The Bible says: 'Which turned the rock into a standing water, the flint into a FONT of waters.' (Psalm 114:8) ... they're talking about the same 'font', right??

UPDATE!: Phew! It took me all night, but I finally got the Pokémon type font completed. Going with the Latin-theme of the previous font I made, I’ve decided to call this font “Essentiarum”, which means “Essence”, “Type”, etc… frankly it’s what I imagine Pope Francis would be using when he’s discussing the Elemental types of his favorite Pokémon (Pokémonstrum?).

Here’s a quick preview of what you can do with the Essentiarum font:

You hyped? I sure am! Heck, you might be able to use it before I can; I still need to actually convert the font for use online! Anyways, the download link is just below; bear in mind that it’s currently at version 0.951… there might still be some minor issues or fixes that still need to be addressed, but right now I haven’t spotted any. Enjoy!

Download Essentiarum (v0.960)

Anyways, you can still read the original post, as it’s still informative. Like, it still tells you what you can do with the font, which letters make which symbols appear, etc. The only difference is that, well, you and I know something that my past self didn’t know—that the font is actually done—but don’t spoil it for him, OK? Thanks! :P


The original post… it’s still informative!

Whoo! Unfortunately as part of the moving process, I seem to have misplaced one of my laptops which I’ve been using for font/typeface development. But at least I was able to get all the necessary apps installed on my main computer, so I’m back to being able to make fonts again! In fact, take a look at what I’m working on right now:

(Click to see in GLORIOUS full screen size! Or just pinch to zoom if you’re one of those fancy pants with a cellular phone.)

That’s right; I’m working on a font for all Pokémon types! How did you guess??

…oh yeah, the title gave it away. Opps.

Anyways, the font will at least have all the icons which appear in the TCG and the current generation of video games, covering SwSh, LGPE, Pokémon GO, and the Pokémon HOME utilities. Any other icons for types from previous games or other Pokémon platforms will not be included, though I might work on it if fan demand encourages is. It’s also not yet complete, but as you can tell, I’m in the middle of working on it.

If you’d like to know what symbols I will be including in the font, here’s an overview. But first, a couple quick notes:

  • As you can see, I have two symbols for each letter: one for uppercase, one for lowercase.
  • The video game type symbols are all in the lowercase slots, while the TCG are in the uppercase; the letters chosen are based on the Type Emoticon list I’ve been using for the site
  • Other icons like Status effects and Capture locations tend to also be in the uppercase slot too, sometime connected with similar looking icons
  • Other notes for specific symbols will be listed in their appropriate box
G :TG TCG – Grass g :STG VG – Grass
R :TR TCG – Fire r :STR VG – Fire
W :TW TCG – Water w :STW VG – Water
L :TL TCG – Lightning l :STL VG – Electric
F :TF TCG – Fighting f :STF VG – Fighting
P :TP TCG – Psychic p :STP VG – Psychic
D :TD TCG – Darkness d :STD VG – Dark
M :TM TCG – Metal m :STM VG – Steel
N :TN TCG – Dragon n :STN VG – Dragon
Y :TY TCG – Fairy y :STY VG – Fairy
C :TC TCG – Colorless c :STC VG – Normal
V STATUS – Paralyzed (the Paralyzed status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Electric-type icon) v :STV VG – Flying
O STATUS – Poisoned (the Poisoned status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Poison-type icon) o :STO VG – Poison
A LOCATION – Kalos a :STA VG – Ground
K STATUS – Knocked Out k :STK VG – Rock
B STATUS – Burned b :STB VG – Bug
H STATUS – Asleep h :STH VG – Ghost
I STATUS – Frozen (the Frozen status looks SLIGHTLY different than the Ice-type icon) i :STI VG – Ice
S STATUS – Shiny s STATUS – Captured
Q LOCATION – Game Boy VC q LOCATION – Game Boy VC (this is a duplicate icon for both upper- and lower-case Q)
U LOCATION – Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee u MISC – Pokémon GO Candy stripes (only the stripes; usage tips below)
X MISC – Poké Ball, center dot x MISC – Poké Ball, bottom half
Z MISC – Background circle (tips on how to use this can be read below) z MISC – Poké Ball, top half (more info about Poké Ball construction below)

I should note that the final icons will NOT have the circle around them. Rather, the circle is for alignment purposes; they will be removed in the final release. At least, all except for the circle in letter Z; this will remain to serve as a background circle for every other icon, if needed. That is to say, the font will be set up so that you can use the icons as-is, in between actual text, or you can use the circle as a background and type the symbol over it. Here, lemme show you what I mean:

You can use the icons as-is, just the icon itself. This is seen in, like, the Pokémon TCG’s game text, when it says something like “Discard 1 [FIRE] Energy card attached to this Pokémon (in order to use this attack)”; in the past it used to be an actual TCG icon, like “Discard 1 :TR Energy card”, but for quite some time now that had been replaced with just the plain black type icon, like above.

