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The Actual News:

Every year, your favorite media franchises take one special day out of the year to focus on celebrating the fans and everything we do to make that franchise what it is. The dates for these fan days are connected to the franchise itself in some way: Star Trek celebrated “First Contact Day” every April 5th (because that’s when Zephrim Cochrine performed his first warp test that attracted the attention of the Vulcans), Star Wars is May 4th (because “May the Forth be with you”), while the Alien franchise celebrates their’s on April 26th (a reference to the moon name LV-426, or 4/26, but only because 42/6 put it in the middle of summer…).

Pokémon is no different; our fan day is every February 27th, because that was the original Japanese release date for the very first Pokémon games: Pocket Monsters Red/Green. Nintendo and Game Freak in turn celebrates Pokémon Day with a Pokémon Presents! Did you catch it? Here it is if you want to watch it for the first time or for the first time once again:

Well this year Nick15 hosted a Pokémon Presents watch party over on the PA! Discord, and we all had a lot of fun! You should join us next time we have one; in fact, add us over on Twitter X to find out the next time we host a Pokémon Watch Party!

But without further ado… here’s what was announced!



Scarlet & Violet

To start off: we’re going to get special Tera Raid Battle Events in Scarlet and Violet over the next week, featuring Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard. If you’ve ever wanted to add Venusaur, Blastoise and—the rarest, most never promoted start Pokémon ever—Charizard, then be sure to check them out in-game! (OK, I’m being sarcatic about Charizard, but it’s still a pretty cool event to check out!)

The new Pokémon arriving in GO

Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, we’re getting a crossover with Pokémon Horizons, the anime series! Here’s everything we know about it:

  • Pikachu wearing Cap’s hat will be joining Pokémon GO. It also knows a brand-new move: Volt Tackle!
  • Liko and Roy, two characters from Horizons, will also be photobombing your snapshot pictures!
  • Ceruledge, Charcadet and Armarouge will also be joining GO! This will pretty much be the only way Megaman will join Pokémon GO, so enjoy!!

Pokémon Sleep

Straight to the big news: Raikou will be coming to Pokémon Sleep in March! Entai and Suicune will also be coming in the future. If you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to have a huge giant beast—one that could rip your face off just by looking at you—falling asleep next you you ever night… this is your chance!

Also until April 30th you can claim 10 Poké Biscuits and 1,000 diamonds in-game to celebrate Pokémon Day. BTW, during the presentation we noticed that it was miswritten as 1,00o diamonds – yes that’s a lowercase “O” – surprisingly nobody in TPC noticed that before the video premiered…!

Pokémon Masters EX

Silver and Geeta!

From the 28th of February, Geeta and Glimmora will appear, and Silver (Champion) and Tyranitar will be available starting March 1st. Master sync pair Sygna Suit Gladion and Magearna, already available in-game, were also mentioned. We’ll also be getting the photo creator and Riley and Lucario will also be available in-game. The photo creator, which was included in the game in an update only a few days ago, was emphasized during the announcement, as was Riley and Lucario (also already available).

Pokémon Café Remix

In Pokemon Cafe Remix, we’re getting a new feature! By completing certain puzzles you can collect Gimmighoul Coins.

You can also add Sprigatato, Fuecoco or Quaxly with special outfits to your staff during this event.

Additionally, by joining bingo events you can have Koraidon and Miraidon join your café staff. I mean, it might be more fun if your grandma her her friends could join you as your café staff after bingo, but I guess Koraidon and Miraidon will have to do.

Pokémon UNITE

Meanwhile in Pokémon UNITE… Miraidon will be joining the fray! And in the future we’ll also be getting Phalinks and Ceruledge.

Miraidon joined right away—log in now and play away!—while Phalinks will be coming in April and Ceruledge at a future date.

You can take part in a special event right now in which you can earn Miraidon’s Unite Licence

Also, use the code POKEDAY24 before March 31st to get a 3-day limited license for Miraidon and a Platinum Miraidon Boost Emblem!

New game: Pokémon TCG Pocket

We’re also getting Pokémon TCG Pocket! It’s a new mobile app set to launch during 2024, and here’s everything we know so far:

  • The game is similar to Pokémon TCG Live, but more focused on collecting. You can to open packets, collect and trade cards, and play Quick Battles, a new type of TCG battle.
  • You will receive 2 free packs a day, and will presumably be able to buy more.
  • So far Pokemon TCG Pocket seems to be more for the collector, and might have (among other things) the ability to “collect” older cards, like fat Pikachu from Base Set and Fossil Slowpoke, etc., thus making older rare cards “collectible” again.
  • Cards from PTCGPocket have unusual characteristics. One card shown in the trailer was Moltres ex. This is supposed to be a Basic card from the Scarlet & Violet era. However, it has some characteristics from other eras such as the ex rule box (that has the same design as the GX Rule box from the SM era).
    There are multiple changes and additions to the game’s ruleset:

    • Resistance: Resistance has been removed entirely.
    • Points: Prize cards have been removed entirely, instead you are awarded points. First to 3 points wins the Quick Battle.
    • Energy Zone: The effects or the way it has to be used is currently unknown.
  • Some PTCGP cards use similar artwork from older cards but NOT their text. Fat Pikachu and Fossil Slowpoke, for example, only have one simple attack.
  • PTCGP seems to have its own rarity system (equivalent to “R”, “SR” ,”SSR”, “SSSR”, etc). There are diamond symbols at the bottom left corner of certain/all cards.
  • PTCGP has its own packs like “Genetic Apex”; this is probably something like how the Pokemon TCG Gameboy game had its own packs (Mystery, Laboratory, Evolution and Colosseum) thus allowing PTCGP to design and use different cards from different sets to make their own collector-centric pack design.
  • Pack names thus far are:
    • Genetic Apex
    • … and that’s it.
  • Genetic Apex packs are:
    • Mewtwo
    • Pikachu
    • Charizard
  • Alongside having its own sets, PTCGP cards use a completely new card back, similar to the Western style but with a new twist.

The cards we have seen in Genetic Apex so far (plus diamond rankings) are:

  • Bulbasaur ()
  • Slowpoke (◇; Reuses artwork from Fossil 🇺🇸/Mystery of the Fossils 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Dratini (◇; Reuses artwork from Unified Minds 🇺🇸/Miracle Twin 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Hitmonlee (◇; Reuses artwork from Neo Destiny 🇺🇸/Darkness, and to Light … 🇯🇵)
  • Gardevoir (◇◇◇; Reuses artwork from SM-P Promotional cards 🇯🇵) [NEW Attack + NEW ability] [Now it’s Psychic Energy instead of Fairy Energy]
  • Pikachu (; Reuses artwork from Base Set 🇺🇸/Expansion Pack 🇯🇵) [Only “Gnaw” appears. It’s attack damage is now 20 instead of 10, “Thunder Jolt” got deleted]
  • Brock (◇◇)
  • Magikarp (; Reuses artwork from Dragon Majesty 🇺🇸/Dragon Storm 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Psyduck (; Reuses artwork from Sun & Moon Base Set 🇺🇸/Collection Sun 🇯🇵)  [NEW Attacks]
  • Chansey (◇◇; Reuses artwork from Lost Thunder 🇺🇸/ Super-Burst Impact 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks] 
  • Eevee (◇; Reuses artwork from Ultra Prism 🇺🇸/Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Meltan (???; Reuses artwork from SM Black Star Promos 🇺🇸/SM-P Promotional cards 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks] 
  • Snorlax (◇◇◇, Reuses artwork from Kalos Starter Set 🇺🇸 /XY Beginning Set 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Cubone (???, Reuses artwork from Forbidden Light 🇺🇸/Forbidden Light 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Tynamo (???, Reuses artwork from Burning Shadows 🇺🇸/Darkness that Consumes Light 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Greninja (???, Reuses artwork from XY Base Set 🇺🇸/Collection X 🇯🇵) 
  • Nidorino (???, Reuses artwork from Team Up 🇺🇸/Tag Bolt 🇯🇵) [Now it’s Darkness Energy instead of Psychic Energy]
  • Sizzlipede (???)
  • Raichu (???)
  • Electabuzz (???)
  • Kangaskhan (◇◇◇; Reuses artwork from Unnumbered Promotional cards 🇯🇵) [ Only “Dizzy Punch” appears. It’s attack damage is now 30+ instead of 10x, “Mega Punch” got deleted)]
  • Moltres ex (★★)
  • Vulpix (◇; Reuses artwork from Hidden Legends 🇺🇸/Undone Seal 🇯🇵)
  • Squirtle ()
  • Pikachu ex (◇◇◇◇)
  • Charizard ex (◇◇◇◇)
  • Pikachu ex (???) [Full Art]
  • Shellder (◇; Reuses artwork from Expedition Base Set 🇺🇸/Base Expansion Pack 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Wooloo (◇)
  • Haunter (◇◇)
  • Ponyta (◇; Reuses artwork from Cosmic Eclipse 🇺🇸/Remix Bout 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Pincurchin (◇◇)
  • Aerodactyl (◇◇◇; Reusues artwork from Dark Explorers 🇺🇸/Dark Rush 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Vaporeon (◇◇◇; Reuses artwork from Majestic Dawn 🇺🇸/ Moonlit Pursuit 🇯🇵)
  • Mewtwo-ex (◇◇◇◇)
  • Lapras (★)
  • Meowth (★)
  • Bellsprout (???)
  • Mienfoo (???, Reuses artwork from Noble Victories 🇺🇸/Red Collection 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks]
  • Slowbro (◇◇, Reusues artwork from Fossil 🇺🇸/Mystery of the Fossils 🇯🇵) [NEW Attacks, Pokémon Power got deleted]

PTCGPocket might also have cards that were never distributed outside of Japan. This is the case of “Garura” Kangaskhan which appeared as a cameo with English text and without its characteristic holo effect. We may also get other similar cards… the Masaki Promos or Unikarp would be cool!

