitor, however, claims responsibility over their own actions, such as—but not limited to—any comments or statements made by the Visitor on PA! or PA!-related sites, conduct by the Visitor with the Owner or other Visitors, any actions or statements made in regards to PA! that involve the Visitor in some manner which the Owner or an authorized third party reasonably believes that the Visitor is responsible for, etc.
  10. If the Visitor continues to visit PA!, the Visitor is implicitly agreeing that they understand these Terms of Services.



  1. PA! utilizes custom typefaces/fonts for a variety of purposes. All of these typefaces were created from scratch by the Owner.
  2. These typefaces/fonts (anything in faint italics are planned but not yet released).
    1. Nickopolis typeface family. (The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog)
      1. There is only one font in this family: “Nickopolis”.
      2. This typeface is based on the Owner’s own handwriting.
      3. Nickopolis is a trademark of Philippe Van Lieu. Copyright (c) 2004-2020 by Philippe Van Lieu. All rights reserved.
    2. Thraex typeface family. (The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog)
      1. Specific fonts of this family are known by the following names:
        1. Thraex Sans
          1. Thraex Sans Regular
          2. Thraex Sans Black
          3. Thraex Sans Oblique
        2. Thraex Serif
          1. Thraex Sans Regular
          2. Thraex Sans Black
          3. Thraex Sans Oblique
        3. Thraex Cursive
        4. Thraex Comic
      2. This typeface is based on the “language” used in the 2019 video game for the Nintendo Switch, “Pokémon Sword/Shield”.
      3. The Owner does not claim any rights or ownership over the actual language used by the game, only his version of the symbols that he designed himself.
      4. Thraex Sans is a trademark of Philippe Van Lieu. Copyright (c) 2019-2020 by Philippe Van Lieu. All rights reserved.
  3. These fonts are all available for download by the user, and its use is bound by the following license.
    1. Users are free to download and use this font for personal and/or entertainment purposes only, so long as this notice is not removed and/or the font is otherwise not edited.
    2. The fonts themselves are not intended to be sold, used in any corporate or otherwise for-profit project, or (re)distributed in other font packages or websites.
      1. Minor use on any artistic product which is then sold by the artist for a reasonable earning may be tolerated; however, how “minor” and “reasonable” is defined is left to the Owner’s discretion.
    3. These fonts are provided for use on an AS-IS basis, and neither the Owner, PA!, nor its staff or affiliates are responsible for any issues or problems which may occur due to its use.
    4. This license is subject to change without prior notice.



