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Next up, local man from local town uses local stores.

Today’s news will cover these topics: Again with the Logan Paul! – Illustrator Card Doesn’t Sell Meanwhile in Magic Land… This week’s Safari Zone HD Remaster Cards are for the Birds!     Again with the Logan Paul! – Illustrator Card Doesn’t Sell On one hand I guess I can say that this isn’t Logan […]

Ah ah ah ah barely alive, barely alive

Ack! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I’m still alive! I try to leave my personal life out of website stuff, but hey, I’m only human… and when my personal life begins to affect updates, I think it’s only fair to let everyone know what’s up. Nothing drastic, but due to the Human […]

Don't worry, I'm staying right here... come hell or high-water!

Hey folks! I still owe you a few “catch-up” posts, but I still need to do a bit of catching up on my catch-ups! Ketchup, anyone? But in the mean time, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not just sitting on my butt, twiddling my thumbs… I’ve actually been investing that […]

Feelin' good! Feed me.

Or as Holly from Red Dwarf puts it:  … So in case you didn’t know, I’ve been doing a online Unity Certification program since last March. It was a two-parter, with the first course focusing on an introduction to Unity and applying it virtual reality (VR) and utilizing the Oculus Quest, while the second course […]

This is what I've been doing for the last two weeks. Or... well, I mean, not THIS thing specifically, just, learning how to make this thing.

Howdy! Sorry for the lack of updates lately… I’ve just been super busy with school. If you don’t know, I’ve been taking an online course to earn a Unity Certification, so I’ve been basically cramming every night for the last two weeks or so. Now between class and homework, I’ve been making minor tweaks to […]

The good ol' days, and the not-so-good ol' days, respectively.

Just a quick little update for today, just a few things I felt were worth sharing.   Worlds 2002 Promos First off, while trying to research an article about bootleg and counterfeit Pokémon TCG cards, I stumbled across this reddit post (namely from r/pokemon) about some of my old promo cards, namely the ones I […]

TL;DR: the domain name was saved by PA! superfriend from cyber-squatters

Today is December 22nd, 2020… which other than being T-minus 3 days until Christmas, has no other major significance for most people. However, for me and this site, December 22nd is the anniversary of a very special Christmas present that an old PA! superfriend gave to me… and by “give” I mean I pay him […]

Things may change, but this text won't.

I’m sharing this post because it involved PA! in a way, and so it’s my way of staying focused and trying to keep PA! in focus. And so you guys know where I’m at so it doesn’t look like I’ve wandered off again. Clean out Room #2 Move PS4, computers, scanner, etc, from Room #1 […]