The recent reveal of the "Space World '97" Pokémon GS Beta and all the Beta Pokémon in it has made my hype levels shoot through the roof. Like, I remember learning about them back in the day, so it's nothing less than a straight-up dream come true to finally put actual faces to the names and confirm certain other facts (such as "Yoroidori" being a beta name for Skarmory). Now sure, there's the 1% off chance that this is just an elaborate ROM hack... but, I'm betting good money on the fact that it's definitely real. (lol that's definitely a roundabout way of editing my post to explain that it's real) Well, it went without saying that I MUST make fake cards for them, as I probably would have made fakes for them back in the day as well. So I ended up dusting off some of my old Neo blanks (perfect for the Gold-Silver era), even making up some new ones—Fairy, Dragon, Supporter, and Stadiums—and made a few fakes for a few of the "new" beta GS Pokémon. Enjoy!

(NOTES NOV 10, 2018: I'm still in the process of figuring out what cards to make, how to make the images, the set layout, etc. Once I get it all properly set up, I'll post some info here, ok?)


# Card Name Card Type Date Created
1 :TG ??? Pokémon June 23, 1999
2 :TR ??? Pokémon June 23, 1999
3 :TW ??? Pokémon July 7, 1999
4 :TL ??? Pokémon July 8, 1999
5 :TF ??? Pokémon July 8, 1999
6 :TP ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
7 :TC ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
8 :TD ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
9 :TM ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
10 :TN ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
11 :TY ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
12 :TI ??? Trainer - Item July 9, 1999
13 :TS ??? Trainer - Stadium July 9, 1999
14 :TU ??? Trainer - Supporter July 9, 1999
15 :TE ??? Energy July 9, 1999
16 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
17 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
18 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
19 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
20 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
21 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
22 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999
23 ??? Pokémon July 9, 1999

Well, as you can tell, the set is hardly complete. But you can at least watch me brainstorm some ideas and piece the set together one-by-one.

General notes:

