Ok so I've been cleaning up my room in order to turn it into a studio for YouTube video podcasting. That's a big story in-and-of-itself, but in doing so, I rediscovered a bunch of archival CDs made in 2002 when I accidentally deleted my entire computer... along with basically all of my archives of PA!. Now at the time the files I recovered were barely readable, so I saved them all in the hope that they could be better decoded at a later date. Well, its 18 years later, and so there is no problems in reading the recovered files. Yay!

Now I'm still going through everything, because there's A LOT to go through... but I do have a few things I can share already. So enjoy a quick look at some missing bits of PA!'s history!


Speaking of "missing bits", as I'm sure everyone should know by now, but my very first fake card was of Missingno. But this Missingno is not the same Missingno fake card that's on the site, but the ACTUAL original Missingno that I made on a piece of paper, before I made it into a graphical fake. Wowzers!

Pretty crazy, huh?

As for other fakes that I lost in the crash and were never archived anywhere, I managed to rediscover these two fakes: Nick15's Alakazam, and Rocket's Fearow.

For the record, and from what I remember, these cards were for...

  • Nick15's Alakazam: if I remember correctly, this was a promo fake I made for the San Francisco qualifiers for the 2001 West Coast Super Trainer Showdown, dated Sept 8th, 2001. I also remember wanting to try out the VS style of having evolution Pokémon as a Basic.
  • Rocket's Fearow: meanwhile, this was a test fake card for the "Razzo Edition" set that I was going to work on with former PA! staffer, KaizernMyuu. Specifically, we were going to use a largely completely new blank for the set, which looks like brushed metal that had been shot at with bullets. But alas, the set was not meant to be.

Now that I think about it some more, I remember wanting to keep Nick15's Alakazam as a card exclusive to the 2001 San Francisco qualifier... which is why it isn't even numbered nor is there even an entry for it on the Other Fakes page. ...uh... oops! I guess I ruined that idea!

That said, I certainly didn't want the artwork for the card to NEVER be seen again, as really enjoyed doing the art, so I ended up turning it an intro page graphic. And so here's a larger version for you!


Other site layout items which I found that I feel is worth sharing were these elements which I thought I had lost! In particular, here is the sidebar I used in PA! v2:

...which I always loved because of that rainbow effect I used. (However ssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but the colors I chose were from Adobe Photoshop's default color palette.)

Then here is the layout I created for the Version 3.5 update I released in December 1999.

Although... actually, I think this picture already exists on the PA! deviantArt page... however this layout was also foundwith isome other v3 stuff, so I'll share them next time.

Finally, while poking through some old HTML files, I discovered an old copy of the PA! Forums when it was hosted on ezBoards. You can see the actual HTML file at that link there, although none of the links actually lead anywhere.

Or you can just take a look at the screenshot below.

Its neat seeing what everyone back then were thinking about. And I also remember a lot of these names, like Elroyhead64, LittleOD2, The Rob, ChikoritaCrazy, and wh... what the... wait a second here. Do you see what I see?

HOLY CRACKERS! SEREBII himself visited my forums in order to get some advice about running his website!

Well, I mean, this was 2001 afterall, and back then I was the more established site while Serebii was just another newcomer to the scene. And not that I want to take any credit for all the work he put into his own website... but hey, it's crazy what hindsight can reveal about the people and the world around you. A lot can happen in 20 years, and now he's the one with the huge site.

Now I really wish I could re-read his post and see what advice we gave him back then!


Ok, that's all I have to share with you guys right now. There is plenty more cool bits of Pokémon history and other PA! nostalgia to come, so keep your eyes peeled for the next update. Huzzah, good times.

Ok so its been a while since I've talked about the Galarian language... however most of what I want to say is being saved for the upcoming video about it. Y'know, the video I've been saying that I've been working on for the last five months... ...

....ANYways, recently two savvy members of the Galarian Language Institute—Lugiadri1 and Scott—left a couple of comments about their observations of Galarian. But in writing my reply to them, my ideas just kept pouring out, and it got way too long to be a mere comment, so I decided to turn it into a proper post. So here it is!

