I did it just for YOU. Well, "you" collectively, not "you" personally. Because that would be too weird.

So with the release of the "The Crown Tundra" DLC pack for Pokémon Sword/Shield two days back, I've been carefully pouring over all of the new stuff that was released in it. And by "carefully pouring over", I mean "hastily playing catch-up because I only just downloaded the DLC after forgetting all about it for two days". Now there is already a ton of stuff I've found right away that is worth sharing, such as the Galarian names for Peony for example... but today I want to share the ColorDex entries for the "expedition scarves" that you get to customize your expedition uniforms with.

Specifically, after agreeing to babysit Peony while his daughter, Peonia, gets to hang out in the Dynamax Caves... Peony gives you your Expedition Uniform once you reach Freezington (which, for some reason, doesn't have a town sign and thus no Galarian name... yet). Once you put your uniform on, you are able to customize it slightly by changing the color of the scarf that's on your left arm. The colors available are one of each element type, plus one "Expedition" color. These type colors are basically the same as the colors you can choose for your bike outfit... which I keep forgetting to add to the ColorDex as well.

Anyways, I thought I'd do you guys the favor of showing you what each scarf color looks like, as well as the Hex color values for the scarves... just in case you wanted to draw yourself in your favorite scarf color in your favorite art program. Nifty, huh? Afterall, that's the whole point of the ColorDex: to help artists choose the most accurate colors for each Pokémon type across every Pokémon game and generation. Huzzah! So with all that said, the list of the colors are below, sorted by type alphabetical order, and with the "Expedition" color listed last.

#958D00 — #8C8400 — #6A5D01
#C2005C — #B60057 — #860033
#062B56 — #062951 — #01153B
#E5D100 — #D7C400 — #A68E02
#E0A5A0 — #D39B97 — #9C6969
#DF5E00 — #D15800 — #AD4001
#C11415 — #B41313 — #910000
#3292C1 — #2F89B6 — #1C6589
#9282C9 — #8A7BBE — #6A5991
#6A9C46 — #649342 — #4D6E28
#543200 — #4F2F00 — #3F1E00
#F3ECE4 — #E6DDD7 — #B7AAA4
#C2BFB9 — #B7B4AF — #958B89
#34D257 — #31C552 — #24A53F
#A944A0 — #A04097 — #802A77
#9F9A9A — #959191 — #746B6E
#38575B — #345255 — #1E3439
#3155BC — #2E50B2 — #1A388B
#DF3506 — #D33206 — #AC1A01

And that's that! Nifty stuff, huh? What I now wonder is why the type colors for the scarves (and, for that matter, the bike uniforms) are different relative to the type colors for the attacks. For example, the "Poison"-colored scarf is green, but Poison-type Pokémon and attacks are purple. Same with the Dark-type, where its attacks are not as vibrant of a purple/magenta as its scarf is. Maybe the artists for the CG models and the artists for the 2D graphic elements chose them on their own and neglected to check in with one another to see if their color choices match up? Whatever, this is a pretty common thing over Pokémon history anyways... just look at how many different colors have been chosen for the Dragon-type across Pokémon history: it's run the gauntlet between green, blue, indigo, gold... I mean, I guess those could all be considered "Dragon" colors, from a certain point of view. Oh whatever.

I no longer have to pay a fee! (To sing this song, that is.)

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear... Me...
Happy Birthday to Me!

Tee hee! Yes, today it's my birthday. I am finally 38! Now I can vote and legally buy cigarettes! ... Well, I mean, I could ALWAYS do that, at least since turning 18 about four... five-ish years ago. Yep, the year 2000 was only five years ago, and definitely not any longer. That said, I can also do all sorts of other things adults take for granted! Like, I can buy beer! ... Nah, I won't do that. Mostly because I'm actually all out of beer money. Does anyone want to buy me some beer for my birthday?? Sierra Nevada will do just nicely. :D


If this post looks familiar to some of you old skool PA! folk, it's only because I based it off the post I made for my 18th birthday, back on October 20th, 2000... which, as far as I'm concerned, was only 5 years ago. ... IT WAS ONLY FIVE YEARS AGO!!


So... for my (18+5)th birthday, I went and bought myself a new Nintendo Switch Lite. Why buy a second Switch when I already own one? Because now I can finally hack my other Switch while ensuring that I still have one perfectly normal and vanilla Switch for when I want to play online games or something. Yay!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! And hopefully don't notice the fact that this post was made four days after it says it was made. Nope, not at all.

Little joke

This is just a little update to let you know that I've updated the Lost Pokémon page to fix basically the rest of the remaining mis-sized sprites.

While I was there, I also did a little under-the-hood tweaks, namely setting the title bars for the Lost Pokémon page, as well as plenty of other pages, so that they remain stickyed at the top of their respective page. Long story short, this is what it should look like now:

Neat, huh? So yeah, I did this for a few other pages too... go poke though the site to see which ones have it!

....ok, that's it for now.


OH! And here, have a laugh at my expense: I was playing Super Mario Bros. 35 and... well, let's just say I'm a wee bit rusty.

Yeah yeah, yuk it up. Just be glad I didn't show you the video where I died from basically one of the first Goombas before the first pit in World 1-1.