  • One primary design choice I'll make for this set is that it will be a modernized set, even though the Space World Demo was released in 1997 and would therefore be more appropriately designed to be on par with the TCG during its early years.
    • This means that this set will have Dragon- and Fairy-type cards, Supporters, maybe even some special card styles (ex's, EX's, GX's, full card art, etc etc), and other rule changes and adjustments made over the years, like how Poison-type Pokemon are now Psychic-type cards versus Grass-types.
    • The set well likewise be ordered using the modern numbering system
    • But perhaps the most modern feature for this set will be accounting for all the power creep that has slowly built up over the years. The whole idea is to make this set exciting and fun, but especially legitimately competitive in a real-world setting. If I instead made this set to be on par with the kind of cards that existed back during the game's early years, then these cards would be boring and underwhelming.
    • The ONLY thing that I WON"T "modernize" with this set with my choice of card designs: I plan on using the Neo-era blanks which came out back during GS's original release in 1999/2000. I WILL, however, update them to include Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokemon, as well as have the Trainer cards differentiate between Items, Stadiums and Supporters just as modern sets do. .... This may require me to actually remake the Neo-era blanks, but I think that'll be something worth doing... I kinda wanna see what 15+ years worth of Photoshop skills can do to make great blanks.
  • Now it goes without saying that effectively every single new and different Pokemon in the Space World Demo will be included in this set. However, because of the different ways the existing and removed Pokemon interact with one another (or not), this will affect how I actually implement them into the game.
    • In the cases where an existing Gen 2 Pokemon has an evolution that it doesn't have in the final game, I'll try to make sure that their cards would fit what is already established for that Pokemon. For example, Farfetch'd has an EvolutionSirfetch'd from Sword/Shield—but it was also given one in the Space World Demo which was ultimately removed. In order to therefore keep everything compatible, Farfetch'd's Space World evolution will be a Stage 1 Pokemon, like Sirfetch'd is. Alternatively in cases like Girafarig, which is a Basic but was given a pre-evolution in the Demo (Tsuinzu)... now if Tsuinzu was included in the final, Girafarig would've been a Stage 1 Evolution. But it wasn't, and so in order to maintain Girafarig as a Basic Pokemon, Tsuinzu would need to be a Baby Pokemon.
    • As for Pokemon which exist in both the final game and the Demo... if they look exactly the same, then they'll be treated as the same Pokemon, regardless of different names. If they look different but are obviously supposed to be the same, then I'll consider them as "Space World Formes" akin to the Alolan or Galarian formes of existing Pokemon.
    • Now if some or all of the Pokemon in a single evolution line look TOO different, then I might consider them as a completely new Pokemon... or some combination of the previous point. Take Chikorita for example, which is called Happa in the Demo. Although its Stage 2 Evolution, Hanaryuu, looks exactly the same as Meganium, its Stage 1 Evo, Hanamogura looks ABSOLUTELY different from Bayleef. So what do I do? Consider Hanamogura as a mere "forme" of Bayleef? Or treat it as a new and unique Pokemon which just also happens to evolve into Meganium? Or maybe Hanamogura does evolve into Hanaryuu, which looks like Meganium but definitely is NOT Meganium? I mean, it's worth pointing out that Hanaryuu's sprite was in turn used in Gold but was not intended to look like that and was thus edited in Crystal? It might just be that Hanaryuu and Meganium are an example of convergent/analogous evolution, similar to how the Tasmanian Tiger and hyena look like they could be part of the canine family (akin to wolves and dogs) but are definitely NOT. ... Long story short, I don't know what I'll do here just yet.
  • One goal I've always wanted to focus on with a TCG set was to make sure each type was represented as equally as possible; this was influenced by the fact that the Jungle set had only ONE Psychic-type Pokemon (Mr. Mime) and ONE Trainer Card (Poke Ball), but then had like 300 different Grass-type Pokemon. Now obviously Pokemon's types are imbalanced by default, but that doesn't mean I can't try to balance it within this set. With this in mind, I have a few plans to maintain a fair type balance.