As mentioned, Lugiadri1 and Scott both noticed that the Galarian language was both consistent and inconsistent, which was the conclusion I reached as well. Like, its clear that a lot is just random gibberish, but there are examples of actual syntax. Some of this syntax include:

  • use of the same latters within the same word (ie the R in YARROW is represented by the same Galarian letter)
  • how the Galarian words for every Pokémon type have the same number of characters as their Romaji forms (Electric = JEMXL = Denki = 5 characters)
  • the appearance of Galarian words in situations which make sense (such as the Galarian words for "Electric" and "Water", as well as Chairman Rose's name, all appearing in his presentation about using water to produce electricity for the region)
    • This is also considering that random junk text DOES exist and is used frequently, but weren't used in those situations.

So yeah, there is definitely some consistency in the text. As for why it's not ALL consistent, or why it's not all INconsistent... I have a few theories.

  • If I recall correctly, there were other scripts used in previous games, but they were all deciphered quickly, revealing them to be just Japanese words. So perhaps the developers wanted to make the script slightly undecipherable (apart from things they wanted people to make a connection with) in order to keep a sense of mystery with the Galarian language.
    • This is considering that the Galarian alphabet takes elements from a lot of dissimilar language scripts... I've seen letters which came from scripts like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Katakana, Hangul, Runic... I think they wanted Galarian to be more "international". But in doing so, maybe they didn't think they could make up actual WORDS that came from different languages, so they threw in only a few Japanese and English words which could be recognized, and then turned the rest into indecipherable gibberish; the gibberish would be to ensure they didn't accidentally make the Galarian language TOO much like Japanese again, if that makes sense.
  • A similar idea to that is that the devs wanted to keep things recognizable enough but ultimately indecipherable... not because they wanted to avoid it being recognized as Japanese-y, but just for its own sake of being "recognizable but indecipherable".
    • One example of this is how the Galarian name for Motostoke is CQKMQ8, which looks like the word ENGINE based on its Japanese name (エンジン Enjin)... if it weren't for the fact that the Galarian word ends in 8 instead of C. But given that both characters look similar, maybe it WAS supposed to be "ENGINE", but they changed it slightly just to throw off anyone trying to decipher the language. So who knows what other Galarian words are actual legit words, but have one or two letters changed just to make it less recognizable?
  • There wasn't a single "head of Galarian words" within the development team, so each artist just made up words to suit their own needs. Or if they couldn't even do that, they would instead copy-and-paste Galarian text that someone else wrote in their own graphic element.
    • This would explain why some Galarian text seems to make sense in a certain context, while use of that very same text in another graphic seems awkward or out of place... or even cut up. Like, I've seen text which is written in full in a few places—perhaps say the words 3+QD7S and WAELBRSKTY—only for that text to appear somewhere else looking like 3+QD7WAELBR... as if someone copied-and-pasted words from a list of junk text just to have something in it.
    • In other words, it's almost as if it's the Galarian version of Lorem Ipsum! :D :P
  • Maybe there WAS a "head of Galarian words" and the plan was to actually make it a consistent language, and they started work on a small list of words... but then maybe someone else didn't get the memo and started work on their own set of Galarian words. Or maybe there was a lazy CG modeller who just used the same graphic element all over the place, even though they were intended to be different for each town. Either way, because they were stuck with Galarian text which don't match up properly, they both just gave up and decided to keep things indecipherable.
    • Although I feel this is the least likely scenario, I do feel like there is some examples of this... namely in the use of Gym and Stadium signs, which all seem to use the same text, or those green "town" signs (such as the one by the Day Care Center) are all exactly the same, even though they are supposed to be different. Then there's also the Hotel Ionia in Chirchester, which has its hotel name (E6!^2) written properly on the building on the left, but if flipped on the building on the right.
    • Basically, they started to write proper Galarian words, but they couldn't get any of it to gel properly, so they gave up.

There are maybe other reasons for this "consistently inconsistent" form of Galarian, or maybe it's just some mix of the above. Either way, I think these make the most sense.

Ok, that's all I got for now... hopefully it gives you a few new things to think about!