On the other hand, you can type “Z” to get this circle icon, and it’s set up such that you can immediately type in another letter and it’ll appear directly over it. So for example…

The icon on the left will appear if you type in “Zu“, the middle is “ZS“, and the right symbol is “Zg“. Pretty neat little idea, eh? This will also work nicely in actual web design, when you use the font on your website itself; this way you can get a two-tone type icon, like a green circle and a black TCG Grass symbol, all on a white background.

This is also how you’ll be able to construct a three-colored Poké Ball: simply type “ZzXx” and you’ll get all four pieces over one another… then when you color them like, say, “ZzXx“, then it’ll look like the last-most picture. Supercool!

Anyways, that’s my plan for the Pokémon Type Font! I hope to have a “Version 0.9” version of the font done by the weekend and ready for download, with all the little minor tweaks and last minute fixes done by no later than the end of the month. Sounds like a plan, eh? Good times…!

Major changes and fakes coming soon!

Heyo everyone! With my Neo Redux Blanks complete, I’ve finally begun work on determining WHAT Pokémon I want to add to the Space World Block Set afterall. But the thing is, it’s not as simple as “just make the cards!”… I have some serious plans for the Space World Block Set. These plans include:

  • Since the “Space World” concept is going to be a proper BLOCK—think the Neo Block with Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery and Neo Revelation—I’m planning to release three full sets, each with their own unique theme, all tied into the overall “Space World” theme.
    • The overall “Space World” theme is that a portal has opened up in the world of Pokémon, introducing the people of that world to Pokémon from alternative “would be” dimensions. Each set represents one step further into those alternative dimensions.
    • The first set—Alpha97—will feature many of the newly discovered prototype Pokémon, albeit only the ones related to existing real Pokémon, and new forms of those existing Pokémon. This represents the familiar yet new.
    • The second set—Beta98—will feature the rest of the newly discovered prototype Pokémon, ones which are absolutely, completely new and have never been seen in an existing Pokémon game. This represents the completely new, yet it still feels like Pokémon.
    • Finally, the last set—Omega99—will feature all kinds of bizarre Pokémon… either existing Pokémon but with a new type (say, a yellow-colored Espeon which is :TL Lightning-type), or creatures which aren’t exactly Pokémon but still appeared in the franchise somewhere, or maybe even creatures which I’ve made up. Maybe even Pokémon that aren’t supposed to evolve into one another will! This represents a total corruption of what “Pokémon” is… will the world of Pokémon survive??
  • I want to make sure each type is as evenly represented as possible.
    • The best example of the worst of type representation has to be the Jungle set, where there were EIGHTEEN :TG Grass-type cards, but only ONE :TP Psychic-type card (a rare Mr. Mime). I’ve always been a big fan of making sure each type is evenly represented… but I also acknowledge that the video game itself doesn’t have even a fair distribution of types either. Not to mention you have types like :TP Psychic-type in the TCG, which covers (or did cover) :STP Psychic, :STH Ghost, :STO Poison and :STY Fairy types, while :TL Lightning and :TR Fire-type cards in the TCG covers… well, only :STL Electric and :STR Fire. So there will natrually be some imbalance baked into the system.
    • So my main goal is to make sure that, at least across the entire block set, the most represented type has no more than twice the number of cards as the least represented type. So, for example, taking a look at the chart below, :TM Metal-type is the least represented type while :TP Psychic-type is the most represented type… however there are only 12 :TM Metal-type cards versus 31 :TP Psychic-types… so I’ll need to bring :TM Metal-type up to at least 15 or :TP Psychic-type down to 24 for it to be a reasonable distribution.