    • Even though the Demo has established the types for all new Pokemon, it's clear some of them were added haphazardly; Vuplix's baby prevo was given a Water-type! Therefore, I might therefore change some of these types when bringing them into the TCG, partially to fix those kinds of errors, but also to help with type balancing. This also means I will include Dragon- and Fairy-type cards, either because actual Fairy-type Pokemon are in the setie Cleffairy and its Baby prevo Cleffaor because I applied that type to a Pokemon which initially didn't have itsuch as Norowara, which I called "Curstraw"; it's defined as Ghost-type only, but I think Ghost/Fairy would be more fitting.
    • Because the Space World Demo not only included Shiny Pokemon (technically introducing them for the first time), many Pokemon's shiny forms are apparently different in the Demo than in the final GS release. In the case that the set's typing is still imbalanced, even after my best attempt to give them new types which fit them a bit better, I may include Gen 1 Pokemon of a deficient type and in turn use their Shiny form. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
    • Now because Baby Pokemon are in this set, I'll maybe include their evolutions in case I need to fill out a certain type.
    • Finally, because apparently some Pokemon were REMOVED from Sword/Shield, I MIGHT weigh them a bit more when choosing Pokemon to add to the set to help fill it out, just to throw its fans a bone. Kinda like when Pluto was "demoted" to being a mere "dwarf planet" only for support for Pluto to increase.
  • Concerning adding Baby Pokemon in the set... mmm I dunno. There's a lot to unpack about this.
    • Now obviously all Baby Pokemon will exist in card form. But will they be Basic or Baby Pokemon?
    • If I choose to make them Basic Pokemon, then there's no real issues here... I'll just have to make sure that there is an incentive to play those Basic (Baby) Pokemon. I may also give them "Baby PokePowers" which allows you to evolve them to their next, also-Basic Pokemon stage. This is also in line with taking a Modern approach in designing the set, since Baby Pokemon aren't "Baby Pokemon".
    • On the other hand, the idea of including ONE Baby Pokemon of every type, instead of only just :TC :TL :TF and :TR ... that might be worth a shot. This is considering that there are definitely a lot more Baby Pokemon in the Demo than there were in the final game which might help make it work. But also since that "Baby Pokemon"-type cards don't exist in modern sets in the way they did during the Gen 2 TCG sets, I may have to include that ruling on Modern Cards.
    • A THIRD alternative is that I pull a Pokemon Inc. and just straight up invent my own card type for Baby Pokemon, just like how they keep inventing new "SUPER AWESOME MEGA TYPE" Pokemon like EXs, GXs, etc etc. In that case... I'll have to think about what this would mean. Lemme get back to you then.
  • I've also been contemplating adding in the Gen 1 Beta Pokemon and therefore turn this set into an overall "Beta Pokemon" set... but I probably won't until everything from Gen 1 has been revealed... which will happen any time now! ...any time... now.... ... Aaaaaanyways, I'll probably just stick with the "Space World " Pokemon for this set.
    • That said, there IS a possibility that I will make this "Space World" set the first of several possible "Beta" sets, under a single "Block" name (like "Neo" or "ADV/EX"). The second set can therefore be all of the currently known unused/Beta Gen 1 Pokemon, leaving room for a third set for any of the remaining unused/Beta Gen 1 yet to be revealed. And like with this set, those hypothetical second and third sets will be built according to modern Pokemon standards, thus with Dragon and Fairy types, accounting for power creep, etc.
  • UPDATE 2020-02-07: With the few little updates being made to the game, namely the removal of the Fairy-type from use and changing them to Psychic-types, which in turn shifts VG.Poison-type Pokémon from Psychic-type to Darkness-type, I'm contemplating doing the same with this set.
    • One reason to NOT do it is, well, I've already done all the work to balance the types! Plus I've always wanted to see a Fairy-type card in the classic Neo-style. Removing that means having to readjust the types and also losing the chance to see Neo Fairy cards.
    • On the other hand, Fairy types did NOT exist in GS, and thus removing it from the set keeps things as they should be, instead of shoehorning a new type that didn't exist. Plus even if I tried to balance the types, they're not ACTUALLY balanced—there are 16 Grass cards but Dragon, Fighting and Fairy only have 8 Pokémon each—so maybe removing Fairy-types and shifting VG.Poison-type from Psychic to Darkness might help with this?
    • I'm gonna do the hard work to readjust everything anyways, so in the end it'll be between whether I want to see Neo Fairy cards or if I want a more balanced type ratio. We'll see how it works out.