One Weekend, One Hundred Points ... er... uh, divide the points by two.

Every so often, Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch holds a "Maximus Cup" event. Sometimes you can win money if you rank high enough, but most of the time you can earn a gameplay theme based on another game that's being promoted. And so the prize for this 17th Maximus Cup will be the latter: with The Crown Tundra—the second DLC for Pokémon Sword/Shield—being released in just a few days (October 22, 2020!! HUZZAH!!), Tetris 99 is giving out a Pokémon-themed... uh... theme. Take a look!

But, you can't just GET the theme just by logging in... you have to earn it! And you earn it by simply earning 50 event points while playing in Tetris 99 mode. Eazy-peazy, lemon squeezy, right?

OK but, what if you suck at Tetris? How hard is it to actually get 50 points? I mean, unless you're REALLY AWFUL at Tetris—but even then—it shouldn't take that much effort to pull off. The thing is, the amount of points you earn is based on how you place in the final ranking. Specifically:

  • 1st: 100 pts
  • 2nd: 50 pts
  • 3rd: 30 pts
  • 4th – 10th: 20 pts
  • 11th – 30th: 15 pts
  • 31nd – 50th: 10 pts
  • 51rd – 90th: 5 pts
  • 91th – 99th: 1 pts

See? So even if you really ARE extremely terrible at Tetris, you only need to play at most 50 games in order to get your theme. And seeing as you have all weekend to get the 50 points—specifically four days between 10/16 12:00 am PST and 10/19 11:59 pm PST—that should take no time at all. I mean... that's, what... 96 hours? All you need to do is play—and suck at—one game every 1.92 hours (that's 1 hour 55 mins for you metric folk), and you're home free!

And better yet, after 50 points, that's it! You don't really need to play it anymore, because there is nothing left to win after 50 points. Er, other than bragging rights. But hey, I'm above such egocentric gloating... my 130 points is just way too awesome that it speaks for me.

OK but, what if you don't really want the theme, but you want to see what happens when someone earns the necessary 50 points to earn the theme? Fret not, your Good Ol' Uncle Nick15 is here to help you out; I managed to get the theme in a single first place win. Take a look!

Er... here's part two. Dagnabbid 30 second limit on video captures on the Switch... I need to set up a proper Twitch account soon.

And finally, if you want to see the theme in action, like how it utilizes all the various Pokémon music and sound effects, I got another 30 second clip of gameplay action below.

And that's all there is to it! Get 50 points, get a Pokémon theme. I mean, not that I needed an excuse to play Tetris anyways, but having a new theme (and a Pokémon one to boot) to customize my Tetris 99 gameplay is always nice to add. And I guess if/when I set up my Twitch account and stream my Tetris 99 gameplay, I'll use the Pokémon theme... I mean, just in case you forget what channel you're actually watching (psst, it's Pokémon Aaah!, remember??)

I need you to write this down for me. Are you ready?

This is just a quick post, but part of it is to make sure I hold myself to this.

Anyways, in the upcoming days, I'd like to cover these topics in full:

  • Pokémon in Tetris 99? Sweet! (Done)
    • Between 10/16 and 10/19, you can unlock Pokémon Sword/Shield related themes and other bits and bobs.
    • Also share some hot win videos.
  • What is going on with Magic: the Gathering lately?
    • Wizards' banning cards due to sensitivity issues
    • Recent The Walking Dead black-bordered additions
  • Star Trek has been warp speeding to various places... maybe good, maybe bad?
    • How Discovery and Picard has changed Trek, maybe for good, maybe for worse
    • Economics of keeping or replacing existing fans
    • How YouTubers like Steve Shrives and Doomcock represent two seemingly irreconcilable sides with a vested interest to continue to represent their side, versus trying to understand each other
  • Call of Duty Gunsmithing Calculations
    • Last season's Gunsmithing feature changes how firearms function
    • How to mathematically determine the best firearm
  • Post all of my fake cards that I've made
    • Specifically the ones I made during the 2005-2019 downtime
    • As well as ones I made before I actually knew it as "faking", like the Star Wars CCG cards I made in friggin' ClarisWorks!
    • Maybe I'll even share other fan gaming stuff I made when I was a kid
  • A discussion about the words "nerd" and "geek"
    • Defining them for certain, compare/contrast
    • Discuss other similar terms like "dork", "dweeb", etc
  • Did I tell you I was moving?
    • Did I? Well it's now in its final stages.
  • The first actual PA! YouTube episode (at least before I move)
    • Given that I have between 40 and 65 days left at my old house, I'd like to get at least one episode in at my current podcasting set before I have to take it down.
  • Muh birthday is coming!
    • Yay the big three eight!
  • The Metric System: why the world is needlessly (nay, hypocritically) dumping on the Americans
    • This will also cover why the DMY dating system is also the worst

That's right, we got some real hard hitting journalism here at Pokémon Aaah!. Can I get a "huzzah"?

Seriously though, I've had a lot of stuff on my mind about geek culture matters lately, and even though PA! is supposed to be about Pokémon, I figure that my audience is into other things from geek culture as well, and thus would be open to reading my thoughts on those.

Anyways, hopefully I can get this stuff out over the next week. Sound good?