Those are basically my main goals for designing this fake card set. And meeting these goals is simply enough, it’s just a matter of properly organizing everything. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; if you go to the Space World Block Set page, you can see every card I currently plan on introducing in this block. This also gave me a preliminary idea of how many cards I have for each type and set; below is a list of those numbers. It also shows how many cards I have to make… so far it’s numbered at 242. WOWZERS!

Another thing I changed was the order of some of the prototype Pokémon; this change can also be seen on the G/S Lost Pokémon page. Specificially, while my reordering is in no way official and does NOT represent any official plans or discoveries made… what I ended up doing was connecting certain Pokémon which I thought might be related to one another into a single family. You can see an example of this on the right; note the out-of-order red “PA! Megadex” number going from 324 to 310 then 320. Originally I didn’t consider these as part of a family, and technically NOTHING official has been discovered to determine they are a family… but for the Space World Block set, I will consider them as such. I will justify this “fake family” by also including other Pokémon cards which aren’t supposed to evolve from one another—like a Stage 2 Tyranitar card which evolves from a Stage 1 Kakuna card, which in turn evolves from a Basic Clefairy card—to underline the bizarre nature of the Space World and how it allows unrelated Pokémon to evolve into others.

Anyways, just as an FYI, the data represents the following:

  • The headers show the following info:
    • TBD = To be determined; cards which I haven’t figured out what set they should belong to.
    • α97 = Cards officially in the Alpha97 set
    • β98 = Cards officially in the Beta98 set
    • Ω99 = Cards officially in the Omega99 set
    • Total = Total number of cards in that type
  • Each row represents how many cards of that type there are. It should be pretty self-explanitory, except for:
    • :TP Psychic = represents the total number of Psychic-type cards in the set
    • :TP Psy-Normal = number of cards which will use the standard Psychic-type blank
    • :TYP Psy-Fairy = number of cards which will use the special “Fairy/Psychic” blank
    • :TE (TBD) = these cards have yet to have a type assigned to it
    • Finally, the bottom row shows the total number of cards in that set (or NOT in a set)

Got it? Good! Here’s the actual data now:

TYPES TBD α97 β98 Ω99 Total Notes
:TG Grass 7 20 1 28
:TR Fire 14 9 6 29
:TW Water 14 6 5 25
:TL Lightning 11 4 15 Need more Lightning-type…
:TF Fighting 5 5 5 3 18 Need more Fighting-type…
:TP Psychic 21 7 3 31 OK, that’s more than enough Psychic-types for now.
:TD Darkness 5 15 3 1 24
:TM Metal 6 1 5 12 Need more Metal-type…
:TN Dragon 3 7 6 16 Need more Dragon-type…
:TC Colorless 3 17 4 3 27
:TE (TBD) 3 14 17
:TP Psy-Normal 10 4 3 17
:TYP Psy-Fairy 11 3 14
:TT Total 92 87 56 7 242


Again, these numbers are just preliminary. But it at least gives me an idea of what I need to figure out next, like which Pokémon currently in the “TBD” column will go to which actual set, or which types need to be taken down a notch, etc. For the sake of getting started ASAP on actually making fake cards, I won’t wait until I’ve ACTUALLY worked out what goes where before I begin work. I already know what Pokémon belongs to what set… I can add in the card’s set number values later on once those details have finally been hammered down.

Finally, I’m going the start work on adding some subpages to the “Space World” block page, which will look something a bit like the picture below:

I plan to separate all the sets into their own page, with would-be potential promo fakes on their own page as well. Finally, I’ll be making a page covering my Neo Redux blanks, as well as links to download them for your own use. That page should be up now, but it only contains previews of the blanks for now, no actual links to download the blanks for use. To be fair, that probably won’t happen until after I’ve started making fakes with them myself!

Anyways, that’s about it for now! I think I’ve got things sorted out enough such that I can start work on some fake cards very soon… so keep an eye out for them very soon! Huzzah! Good times.

The good ol' days, and the not-so-good ol' days, respectively.

Just a quick little update for today, just a few things I felt were worth sharing.


Worlds 2002 Promos

First off, while trying to research an article about bootleg and counterfeit Pokémon TCG cards, I stumbled across this reddit post (namely from r/pokemon) about some of my old promo cards, namely the ones I released for Worlds 2002 in Seattle. Below is a quick preview, but you should be able to click on it to see the actual post.