OK, this is just about all my little preface notes for this set, at least so far. Basically it'll be a set that looks like it came from 1999-2000 but can be played in 2019-2020.

Pokemon to add -- These will be ordered by TCG type to help me organize the type balance. Note, Pokemon added because a Space World Pokemon needs it will be Underlined, its Evolutions will be in (Parenthesis), although cards which will probably NOT be necessary will be Struck out, and Japanese names will be italicized. Chances are I'll replace them with an appropriate English version when I'm ready to start making cards.

:TG Happa
Grass Starter; I'm still contemplating whether Happa should be treated as "Chikorita", and if so, whether Hanamogura should be a new Pokemon or a "Space World Forme" of Bayleef.
:TG Monja
Tangela pre-evo and Evo... like with Bayleef, I'm unsure if Jaranra should be treated as Tangrowth or not.
:TG Para
Baby Paras. Although I'd like to include its evos, doing so will needlessly pad out the set. I might just keep Para as just it's own Pokemon... but I'll give it a good reason to exist.
:TG Ledyba
Ledyba looks exactly the same, however Ledian (Mitsuboshi in Japanese, versus its final name, Redian) is completely different. This might be a case where I make Mitsuboshi into a completely different Pokemon from Ledian, and both just happen to be evolutions of Ledyba.
:TG Hoppip
Space World Forme. If push comes to shove, I MIGHT give this Pokemon line a different type. However since it has always been Grass/Flying, I'm hard pressed to think of something different with it.
:TG Bellossom Space World Forme. The Grass-type is just overloaded, so I might make Bellossom a Basic Pokemon in some way, like as a Team Up card or something, like say "Bellossom and Space World Bellossom Team Up"...
:TG Pinsir
Pinsir evolution. As huge as Grass is, this might be an acceptable addition.
:TG Leafeon Space World Forme. Since there Leafeon is included with Espeon and Umbreon, I'll likely included an Eevee card.
:TR Honooguma
Fire Starter; unlike Happa/Chikorita, this is clearly not supposed to be Cyndaquil.
:TR Mikon
Baby Vulpix; was accidentally given a Water-type in the demo, which I'll correct here. Since the set is pretty huge already (at least 100 Pokemon in the Space World Demo!), it's hard to justify adding the evos for Baby Pokemon.
:TR Puchikoon
Baby Ponyta; was given Normal-type in the Demo, but I'll correct it here. Like with Mikon, I dunno if I should add in Puchikoon's evos.
:TR Pudi
Baby Growlithe. Ditto.
:TR Magby
Baby Magmar. Ditto.
:TR Entei I wouldn't go so far as call this a "Space World Forme". Rather, y'know the story about the three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower in G/S? Well, the Demo versions of the Legendary Hyenas Beasts will be those three. I'll figure out some way to work this story into the set.
:TR Ho-oh Space World Forme? I might even incorporate elements of Ho-oh's design from the first episode of the Pokemon animeee....aaaated series.
:TR & :TW Bomushikaa Completely new and never used Beta Pokemon. Water/Fire type. Holy crackers! To celebrate this unique typing, I'll make TWO of it, one of each type. Maybe a bonus could be had if both are in play.
:TW Kurusu
Water Starter; likewise, this is not supposed to be Totodile.
:TW Mantine will be "Space World Forme"
:TW Gyopin
Baby Goldeen. It looks like I'm not going to include Baby evolutions, unless necessary. And it's not necessary here.
:TW Politoed Another cut-and-dry "Space World Forme". Since Water is filled up, I might make Politoed a special card like with Quagsire.
:TW Taaban This is the actual shell on the tail of a Slowpoke, but the Demo didn't program anything that links it with Slowpoke's line. Similarly, although it's been said that this was supposed to be a Shellder, the Demo also doens't link it to Shellder's line. With this, I might have to create something for this.
:TW Remoraid
This will be a "Space World Forme".
:TW Delibird Space World forme. Maybe Delibird EX?
:TW Suicune I wouldn't go so far as call this a "Space World Forme". Rather, y'know the story about the three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower in G/S? Well, the Demo versions of the Legendary Hyenas Beasts will be those three. I'll figure out some way to work this story into the set.
:TL Mareep
Because these are too vanilla as themselves, I'll work something out to spice them up.
:TL Pichu
Space World Forme. Because of how limited Lighting is, I might include this evo line.
:TL Elekid
Space World Forme. This is another line that I'll likely include. But, again, I'll spice it up.
:TL Kotora
New Pokemon, and just boring ol' Electric (or Lightning) type. Still, it's good to help fill out this type a bit.
:TL Raikou I wouldn't go so far as call this a "Space World Forme". Rather, y'know the story about the three Pokemon that died in the Burned Tower in G/S? Well, the Demo versions of the Legendary Hyenas Beasts will be those three. I'll figure out some way to work this story into the set.
:TF Phanpy
Jeez; we're about 40 Pokemon in (according to Pokedex order) and we FINALLY hit a Fighting-type Pokemon. Only Phanpy looks different in the Demo, but for the sake of consistency, I'll both Phanpy and Donphan "Space World Formes". In that case, I'll maybe just color it's SWF to be more like SWF Phanpy... maybe give it "white walls"?
:TF Tyrogue
Space World Formes. I will definitely include the other Hitmon's to help fill out the Fighting-type, since it's looking a little sparse.
:TF Onix Prevo for Steelix, added to try to fill out Fighting as much as possible.
:TF Quagsire Space World Forme. Because it's a Basic Pokemon in the demo, I've decided that I'll keep it as such, even if it's a Stage 1 evo of Wooper. In order to keep it a Basic Pokemon, I'll make it some kind of special Pokemon, like an EX or GX or something. Also, although it was Water-type only in the Demo, I'm using it's Water/Ground-typing to make it a Fighting-type in this set.
:TP Qwilfish
Qwilfish is usually Water-type in the TCG, but I'll make it a Psychic-type as a reference to its Poison-typing in the VG.


:TP Natu
too vanilla, I'm dumping it.
:TP Crobat I'm definitely not going to include it's boring ass prevos. Hell, I might not even include Crobat itself, because it's just too vanilla. Yeah, I'm gonna dump it.
:TP Slowpoke
too vanilla, so I'll spice it up
:TP Espeon it's yellow in the demo, so maybe I'll make that its SW Forme.
:TP Betobebii
Baby Grimer. Gonna leave its evos out.


:TP Smoochum
Baby Jynx. Space World forme. Gonna keep Jynx out, unless I get a really good idea for it.
:TP Spinarak
It's worth noting that these two have completely different Japanese names—Kokumo / Tsuuheddo vs Itomaru / Ariadosu—so it MIGHT be worth treating them as new Pokemon as well. But I dunno. Now because of Grass being overloaded, I'm gonna make them Psychic-types.


:TP Sunflora Space World Forme. Like with Quagsire, the Demo treats Sunflora as a basic Pokemon. It also gave it an additional Psychic typing, which was removed in the final game (leaving it pure-Grass). I'm going to make Sunflora a Basic Pokemon, but making it an EX or something to give it a reason to exist.
:TP Bellsprout
Weepinbell evolution; since it's a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon, I'm leaving it here until I can sort out the type balance better. I'm also going to include its prevolutions for once.


:TP Snubbull
Space World forme. While it normally has been a Colorless and then Fairy-type card, the Demo gives Snubbull a Psychic-type, which might actually be worth turning it into a Psychic-type card. And so I did.