  1. PA! has a multitude of content created by all kinds of people, which PA! has different claims over that content. Those claims cover content created by:
    1. the Owner himself,
    2. current and former PA! Staff,
    3. those who are not on staff but agreed to allow PA! to host their content,
    4. Visitors who used PA! to create their own content with, and,
    5. content created by a third party which the Owner considers to be Fair Use.
  2. All original content on PA! that was created by the Owner is owned by the Owner.
    1. Copyright 1999-2020 Philippe Van Lieu (Nick15). All rights reserved
    2. The Owner has NOT and has NEVER released any copyrighted content to anyone else under any license. The sole exceptions to this are:
      1. content that was released by the Owner himself to an authorized third party (where ever noted), and/or
      2. content that was released to Bulbapedia under the appropriate Creative Commons license(s).
    3. Site Locations: This extends to (but is not limited to) ANY and ALL iterations of “Pokémon Aaah!” since April 10th, 1999, and have been or are currently located at any website URL with the following hostnames owned by, or is or was affiliated with, the Owner:
      2. Poké
    4. This also includes any content made by the Owner for PA! but are located on other websites and/or shared on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, imgur, Internet Wayback Machine, deviantART, etc.
  3. All content created by any other person which was intended for PA!, regardless of its original, intended purpose, is owned by the person who originally made that content (“[its] Creator”). The Owner of PA! explicitly renounces any and all claims of ownership to any content that was NOT created him, regardless of its association with him and PA!. However, the Owner claims the right to use, in perpetuity, all Creator-produced content for all PA!-related purposes.
    1. This content includes (but is not limited to):
      1. any content created by a member of PA! Staff, past or present
      2. any content created by a third party who agreed to allow PA! to host it
      3. any comment made by the Visitor on PA! or other PA!-related websites or communities (PA! Forums, PA! Discord, PA! YouTube account, etc),
      4. any content sent to the Owner or any PA! Staff member by its creator,
      5. any content created by others which uses materials created by Nick15 and/or PA! Staff, or any derivative thereof
      6. any content created by others which otherwise references PA!, Nick15, PA! Staff, or any derivative thereof
    2. This right was implied to be granted by its creator by virtue of the fact that it involves PA! in some form, it was sent to the Owner or another representative of PA! at some point by its creator, and/or has already appeared on PA!.
    3. The Owner will also make every reasonable attempt to credit and source the original creator of that content, if possible.
    4. However, the creator has the right to explicitly revoke the Owner’s right to use their content; in that case, that content will no longer appear on, nor be used by, PA!. In that case, please contact the Owner at the email address listed below; the creator must be able to verify their identity and the Owner must be convinced of their identity before any changes can be made
    5. This content may be used in all PA!-related purposes, including (but not limited to):
      1. advertisement for PA!
      2. videos and other motion picture content on sites like YouTube and Vimeo
    6. By virtue of the Owner’s right to use all Creator-produced content for all PA!-related purposes, Creator-produced content may appear in a piece of PA!-related content that generates income for PA!.
      1. The Creator of any content used in PA!-related content is not entitled to any income generated by PA!, and will not be financially compensated in any way for use of their content.
      2. PA! is not obligated to contact any Creator concerning use of their content in any PA!-related content.
    7. If a Creator disagrees to how the use of their content is being used in a piece of PA!-related content, the Creator has the right to revoke the Owner’s right to use it.
      1. In this situation, the Creator can contact the Owner at the addresses listed below (in Section #6). The Creator must be sure to clearly explain what content of their’s is being used and that they wish to revoke the Owner’s and PA!‘s right to use that content.
      2. Once the Owner accepts that the person contacting them is the Creator (or at lease represents them), then the Owner will remove all use of that content, regardless of the circumstances of its usage (such as when it was used, how popular the PA!-related content is, etc).
      3. Finally, the Owner will agree to not use that content in all future PA!-related content, as the Owner no longer has any right to do so.
      4. The Creator’s right to revoke the Owner’s right to use their content for all PA!-related purposes is perpetual and does not expire.
  4. The Owner considers the use of any other content on PA! that was neither created by him, nor sent to him by its Creator for use on PA!, nor otherwise involves PA! or uses assets created by the Owner, to be Fair use. As such, it is therefore protected under relevant Fair use laws., but will also be used by the Owner according to reasonable fair use guidelines.
    1. The Owner will at least make every reasonable attempt to credit and source the original creator of that content, if possible.
    2. Ideas, however, are not and cannot be legally protected by copyright, only the expressions of those ideas. While the Owner will make an effort to acknowledge any source of any idea that is used for PA!, this act is not a right but a privilege, and neither the Owner nor PA! is responsible nor under any obligation to acknowledge or credit any creator which thought up that idea.
  5. PA!-related content that has been created by the Owner himself may also use material created by someone else. If so, that information will be provided, and/or the Creator credited, in connection with that content. However, some pieces may need some clarification, which will appear here:
    1. The artwork for the “Pokémon Aaah!” title above, along with various “PA!” user icons and logos used on other websites/platforms, uses the typeface “Fontovision” by Dieter Schumacher.
      1. His original license agreement stated that “[the] font is free for all” and that it could be used “for private and commercial things”, while a “small link to [his] homepage would be great”. Unfortunately Dieter does not seem to have a modern internet presence, and none of his other websites are online. Since being able to credit Dieter with a direct link to his website or some social media account isn’t likely, all that remains is to point out that his fonts can be still downloaded at
      2. Unless a new license agreement can be found which alters or changes his previous statements, Dieter’s typeface “Fontovision” will remain in use by the Owner for all things “Pokémon Aaah!”-related, which will include on items that will be sold for profit. That said, the Owner will make a reasonable attempt to credit Dieter on any item or product that uses “Fontovision”.
  6. If the Visitor believes that their content is not only used on PA!, but also that its use does NOT constitute Fair use, or if the Visitor and/or Creator wishes to revoke the Owner’s right to use their content, please contact the Owner—Philippe Van Lieu—at the following:
    1. EMAIL: nick15 (at) pokemonaaah (dot) net
    2. MAIL/PHONE: provided upon request; please email for more information
    3. While the Owner will comply with all legal DCMA requests, and and all illegal DCMA requests will be responded to by the Owner to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. If the Visitor continues to visit PA!, the Visitor is implicitly agreeing that they understand all of the above, and agrees to not use the information provided on PA! for any unintended, unintentional, or even illegal purposes.
  8. Similarly, the Visitor also agrees to not make unauthorized copies of any content stored on PA! that they did not create, as well as agree to not sell, barter, or otherwise profit from that content.
  9. The Owner retains the right to protect what copyrights, trademarks, patents, property, or any other item that belongs to him, or that he has access to.
    1. This right also covers any plans made for this site, regardless of whether it is actually implemented, provided that those plans are stated and made in good faith.
    2. These plans include the following, and therefore will be protected to the fullest extent possible:
      1. Name change from Pokémon Aaah! to any/all of the following; these generic forms of this site name will allow it to retain the “PA!” initialism. This name change will not affect continuity of rights claimed by or for this site.
        1. Players Aaah! — for general gaming-related topics
        2. Politics Aaah! — for the discussion of current political issues
        3. ‘Puters Aaah! — slang for “computer(s)”, for when the site wishes to talk about general computer and tech history
      2. Subsections of this site, or any content produced for it, using the “Aaah!” suffix, but not necessarily keeping the “PA!” initialism
    3. The claim of change does not imply its eventuality, nor does it imply any relinquishment or abandonment of any or all associated trademarks, copyrights, etc. Rather, it is to protect its possibility from potential conflicts or counterclaims made by others in bad faith.
    4. This right also extends into perpetuity and in turn covers the Owner’s past interests, regardless of subsequent actions.
    5. Abandonment of any claim will be signified by its removal from Subsection 2 above.

This content is subject to change or alteration.

If the Visitor wishes to continue to visit any other PA! page, they are implicitly acknowledging that they understand and agree with all that is listed on this Page.

All information on this Page is current and valid as of the “Last Updated” date listed at the top of the page.