Going through my old card collection and I stumbled upon these. Anyone else seen these (obviously fake) cards before? from pokemon

Unfortunately they either forgot they had a Zapdos, or they were never given one. If you want to see what the cards actually did, or at least wanted to get a higher quality look at them, check them out below:

Aaah I love seeing any time my old fakes reappear online like this. Anyways, some of the comments brought up a few points that I’d like to share, along with some other bits and pieces:

    • Kaizeren Myuu and I split duties on the artwork; she covered the Johto legendaries plus Latias, whereas I took the Kanto legendaries plus Latios.
    • Fave comments: “Never seen them, fooled me at first though.”MakesYouSeemRacist / “Almost too bad they’re fake, its an interesting set.”BlackToothBob
      • These kinds of reviews are the absolute best that any faker can get. At least ones focus on authenticity like I was.
    • “Sometimes when the site owners would go to conventions or tournaments, they would print out copies of some of their more popular fakes to give out for promotion. It’s possible these are some of them.” — [deleted]
      • For the record, again, these were actually exclusive fakes that we handed out for Worlds 2002 in Seattle. We also handed out promo fakes at 2001 WCSTS, Origins 2003, GenCon 2003, Worlds 2010 and Worlds 2011. The latter two were done for fun, with the help of Chris Silver (thanks again!).
      • That said, I can’t exactly remember when I started handing out convention-exclusive promo fake cards. I mean, I do remember the first one I did on a massive scale was my three-part Nick15’s Tyranitar/Mewtwo/Scizor fake I made for the 2001 WCSTS in San Diego. And then there were stuff like my 2000 WCSTS Electabuzz, but that was part of the tournament’s own “Create-A-Card” event. But there were all kinds of minor events and mall tours… I can’t remember if I simply printed out some Fake Edition or Mayakashi Edition fakes, or if I made some one-off fake that were exclusive only to that mall tour.
      • All that said, I think the first TRUE exclusive promo fake card I made was Nick15’s Alakazam (pictured right), which I produced for the September 8th, 2001 WCSTS qualifier event at Neutral Ground in Mountain View, CA.
    • “…the moltres card includes the burn status in one of its attacks, which I don’t think was included in the trading card game up to that point”BlackToothBob
      • For the record, the Burned Special Condition was added to the game in the Expedition Base Set. Now technically, the English release of Expedition was in September 15, 2002, just after Worlds 2002 (which was around August 3, 2002). However, it was released in Japan in the year prior (December 1, 2001), so the concept of “Burned” in the TCG was around for a few months by then. I’m also sure that Wizards of the Coast had also been discussing the introduction of the Burned Special Condition in the advertising hype building up prior to its official English release. With all this said, the “Burned” concept was toyed with in earlier sets via “Char Counters”, which were introduced in Neo Genesis, particularly with Quilava #47. However, Char Counters were not considered one of the “Special Conditions”, and were never to be seen again once Burned was added to the list of official Special Conditions.

…OK, that’s about everything I wanted to share about what was said about these. Anyways, it was nice to see


Anniversary of the Passing of the Original PokéGym (The Dojo Era)

Everyone’s familiar with the PokéGym, right? It’s one of the top and oldest Pokémon TCG news and strategy sites online, and home to Team Compendium, the main rulings body for the Pokémon TCG.

Well, once upon a time, its longevity wasn’t so assured. In fact, as it turns out, two days ago ended up being the twentith anniversary of the passing of the Original PokéGym, the one from the Psylum/The Dojo era and located at (versus Or at least, it was the twentith anniversary of when I reported on it. This version of the ‘Gym was what the current ‘Gym was built off of, and it lasted as long as it has to this day because of how important it was back then.

The twentith anniversary of its original demise was actually a random surprise; I didn’t realize it until I just happened to randomly poke through some of PA!’s old news. In fact, you can read the story as it happened back in the day:

Saturday, January 20th, 2001

Yes, it’s officially dead. No prior warnings, no good-byes… nothing. But there’s a reason to that.

Let’s see…. The PokéGym was part of another company called “Psylum Inc.”. Not only did Psylum run the ‘Gym, but they also ran The Dojo (a Magic site) along with a slew of other popular sites.

Now Psylum was bought up by USA Networks about a year ago. USA Networks is a TV network (like NBC, CBS, etc), which also owns the Sci-Fi network. … No for some reason (the details yet unknown to the simple PokéGym fan like me), USA Networks wanted to go in a “new direction”. And Pokémon (along with Magic and all the other Psylum sites) weren’t part of that new direction. With that, they decided to shut down the Psylum sites. To make matters worse, they shut them down quietly WITHOUT warning or discussing it with ANYONE with a Psylum site.

