Fair Warning: this post is about 3.4 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 3.4 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
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The Actual News:

Yes, you read correctly: PA! is now home to the best—and only—Sword & Shield blanks for the Pokémon TCG! These were all made by aschefield101, who also made the Jumbo Raid Blanks.

If you want to just cut to the chase, you can download them all on the Blanks Download page here. Of course if you want to actually see what is involved… well, keep reading!

So it took a lot of backroom deals in dark, seedy rooms full of cigar smoke in order to make this happen… and by “backroom deals”, I mean “I simply just asked aschefield if I could host them, and he was all ‘OK!'”. And so here we are! This is essentially the complete Sword & Shield blanks package, with only just a few minor blanks missing, but I’ll be helping him out with that in a bit. Regardless, there are still a lot of blanks here, so I’ve taken the time to splitting them up into individual holders so that they are easy to peruse through. Therefore, below is a list of each blanks folder and an example of what’s inside.

Now for the sake of clarity, the blank package only includes the following types:

  •  Grass
  •  Fire
  •  Water
  •  Lightning
  •  Psychic
  •  Fighting
  •  Darkness
  •  Metal
  •  Colorless

Unfortunately,  Dragon and  Fairy-type blanks are not included, as no examples of them exist in the Sword & Shield sets. But who knows what the future holds? Maybe that’s something I’ll be working on? Who knows…??? [insert “Twilight Zone” and/or “X-Files” music here]

Anyways, here’s a break down of what blank styles are included in this package, using  Water-type blanks as an example. The example blanks also have a gradient background so you can see what parts of it are transparent or not:

Basic-stage Pokémon blanks. Most likely some of the most common blank you’ll be using.
If you’re in a full-art mode, like you want to do some retro Pokémon-EX (or even Pokémon-ex) cards, you can’t do better.

Stage 1 Pokémon blanks. Standard lot.
Stage 2 Pokémon blanks. Pretty vanilla.

Pokémon-V style blanks for any Pokémon that might end up Dynamaxing. This is the full art version, in case you want to do something with a bit extra flair.
Gold-style versions of the normal full art Pokémon-V blank.

Pokémon-V style blanks for any Pokémon that might end up Dynamaxing. Has a little less flair than the full art version, but I don’t think your boss will pull you aside to scold you about your lack of flair…

Dynamax form of Pokémon-Vmax cards. Now we’re getting into the big leagues here.
Rainbow form of the Dynamaxing Pokémon-Vmax card. In case you want to impress your new boss, but don’t want to look TOO butt-kissy.

Gigantamax form of Pokémon-Vmax cards. If you want to make a Pokémon card bigger than its ever been before (well, big in a metaphorical sense), then this is the max you can go. Gigantamax, as it were!
Rainbow form of the Gigantamax Pokémon-Vmax card. This is in case you want to impress your boss and really DON’T care how much of a butt-kiss you appear to be. Heck, maybe you WANT to look like a giant butt-kisser! Well, this is the blank for you. In fact, after you make a fake card for your boss and they DON’T call you in the next day and say “Johnson! That fake Pokémon TCG card you made for me impressed me, and it shows how much you like to be a giant butt-kisser. Well, I’ve decided to immediately promote you to Executive Adjunct to the Vice President in charge of Posterier Osculation!”… well, you need to look for another job.

All the various Trainer and Energy card blanks are located here.(Unfortunately, Stadium-type Trainers are not yet available, but we’re working on it!)
Finally, this is where all the extra bits are located. Symbols, holo background… if it’s not a blank but still important for faking, it can be found here.

And that’s about all the Sword & Shield blanks we have to share with you. But don’t worry… as mentioned, any blanks in this list of blanks—pun absolutely intended—are in the process of being filled right now. Keep an eye out for them in the near future here. And if you want to download the blanks but don’t want to scroll back up, Nick15 here’s got your back, fam; just click here. Enjoy!

Final thanks again to aschefield101 for his hard work on these blanks. Swing by his deviantART account and say “Hi”! Good times, good times.