Side note: I've been busy with a bunch of other stuff lately, so I've been a little behind on my Galarian language research... but the one last thing I want to test is see if there is SOME commonality between words using the same letters. Like of all the Galarian words which use a certain character to represent the English/Romaji character "R"... do THOSE share a common set of letters? It probably doesn't, but I'd like to know for sure.


SOURCE: PA! old skool fan, @Flea


That said, maybe I should do a little segment sharing some of my ACTUALLY rare and unique TCG cards...

OK, really quick update for you guys, because it's 5am and I need to start prepping my room to turn it into a podcasting... place... thingy... where I put my camera and stuff.

Anyways, first off, I gave the Lost Pokémon page another update; now it should have all the names of each Pokémon added (at least of the ones that have names), as well as a few more sprites. I also clarified a few things, such as which sprite is from which Space World build, what its number is, etc. Again, the page is still being worked on, so some things will still be incomplete. But it's coming along swimmingly!

Secondly, I'd like to share this really awesome thing I found on /vp/ ... it's a full map of Johto! Yes yes, inb4 "we already know what Johto looks like!" ... but this one is different: it's a full map of PROTO Johto. It has the general outline of Johto, but it's effectively a completely different map. A few things of note include:

  • No Cianwood Town! Instead the water path just goes back to Goldenrod City.
  • The route that's between... uh... Morty and Claire's cities, which in turn leads into the Lake of Rage, has been moved upwards a bit for some reason.
  • There's an extra little town to the east of New Bark Town.
  • Speaking of Morty's city, it had a train station too! But in the end, only Goldenrod City got it.
  • Sprout Towers in nearly EVERY town and city. Even at the Lake of Rage!
  • The Burned Tower isn't burned at all!

This is just only a fragment of what I've been able to see based on my quick run-through of it.

So below I've got three pictures for you:

  1. The map of Proto-Johto, in full 1:1 form!
  2. The map of Johto, as seen in the final version of Gold/Silver, also in 1:1.
  3. A half-sized map of both Johtos, alternating every 2 seconds.

The third map is just so you can see the two maps and make easy comparisons between the two. I even lowered the Route that leads to the Lake of Rage (from the Proto Johto map) down a bit so it lines up with the official Johto map. You can also click on the map to get a full sized view in case you can't easily zoom into it.

There's just so much to discover, uncover and recover here with all these leaks! I can't wait for us to catch 'em all! :D yuk yuk yuk



Hello! You found me! :O

OK, just a quick notice that I've been working on the list of Lost Pokémon, and I've updated it with:

  • I've reordered the list... which honestly was the more tedious part here. The order is based on an edited version of the Johtodex seen in Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver... albeit with certain changes. Specifically:
    • All proto/lost Pokémon which which are related to a real official Pokémon are placed with them. So for example, the Baby Pokémon forms of Growlithe, Ponyta, etc, are placed before where Growlithe, Ponyta, etc, would be in the actual Johtodex.
    • I did however work with a somewhat loose interpretation of "related"; since one of the proto Pokémon would end up becoming Dunsparce, I placed all the other proto Pokémon which APPEAR to be related to Dunsparce after them. Honestly, if it turns out that they have no relation, then their placement in the list would be no different than, say, having Pikachu follow Sandshrew: that's just where they were placed in the list.
    • Then, all the actually NEW proto/lost Pokémon, which have NO relation to any existing Pokémon are placed towards the end, but before the Legendary Pokémon. The Space World 1997 Pokémon are placed first, then the Pokémon which were ripped from the Space World 1999 ROM are placed after them.
  • I've filled out more names and other data for the Pokémon on the list, just so you know what's what.
  • Finally, I've added more screenshots of prototype forms of Pokémon from the so-called "Sketchpad".
    • I'm contemplating adding Kanto Pokémon in this list, just so you can see how different their "sketched" versions looked from their final Gold/Silver forms... but that won't happen until I've finished every other Johto and proto Pokémon first.

...hey, Johto and Proto rhyme! I'm a poet and was not aware of it!

Anyways, this is just a quick update so you know what's going on. Hopefully this'll help me get the start on the Space World set once and for all, just so I can FINALLY get some proper content added to this site!!