Image 1: Some Genetic Apex packs, all with the Mewtwo design. / Image 2: A Quick Battle

It’s worth mentioning that both Japan and Int’l are using the same name: “Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket”. This is the first time the Japanese card game is going to be referred to as a “Trading Card Game”. Consider that throughout its history in Japan, it’s only ever been the “Pokémon/Pocket Monsters Card Game”. While most international Pokémon fans probably take the “TCG” terminology for granted, it was a relatively conspicuous naming choice when Wizards of the Coast first came up with it back in the day – as opposed to CCG (Collectible Card Game, as in the Star Trek CCG and Star Wars CCG from Decipher), the name was probably a marketing decision meant to more actively encourage kids to trade cards with friends, etc.

It will be interesting to see if Japan including “TCG” in the name for this app is a sign of brand harmonization across all language editions of the game, or more of a ‘gimmick’ naming meant to encourage the trading feature of the app.

New game: Pokémon Legends: Z-A

Just as we guessed, we’re getting a new Legends game! This one is called Pokémon Legends: Z-A. That’s “Zee/Zed-Aye”, not like “Zee-Lambda” or so.

While we barely have any information so far, let’s have a look at what we know and what we’re guessing.

What do we know? Very little. The trailer basically just showed off Lumiose City and featured a document with an Urban Redevelopment Plan. And at the end it also showed off a sneaky Mega Evolution icon at the end. But might Legends: Z-A be backwards time travel of sorts? And including AZ?

For those of you who don’t know who AZ is, here’s a quick recap: AZ is a character in Pokémon X and Y. From Bulbapedia:

“3,000 years before the start of the story, AZ was king of the Kalos region. He had been given a Floette by his late mother and loved it dearly, but was forcefully taken away by soldiers to take part in an ongoing war. Tragically, his Floette lost its life during the war and was sent back to AZ in a box, devastating him. Vowing to revive his beloved Pokémon, he built a device that restored his Floette back to life at the cost of the lives of other Pokémon. As a result of the device’s effect, AZ was rendered immortal and massive. Despite having brought back his Floette, AZ remained vengeful at the war for his Floette’s demise and reconstructed the device into the Ultimate Weapon, which he used to destroy both sides of the conflict and end the war. His Floette, however, was horrified at the truth behind its returning to life and left AZ, unable to see the Trainer it once knew. Feeling regret for what he had done, AZ traveled to find Floette to start their relationship over to make amends for his mistake, and this would ultimately take 3,000 years before AZ could do so.”

Later on he does become friends with his Floette again, but that is not the point here. Oh, sorry, spoiler alert for a 10-year old game! 😅

We suspect that AZ’s Ultimate Weapon may be the source of Mega Evolution (this may in fact confirm it!), and so we can expect Mega Evolution to feature again in this game.

Maybe Legends Z-A explores the origins of Mega Evolution? Or it might be the future and it solves it? Or maybe it’s BOTH the Past and Future: you get to build Luminiose City AND rebuild it later?
The official site announcement says “A new adventure awaits within Lumiose City, where an urban redevelopment plan is underway to shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon. Please look forward to seeing it for yourself.​​” Maybe as they work on redevelopment, they discover something buried under the city? Old artifacts? New Mega Evolution Stones?

If the game really does include AZ, Pokémon Legends Z-A may finally make AZ’s Floette offically obtainable! And if it stays true to the original Kalos Dexes, it will mean every Pokémon will be obtainable on the Nintendo Switch (currently the three elemental monkeys, Furfrou, and Patrat and Watchdog were missing).

Also, a quick fun fact, by using Pokémon HOME, this would the first time that a Pokémon with a regional form will be able to coexist with its non-regional mega form, if Slowbro is in the game. Don’t follow? Well, as there is a Galarian Slowbro, and so far regional Pokémon don’t have Mega forms. So if Legends Z-A utilizes the Kalos Dex, then this might be the first time that a regional Pokémon can co-exist with a non-regional mega Pokémon (namely Galarian Slowbro and Mega Slowbro). Maybe we’ll get Mega Galarian Slowbro??

Which brings us to the big question: will Legends Z-A feature new Mega forms? If so, maybe Flygon and the Kalosian starters will finally receive theirs!

But all of this is just our little theories, we may be completely on the wrong track. We’ll just have to wait and see what spoilers The Pokémon Company will give us, if any before the official trailer.


And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a wrap! We’ve just covered everything that The Pokémon Company announced, revealed and teased during the annual Pokémon Presents on Pokémon Day, along with some of the PA! Community’s best theories and ideas on what’s to come.

If you enjoyed this article, please consider joining the Pokémon Aaah! Discord server. We had great fun watching the stream together and then writing this article collaboratively, and we plan on doing these activities again in the future!

Happy belated Pokémon Day!

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