Pokémon GS Beta “Space World ’97″ Fake Cards
  By nick15 [June 2, 2018 - 08:08]
[Last Updated: November 10, 2018 - 21:07]  

The recent reveal of the “Space World ’97″ Pokémon GS Beta and all the Beta Pokémon in it has made my hype levels shoot through the roof. Like, I remember learning about them back in the day, so it’s nothing less than a straight-up dream come true to finally put actual faces to the names and confirm certain other facts (such as “Yoroidori” being a beta name for Skarmory). Now sure, there’s the 1% off chance that this is just an elaborate ROM hack… but, I’m betting good money on the fact that it’s definitely real. (lol that’s definitely a roundabout way of editing my post to explain that it’s real)

Well, it went without saying that I MUST make fake cards for them, as I probably would have made fakes for them back in the day as well. So I ended up dusting off some of my old Neo blanks (perfect for the Gold-Silver era), even making up some new ones—Fairy, Dragon, Supporter, and Stadiums—and made a few fakes for a few of the “new” beta GS Pokémon. Enjoy!

(NOTES NOV 10, 2018: I’m still in the process of figuring out what cards to make, how to make the images, the set layout, etc. Once I get it all properly set up, I’ll post some info here, ok?)

# Card Name Card Type Date Created
1 ??? Pokémon June 23, 1999
2 ??? Pokémon June 23, 1999
3 ??? Pokémon July 7, 1999
4 ??? Pokémon July 8, 1999
5 ??? Pokémon July 8, 1999
6 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
7 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
8 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
9 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
10 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
11 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
12 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
13 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
14 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
15 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999

2 Responses

  1. lolhaxman says:

    Where are the pictures/links?

    • nick15 says:

      I’m still piecing the set together. I want to do this set right, but it may take me a while to do versus if I just tossed them together willy-nilly.

      Basically, once I get something, I’ll post it on the front page. I may even make a YouTube video about it!

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