SHIFT: ...incidentally I already made it Psychic!

:TC Hoothoot
"Space World Formes"

SHIFT: :TN ... Just to play with the types a bit.

:TC Smeargle pretty vanilla here. Unless I can think of a good idea, I'm just gonna dump it.
:TC Koonya
Baby Meowth. I'm gonna assume that an English name of "Miniwth" or "Miniewth" has long since been coined for Koonya. Either way, I'm gonna call it this. That aside, I probably won't include its evolutions.
:TC Unown Unown's type in the Demo was Normal... for once I might actually NOT change this. And since Unown's various forms are exactly the same in the Demo as they are in the final release, I might create some other, newer Unown, like perhaps Unown's menu sprite, which does not look like any actual existing Pokemon. Or I could throw in Unown of other languages as well. I'll see what I'm up for.

EDIT: I MIGHT use this as an opportunity to make "Galarian Unown" cards, as in Unown in the shape of Galarian letters.

:TC Miltank Fairly vanilla. I'm gonna skip it.
:TC Farfetch'd
Farfetch'd evo, unique to Space World demo. Given this, I'll include a Farfetch'd for Madaamu to evolve from, as well as a Sirfetch'd and maybe Galarian Farfetch'd as well. I MAY in turn make a "Space World Forme" Farfetch'd to balance the Galarian Farfetch'd. Heck, maybe I'll make THREE Farfetch'd. Or not. We'll figure something out here.
:TC Porygon
Porygon 2
Space World Forme. It might evolve, or I might make it a Basic Pokemon. But either way, I'll keep Porygon-Z out of it, unless I think it'll be an awesome addition... like making Porygon-Z look like it evolved from the Space World Porygon 2!
:TC Lickilicky Space World Forme. I'm gonna make it a special Basic Pokemon just so I don't have to make a Lickitung card, lol
:TC Togepi Vanilla design, Demo's look isn't much different from the final look. Also it doesn't evolve in-game. So unless there's a really good reason to include it, seeing as I want to showcase new Pokemon or different designs of existing ones, I'm gonna skip it for this set.
:TC Aipom
Space World Forme. I'm definitely gonna add Ampipom.
:TC Eevee Needed for Leafeon, Espeon and Umbreon to evolve.
:TC Ditto Needed for Animon to evolve.
:TD Tsuinzu
Since Girafarig has been established as a Basic Pokemon, Tsuinzu will therefore be a Baby Pokemon, even though if this version was released, it would've just been treated as a Basic Pokemon with Girafarig as a Stage-1 Evolution. Oh well. Similarly, Girafarig will be a "Space World Forme"... which means Tsuinzu will likely be defined as such just the same. This therefore means there won't be a "normal" Tsuinzu form. Or maybe I WILL make a "normal" Tsuinzu which evolves into a standard Psychic-type Girafarig? We'll see.
:TD Rinrin
One of the few truly new and original unused Beta Pokemon. This Pokemon is what this set lives for!
:TD Murkrow
Space World Forme. I might include Honchkrow as well.
:TD Houndoom
Space World Forme.

SHIFT: :TR ... It was originally set as a Fire-only type, and with Darkness-types overloaded, I'll shift it back to its original Fire-type to even out the types.

:TD Sneasel
Space World Forme. Now Sneasel in the final G/S game was colored brown, which apparently was a hold-over from the Demo version of Sneasel. So while the sprite for Sneasel in Demo version looks like it's got light-colored fur, I'm going to instead give it darker fur. I'll likely do the same for its evolution. I think I'll keep it light-colored regardless of what type it ends up being.

SHIFT: :TF ... There's an overload of Darkness Pokemon, with Poison-types going from Psychic to Darkness. So if I remove Fairy-types, I may shift SW97 Sneasel to a Fighting-type, just to even the types a bit.

:TD Umbreon The demo gave it a Poison-type, which was almost likely intended, and would therefore be a Psychic-type. However, I might Umbreon throw it back into a Dark-type just for the sake of balancing the total types. Regardless of its type, I'm going to make Umbreon's attacks run on Psychic and make it weak to Psychic as well, which is in reference to its Poison-typing.

SHIFT: ...well, this coincidentally was set as a Dark type, even if VE.Poison-types are now Darkness-types.