Tyais and Qasic (the PokéGym webmasters) were totally powerless to stop it. Although Qasic postponed the shut down of the UBB (thinking it was a hacker the first time around), he didn’t totally stop it. Basically USA Networks said for them to shut it down, and they had no choice but to comply.

It really sucks, doesn’t it? Its like if construction workers just came waltzing in to your house and said “we’re tearing this down” and began destroying your home.

… So now everyone’s asking, will there be a ressurection of the PokéGym? Well, yes and no. First off, Tyais didn’t seem to feel like going on any more after the shut down… but I’m sure his mind will change after about a few days of thinking about it. God knows the same thing happened with me a while back. ;) …. Secondly, most of the information at the PokéGym, including the layout and everything else belongs to USA Networks. So there’s very little chance of ever getting the info or anything else from the ‘Gym back.

Now if Tyais and Qasic ever wanted to get the Gym back, they’ll have to restart the site from SCRATCH. Which will really be a time waster, but they have no alternative… other than just not doing it again. Of course, the ‘Gym wasn’t just a website, it was a community, so there are literally dozens of people willing to resurect the ‘Gym to it’s former state. And weill probably do it with or without Tyais or Qasic. God knows I’m willing to work on a new design for the ‘Gym. (^_^)

.. Reconstruction has begun however. The ‘Gym already got a temporary ezBoard as a replacement for the UBB. There you’ll find log of the chat that Qasic and Tyais had the day of the ‘Gyms demise. Although it may be complicated to read, it will explain more about this whole situation than I ever could. Hmmm…

Well, here’s the link to the ezBoard. You’ll be seeing me there a lot too. Also check there (and here) for updates on the ‘Gym’s situation. Dark Master Trainer Mike of Wizards fame says he has something that may solve the ‘Gym’s problem. We’ll wait and find out.


Fortunately, Wizards of the Coast was able to step in and save the day! As it turned out, WOTC was trying to build its own internet community and build up an entire forum system, using the PokéGym as its founding board. This time, however, the ‘Gym would be dubbed “Wizard’s PokéGym”, or WizPoG for short… turning into a stealth pun/reference to Wizpig from Diddy Kong Racing (a joke I didn’t catch until quite literally last year). This form of the ‘Gym would last until the end of Wizards’ regency over the Pokémon TCG in 2003, when the ‘Gym was spun off one last time into its current incarnation.

I managed to luck out in the middle of this, because Tyais had only just set up a “Create-A-Card” forum on the old Psylum PokéGym and made me a moderator of it. This in turn transferred me to being one of the mods for WizPoG, and therefore technically under the employ of Wizards of the Coast for a couple years. This was technically my first job, but I really didn’t earn much from it, and I didn’t take it very seriously, trolling my other coworkers and acting the fool… but… I was just a dumbass kid back then who didn’t know any better. Still, I remained a mod even in the modern form of the ‘Gym, even helping with the set up process in 2003, only to finally move on in 2004.

Anyways, I’ve always had such great memories of the PokéGym, across all of its incarnations. The fact that it went down twenty years ago nearly to the day is simply but one of it’s myriad of other important moments in its history… but certainly one of it’s most important ones as it’s what spurred the ‘Gym towards what it is today.


Today is PA!’s NINETH Anniversary??!

I’ll keep this one quick, but…

Yeah, today is PA!’s NINETH Anniversary! Even though the site is also over twenty years old. What gives?

Actually, technically it’s been nine years since THIS incarnation of the site began. Namely, its current WordPress form. Back around then I had gotten back into playing the Pokémon TCG during the Black/White Block, and I started trying to calculate the print runs for each of the BW sets which had been released. At the time all of my work had been shared at the PokéGym, but it was getting hard to organize everything… so I thought, why not start up PA! again so I have my own Pokémon website to post Pokémon-related crap? And that’s what I did!

This would end up being what I would consider to the site’s first post. From that point on I would catch myself updating once a year or so, until November 2019 when I decided to start the site back up full time. And so here we are!

Sorry, it’s not nearly as exciting as any other more important anniversary, but hey, I still felt like it was worth sharing.

