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All that is left is... to finally do it!

Just a small minor update for you… but I’m basically ready to start work on my Space World Fake Card set! So wait, what was the hold up? I’ll admit I’m the kind of person who needs to make sure everything is in its right place before I can start working on something, at least […]

Choices choices everywhere, so why not have a drink? (That's how the line goes, right?)

So now that I’ve readjusted which Pokémon will be which non-Dragon, non-Fairy types in my Space World sets, the next thing to figure out is… the set icons! And more importantly, what style? Well, below I have some of set icon ideas for the three sets. The icons themselves aren’t necessairly finalized, although I’m likely […]

What does this mean for my 'Space World' fake card block??

This is just a quick post… but as I’m trying to finalize my “Space World” block sets—or at least get the ball rolling on it—I only just discovered that since the initial Sword & Shield TCG set, no new Dragon-type TCG cards have been made. But unlike the Fairy-type, where TPCi straight up said that […]

Major changes and fakes coming soon!

Heyo everyone! With my Neo Redux Blanks complete, I’ve finally begun work on determining WHAT Pokémon I want to add to the Space World Block Set afterall. But the thing is, it’s not as simple as “just make the cards!”… I have some serious plans for the Space World Block Set. These plans include: Since […]

Plus some other plans for the "Space World" set

That’s right, the LAST TWO blank types have been completed: Psychic and Metal-type blanks! Take a look!! And with that, all of the blanks for my Neo Redux series is complete! This also means this is the first complete set of blanks that I’ve made since 2004, with the release of the EX-style blanks I […]

Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% posting your ideas online before you actually do anything productive with it

I want the whole Space World Fake Card Block project to be a celebration of the obscure and unique , which is one reason why I’m including all these non-existent in the project. But what I’d also like to do is include other unique forms of existing . For example, I discovered @LegacyPsk9999 over at […]

Oooh this is pretty sweet! Over on Twitter there’s an awesome artist named @SoulSilverArt who tweeted some awesome sketches of some of the “new”er, well, newly revealedprototype . Take a gander! Super cool! Plus like, since these are such unusual or otherwise unknown Pokémon, fan art of them are super rare. So its great just […]

Wow OK, thanks to the help of long time PA! Nickling, Sylvie Wolf, I was able to clean up the Lost Pokémon page, make it a bit more organized and efficient, and a bunch of other stuff. I still have more basic information to add to the list… like names and types, etc… but that […]