:TM Manboo1
first Steel/Metal-type in GS's number order. Also first truly new Pokemon line which has no GS analogue. BTW, Manboo1 is Water-type only, but I'll make it Metal-type here just to keep things consistent.
:TM Skarmory another vanilla Pokemon, despite its different name. MAYBE I can manipulate it into a forme difference?
:TM Animon Ditto evo?! That said, it's a Normal-type in the demo, but it evolves from Ditto via Metal Coat, so for the sake of broadening the types, I'll make it Metal-type here. But what to do with it...?
:TM Scizor In the Demo, it was merely Bug/Flying, only to be changed to Bug/Steel later. I'm going to keep its Metal-type for the card, but use its Space World forme. But because its Space World forme isn't much different than its actual forme, I'm gonna just make Scizor a special Basic.
:TM Steelix Perfectly vanilla version. I may therefore play around with it, give it some extra value. Onix is listed above for Steelix to evolve from.
:TM Cleffa
Baby Clefable. Space World Forme. Initially not all types had a Baby Pokemon, so I chose to give Cleffa a Metal-type in order to ensure the Metal-type has a Baby associated with it. I'll in turn make Clefairy and Clefable Metal-type as well and then also give them a similar Space World Forme.
:TN Urufuman
New and unique Beta Pokemon from the Demo. It's Ice-type only in it, so I'm going to treat it as Ice/Dragon instead, since that seems to make a bit more sense to me. That is to say, since Dragon's are mythical creatures, and so are "warewolves", it makes sense to me to give it that mythical attribute. But also mostly because there have been ZERO Dragon Pokemon so far.
:TN Horsea
Literally the first actual Dragon-type Pokemon so far. Space World Forme. I've included Horsea and Seadra in order to pad out Dragon type a bit more.
:TN Hinaazu
Baby Doduo. Maybe I'll name it "Doden", like it's living in a Doduo/Dodrio's den. Initially not all types had a Baby Pokemon, so I chose to give Hinaazu a Dragon-type in order to ensure the Dragon-type has a Baby associated with it. But now that Hinaazu is a Dragon-type, I'll add Doduo and Dodrio into the mix, making them Dragon-types as well... although I'll make them into a different form to justify their new typing. It won't be "Space World Forme" in order to not confuse people into thinking that that's real.
:TY Igglybuff
Space World Forme. I won't include its evolutions, however.


:TY Marill
Space World forme. Even tho only Marill was included in the demo, I will include Azumarill in this set, and I'll make it pink like Marill was in the Demo. I won't call Azumarill "Space World Forme" as to not confuse anyone. I'll think of something.


:TY Mime Jr.
(Mr. Mime)
Space World Forme. Probably won't include a Mr. Mime Basic.


:TY Chansey
Space World Forme. Maybe it'll evolve from Chansey?


:TY Norowara
The "Curstraw" test card I made above is of Norowara. Although its Space World type was merely Ghost, I'm going to treat it as if it was Ghost/Fairy instead. Now although I already made a "Curstraw" card as a Fairy-type, I might make another Curstraw as a Psychic-type instead. Like with everything else, I'll see how things feel before making this decision.


Trainer card ideas -- Because of the different trainers, new cities (and thus new Gyms), and unique everything-elses... I might as well throw in a few Trainers into the set as well! Here's what I have in mind...



So far the total count of each Pokemon and Trainer type are...:


R1 16 10 12 12 8 14 15 11 10 8 8 0 0 0 0
R2 16 12 12 12 10 14 13 15 10 10 0 0 0 0


Notes on the type frequency:

  • The top row is the actual number of cards with the type, while the bottom row is a possible arrangement. A lot of the variation comes from an abundance of Grass and Psychic types.
    • POSSIBLE AVERAGE: 9.27...
    • So I guess as long as each type can have 9 cards in it, minimum, that would be a fair amount.
  • First off, let's cover Baby Type Coverage. Here's all the Baby Pokemon, along with their Initial types.
    • :TG - Monja, Para
    • :TR - Mikon, Puchikoon, Pudi, Magby
    • :TW - Gyopin
    • :TL - Pichu, Elekid
    • :TF - Tyrogue
    • :TP - Betobebii, Smoochum
    • :TC - Hinaazu, Koonya
    • :TD - Tsuinzu
    • :TM - (none)
    • :TN - (none)
    • :TY - Cleffa, Igglybuff, Mime Jr.
    • OOOPPS! As you can tell, the initial version was just almost there! So what I chose to do was take two of these babies and change their types, one to Metal and the other to Dragon, which I may then carry this type change up to their Evolutions (albeit as a "Space World Forme") The two I chose were:
      • :TM - Cleffa; since it looks a bit like a space ship; its evos can then carry that "space alien" or "carry moon beams home in a jar" motif a bit further
      • :TN - Hinaazu; since birds evolves from dinosaurs, I could reform Doduo and Dodrio to be more "dinosaur"-like, and thus justify a Dragon-typing
  • Now even with the Baby type adjusted, it's clear that some types are still GREATLY underused. Adding in a full line for the cards that need it might help. Knowing that, these Pokemon could be added in order to pad out the set a bit. This may not mean these cards will actually be included, just that this is what I have to work with. Anything in BOLD means that it's a Pokemon that will evolve into one of the Space World Pokemon in the list above.
    • :TG - Paras, Parasect / Oddish, Gloom / Pinsir / Scyther / Sunkern / Bellsprout, Weepinbell
    • :TR - Vulpix, Ninetales / Ponyta, Rapidash / Growlithe, Arcanine
    • :TW - Wooper / Goldeen, Seaking / Poliwag, Poliwhirl / Shellder, Cloyster (maybe) / Horsea, Seadra
    • :TL - Pikachu, Raichu / Electabuzz, Electravire
    • :TF - Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee / Onix
    • :TP - Zubat, Golbat / Slowpoke, Slowbro / Grimer, Muk / Jynx
    • :TC - Eevee / Meowth, Persian / Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd / Porygon, Porygon-Z / Lickitung / Togetic, Togekiss / Ditto
    • :TD - Honchkrow / Weavile
    • :TM - Clefairy, Clefable
    • :TN - Doduo, Dodrio
    • :TY - Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff / Azumarill / Mr. Mime / Chansey / Granbull
    • Some of the Pokemon might not actually be the type I've put them in, but this is because I changed their type of their associated Pokemon.
  • So with this information, let's recalculate the type frequencies.
    • TT - (<span alt="Possible arrangement total">#1</span>) - (<span alt="Bold Pokemon means absolutely needed">#2</span>) - (<span alt="Total thus">#3</span>) - (<span alt="The other Pokemon">#4</span>) - (<span alt="Total all together">#5</span>)
    • :TG - 15 - 7 - 22 - 2 - 24
    • :TR - 10 - 0 - 10 - 6 - 16
    • :TW - 13 - 5 - 18 - 4 - 22
    • :TL - 8 - 0 - 8 - 4 - 12
    • :TF - 4 - 1 - 5 - 2 - 7
    • :TP - 13 - 3 - 16 - 4 - 20
    • :TC - 11 - 5 - 16 - 6 - 22
    • :TD - 9 - 0 - 9 - 2 - 11
    • :TM - 8 - 0 - 8 - 2 - 10
    • :TN - 4 - 0 - 4 - 2 - 6
    • :TY - 7 - 1 - 8 - 5 - 13
    • Holy crackers, the maxiumum number of Pokemon will be 163! This is just WAAAY too much. So I'm gonna have to think of something else.
  • fff



As I mentioned above, I plan on using Neo-era blanks for this set. But I'm not going to use the old blanks I made back in 2003... rather, I'm going to make NEW blanks for this set. Specifically two types: authentic Neo-era blanks and 100% original, perfectly legal-to-sell blanks. What's the difference?

  • Authentic Neo-era blanks — This will be exactly what it says... I'm going to gather all the necessary cards from the Gold/Silver Neo block—Neo Genesis to Neo Destinyto scan and use to build a complete set of new blanks. But I also plan on doing more than the bare minimum, more on that below.
  • 100% original, perfectly legal-to-sell blanks — wait, what? Yep, you read that correctly... I'm contemplating making my card available for purchase. This has always been something people wanted me to do, but I was hesitant to do so in the past. NOW, on the other hand, it's a whole different situation, and it looks like both companies are OK with fans selling custom works like this. In fact, there's even people selling CUSTOM PACKS of their fake cards, and it doesn't seem like Nintendo or TPC has been leaning on them to stop. Soooo... in order to ensure that my cards aren't mistaken for REAL cards, but are still authentic-looking enough for fans to still enjoy, I'll use these "legal" blanks which don't use ANY existing artwork if fans want to buy copies of them.
    • BTW, this is something PA! has done before. In fact we were even going to use totally new, custom blanks for the ill-fated Razzo Edition. that Kaizeren Myuu and I were going to work on together. So it's definitely something that isn't new for us to do.

Now the idea is that I'll make my new cards such that they'll be compatible with both the authentic Neo-era blanks and the 100% original-and-legal blanks, so that swapping out the blanks will be as easy and turning them on or off. So what exactly is my next step in making my fakes? Well, here's a handy checklist for me to work off of. You can keep track of where I'm at too!