And that’s about it for today. Just a quick little walk down Memory Lane. … And by “quick”, I mean a twenty paragraph essay with inline source citations. Huzzah! Good times.

Eye see

Time to decipher 'Lentalian', the language of the Lental Region!

Sweet! A new video promo for New Pokémon Snap dropped! Did you see it? If not, check it out here:


Besides all the cool Pokémon and whatnot, did you also see something else that was new??

That’s right! We get a whole new “Pokémon” language to decipher! I’m calling it “Lentalian”, unless someone comes up with something better… maybe “Lentalese”? Anyways, the above screenshots are the only bits of Lentalian that was shown in the video.

The first task in trying to decipher it is to see what kinds of patterns the letters appear in. For example, if Lentalian is simply a “cypher” of Japanese romaji—meaning there is a one-to-one connection between the “Latin Alphabet” used in romaji and the Lentalian letters—then some letters will only appear in every even position. That is to say, since Japanese is a syllabic language, generally each of its syllables follow a “V” or “CV” format (C = consonant, V = vowel), which is easily depicted in a phrase like “ohayo gozaimasu”: VCVCV CVCVVCVCV. See the back-and-forth pattern of C(onsonant)’s and V(owel)’s? So if Lentalian is based on Japanese, then we would notice that some characters will ONLY appear in an odd or even position, and rarely (if ever) next to one another. This is, of course, one of the many tools I have to help me decipher these types of “video game languages”.

Anyways, here’s some initial facts about what I’ve found so far.

  • I have so far discovered 18 unique glyphs in Lentalian across 80 letters.
  • Another way to tell if text encodes an actual language or not is how often certain letters appear or not. If every letter appears an almost equal number of times, it probably isn’t a real language. In the case of Lentalian however, six of the glyphs are used seven or more times, while eight are used either once or twice. This definitely leads me to believe that Lentalian is an actual language.
  • This is the actual collection of characters I found in the entire video, and you can see which letters are the most common and which are not.

That said, the ACTUAL list of letters I’ve found so far are below. There are some GREEN and RED letters next to them, which I’ll explain after.

The GREEN letters are the characters which I actually have already deciphered (explaination below), while the RED letters are temporary characters just so I can at least write something out in text while sorting things out. For example, I can at least write the text seen on the camera as REMMOU, even though only the letters “E” and “O” are actually deciphered.

So as mentioned above, I was able to start work on deciphering this text based on three initial letters: the ones on the NEO-ONE pod itself. Since there are three characters, and it ends in “01”, I think it’s fair to assume that that means those characters spell “NEO”. With that sorted out…. I was actually able to work everything out! How about that?? Anyways you should go and check out the official “Deciphering the Lentalian Alphabet of Lental” page for the results, complete with color coding so you know which is its actual letters and which are just temporary placeholders. That said, this’ll give me a good headstart to work out the rest upon the game’s actual release on April 30th… you can bet your bottom Poké-dollar that I’ll be on top of that once I get my copy, and I’ll produce a typeface for you to use in your own projects too!

As a side note, while working out the letters of Lentalian, I discovered that the letters depicted in the bottom two pictures (the one with the female Player using the camera to activate her NEO-ONE pod) were actually flipped! And I know this for a fact because the NEO-ONE pod has “01” numerals (as seen in the third picture), which denotes the proper direction. There was also another letter which was also flipped vertically… but that turned out to be an actual proper letter instead of a mistake.

And… that’s about all I have to share about the Lentalian alphabet thus far. I’m loving all this alphabet stuff already, so I’m just dying for the official release of New Pokémon Snap! Once I get the game, you can bet I’ll share everything else about Lentalian I find here. … Oh, and I guess I’ll have fun taking pictures of Pokémon too. Whatever. :P Good times…


BONUS BIT: Just to finish things off, I just had to share this one… but, hey, this is perfectly normal nature stuff: remember the scene where Hippowdon sorta releases a steady flow of sand from its… uh… sand ports? (Pic related)

Well this is clearly a reference to how IRL hippopotamuses (hippopotami?) poop. Like, they don’t just drop their poop anywhere, they actually go out of their way to spray it all over the place. Check out this video of a hippo doing its business at the Jijamata Udyaan Zoo in Mumbai, India (fair warning, it’s slightly NSFW by virtue of it involving… well… poop):

AHAHAHA you can’t tell me Game Freak wasn’t thinking about this when they had Hippowdon doing it’s own business! lol :D