Fair Warning: this post is about 3.5 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 3.5 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:  

The Actual News:

Heyo everyone! With my Neo Redux Blanks complete, I’ve finally begun work on determining WHAT Pokémon I want to add to the Space World Block Set afterall. But the thing is, it’s not as simple as “just make the cards!”… I have some serious plans for the Space World Block Set. These plans include:

  • Since the “Space World” concept is going to be a proper BLOCK—think the Neo Block with Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery and Neo Revelation—I’m planning to release three full sets, each with their own unique theme, all tied into the overall “Space World” theme.
    • The overall “Space World” theme is that a portal has opened up in the world of Pokémon, introducing the people of that world to Pokémon from alternative “would be” dimensions. Each set represents one step further into those alternative dimensions.
    • The first set—Alpha97—will feature many of the newly discovered prototype Pokémon, albeit only the ones related to existing real Pokémon, and new forms of those existing Pokémon. This represents the familiar yet new.
    • The second set—Beta98—will feature the rest of the newly discovered prototype Pokémon, ones which are absolutely, completely new and have never been seen in an existing Pokémon game. This represents the completely new, yet it still feels like Pokémon.
    • Finally, the last set—Omega99—will feature all kinds of bizarre Pokémon… either existing Pokémon but with a new type (say, a yellow-colored Espeon which is :TL Lightning-type), or creatures which aren’t exactly Pokémon but still appeared in the franchise somewhere, or maybe even creatures which I’ve made up. Maybe even Pokémon that aren’t supposed to evolve into one another will! This represents a total corruption of what “Pokémon” is… will the world of Pokémon survive??
  • I want to make sure each type is as evenly represented as possible.
    • The best example of the worst of type representation has to be the Jungle set, where there were EIGHTEEN :TG Grass-type cards, but only ONE :TP Psychic-type card (a rare Mr. Mime). I’ve always been a big fan of making sure each type is evenly represented… but I also acknowledge that the video game itself doesn’t have even a fair distribution of types either. Not to mention you have types like :TP Psychic-type in the TCG, which covers (or did cover) :STP Psychic, :STH Ghost, :STO Poison and :STY Fairy types, while :TL Lightning and :TR Fire-type cards in the TCG covers… well, only :STL Electric and :STR Fire. So there will natrually be some imbalance baked into the system.
    • So my main goal is to make sure that, at least across the entire block set, the most represented type has no more than twice the number of cards as the least represented type. So, for example, taking a look at the chart below, :TM Metal-type is the least represented type while :TP Psychic-type is the most represented type… however there are only 12 :TM Metal-type cards versus 31 :TP Psychic-types… so I’ll need to bring :TM Metal-type up to at least 15 or :TP Psychic-type down to 24 for it to be a reasonable distribution.

Those are basically my main goals for designing this fake card set. And meeting these goals is simply enough, it’s just a matter of properly organizing everything. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; if you go to the Space World Block Set page, you can see every card I currently plan on introducing in this block. This also gave me a preliminary idea of how many cards I have for each type and set; below is a list of those numbers. It also shows how many cards I have to make… so far it’s numbered at 242. WOWZERS!

Another thing I changed was the order of some of the prototype Pokémon; this change can also be seen on the G/S Lost Pokémon page. Specificially, while my reordering is in no way official and does NOT represent any official plans or discoveries made… what I ended up doing was connecting certain Pokémon which I thought might be related to one another into a single family. You can see an example of this on the right; note the out-of-order red “PA! Megadex” number going from 324 to 310 then 320. Originally I didn’t consider these as part of a family, and technically NOTHING official has been discovered to determine they are a family… but for the Space World Block set, I will consider them as such. I will justify this “fake family” by also including other Pokémon cards which aren’t supposed to evolve from one another—like a Stage 2 Tyranitar card which evolves from a Stage 1 Kakuna card, which in turn evolves from a Basic Clefairy card—to underline the bizarre nature of the Space World and how it allows unrelated Pokémon to evolve into others.

Anyways, just as an FYI, the data represents the following:

  • The headers show the following info:
    • TBD = To be determined; cards which I haven’t figured out what set they should belong to.
    • α97 = Cards officially in the Alpha97 set
    • β98 = Cards officially in the Beta98 set
    • Ω99 = Cards officially in the Omega99 set
    • Total = Total number of cards in that type
  • Each row represents how many cards of that type there are. It should be pretty self-explanitory, except for:
    • :TP Psychic = represents the total number of Psychic-type cards in the set
    • :TP Psy-Normal = number of cards which will use the standard Psychic-type blank
    • :TYP Psy-Fairy = number of cards which will use the special “Fairy/Psychic” blank
    • :TE (TBD) = these cards have yet to have a type assigned to it
    • Finally, the bottom row shows the total number of cards in that set (or NOT in a set)

Got it? Good! Here’s the actual data now:

TYPES TBD α97 β98 Ω99 Total Notes
:TG Grass 7 20 1 28
:TR Fire 14 9 6 29
:TW Water 14 6 5 25
:TL Lightning 11 4 15 Need more Lightning-type…
:TF Fighting 5 5 5 3 18 Need more Fighting-type…
:TP Psychic 21 7 3 31 OK, that’s more than enough Psychic-types for now.
:TD Darkness 5 15 3 1 24
:TM Metal 6 1 5 12 Need more Metal-type…
:TN Dragon 3 7 6 16 Need more Dragon-type…
:TC Colorless 3 17 4 3 27
:TE (TBD) 3 14 17
:TP Psy-Normal 10 4 3 17
:TYP Psy-Fairy 11 3 14
:TT Total 92 87 56 7 242


Again, these numbers are just preliminary. But it at least gives me an idea of what I need to figure out next, like which Pokémon currently in the “TBD” column will go to which actual set, or which types need to be taken down a notch, etc. For the sake of getting started ASAP on actually making fake cards, I won’t wait until I’ve ACTUALLY worked out what goes where before I begin work. I already know what Pokémon belongs to what set… I can add in the card’s set number values later on once those details have finally been hammered down.

Finally, I’m going the start work on adding some subpages to the “Space World” block page, which will look something a bit like the picture below:

I plan to separate all the sets into their own page, with would-be potential promo fakes on their own page as well. Finally, I’ll be making a page covering my Neo Redux blanks, as well as links to download them for your own use. That page should be up now, but it only contains previews of the blanks for now, no actual links to download the blanks for use. To be fair, that probably won’t happen until after I’ve started making fakes with them myself!

Anyways, that’s about it for now! I think I’ve got things sorted out enough such that I can start work on some fake cards very soon… so keep an eye out for them very soon! Huzzah! Good times.