  • Scan cards of the following types and generate the following type-based card elements.
    • Backgrounds: Grass - Fire - Water - Lighting - Fighting - Psychic - Colorless - Darkness - Metal - Dragon - Fairy
    • Energy symbol: Grass - Fire - Water - Lighting - Fighting - Psychic - Colorless - Darkness - Metal - Dragon - Fairy
    • Weakness/Resistance "Neo swoosh": Grass - Fire - Water - Lighting - Fighting - Psychic - Colorless - Darkness - Metal - Dragon - Fairy
    • (Dragon and Fairy elements will be pulled from current sets)
    • Trainer cards: only one trainer card format necessary
  • Scan card to generate the following card elements:
    • Image border
    • Pokemon info bar
    • Pokemon stage text: Baby - Basic - Stage 1 - Stage 2
    • Pokemon stage element: Baby - Stage 1 - Stage 2
    • Black separation bars
    • Flavor text
    • Symbols: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Ultra Rare - 1st Edition
    • (This will cover only actual graphic elements; text will be generated within the design app. This means "Weakness", "Resistance", etc, and copyright text will be removed during the construction process.)
    • (Also, to keep things simple, I will not be creating "Dark" or "Light" Pokemon, at least not at this present moment.)
  • Combine everything into my card designer app and build the blanks!
    1. Place all elements into their right location, using an existing card as a reference
    2. Add in all the type elements where they belong, but set it so that they can be activated by a flick of a switch
    3. Do the same with each Stage Element and symbols
    4. Place customized text boxes in their appropriate locations and set to appropriate sizes
    5. Place other common text elements, both text which never changes ("Weakness", copyright, etc) and text which has common elements but can be filled out later ("Illus.", Pokedex info, HP, etc)
    6. Likewise for the Trainer cards; however, I'll need to alter them to include modern Trainer card rulings, namely:
      • Item cards (regular and PokeTools)
      • Stadium cards
      • Supporters
      • These cards will not use the "Neo-style" format where it's just added text placed above the actual card text, but as a separate boiler plate which has been tinted to the appropriate Trainer type color. It will, however, otherwise still look the same as Neo-era trainers would.
  • Repeat everything above, but for my "100% original-and-legal" blanks.
    • Since the idea is to use the existing LAYOUT as the Neo-era blanks, but just replace everything that I didn't design with stuff I DID, it should be easy to just swap things out one-to-one.
  • This is the minimum card design requirements; but I plan on adding elements which exist on modern cards, such as:
    • Pokemon-EX type (simply high-powered Pokemon with a 2-prize take)
    • Pokemon-GX type (like EX, but with a special GX-attack that can only be used once)
    • Pokemon-V type (still unknown what it does, as far as I'm aware)
    • Tag Team cards (I legit can't wait to see how I can design this in order to make look like it fits with the Neo-era style!)
    • Ace Spec Trainer cards (limit one of ANY Ace Spec per deck)
    • Prism Star type (one card with the same name allowed per deck)
    • Full art formats (with that moiré or guilloché wavy pattern over it)
    • (Any other card type will likely not be included in an effort to keep things a bit more modern and relevant. Plus I don't really have much experience with the earlier types, lol)
    • (Regardless of what I choose to add, I'll need to figure out how to "convert" these into the Neo-era format for authenticity. I'll get to that once I get the base card blanks designed.)

Another thing that has changed with how I'll make my fake cards is what app I'll use to make them in. Of course using Adobe Photoshop has been the go-to program for most faking, but in the years since I stopped regularly making fake cards, I started my Technical and Professional Writing degree at SFSU, and there I was trained in another Adobe program called InDesign. After I became proficient with it, it became obvious to me that Wizards of the Coast used InDesign (or one of its predecessors) to design their cards in. This in turn explains some of the errors on Pokemon cards, namely the "Fighting-symbol on Fire Pokemon cards"; as they were placing items into the card design document, they typed "F" on the keyboard and accidentally selected "Fighting-Symbol.psd" instead of "Fire-Symbol.psd". Anyways, with Adobe InDesign under my belt, making these fakes will not only be easier, but they'll also ensure a higher degree of accuracy and consistency between each fake. Plus, as mentioned above, I should be able to swap out the authentic Neo-era blanks with my 100% original blanks with ease.

Long story short, it'll make my fake cards look more authentic and consistent then they've EVER been! This'll be great!