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Professor Finn and the team see if $400 is worth it

On Pokemon Day 2023 (held on every 27th of February), The Pokemon Company unveiled their latest creation, the Pokemon TCG Classic. What was so special about this? They were re-launching Base Set cards as their own board game! So once again, we would have freshly-printed Base Set Charizards, Blastoises, and Venosaurs. Oh, and don’t forget […]

No, it's not Paradox Drift. Nobody's floating anywhere.

Hullo readers! Welcome back to yet another article here on Pokemon Aaah! Before we begin, let me answer that question that you ask. No, the author’s name isn’t a typo (would have to be a big one!). No, it isn’t a prank, either. Yes, you guessed it right, a new writer here on PA!! I’m […]