Fair Warning: this post is about 3.3 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 3.3 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:  

The Actual News:

Well, I’m three-for-three when it comes to McDonald’s goodies! So far every McDonald’s I’ve been to has always had Pokémon promo packs… of course I have to buy the Happy Meals (once I got tripped up in an awkward moment and lied when I said it was for my kids… 7o7 ) but two of them are sized and priced just right for a growing boy like me, so at least nothing goes to waste. Consider that I’ve wrangled my brother into helping me get some Happy Meals, but apparently NONE of the McDonald’s in San Francisco have any more Pokémon promo packs what-so-ever. So I should consider myself luck here! But how long with that luck hold out??

Anyways, I’ve been posting my fun stuff on Twitter account, but in case you aren’t there, you can see some of the stuff I shared about the McDonald’s promo. I’ve also been updating the McDonald’s Pokémon Promo page with scans of the prizes and packs that I’ve gotten in the mean time. Hopefully my run of luck keeps… running… and I’m able to get the rest of the promo packs in order to fill out the rest of promotion info. Of course if YOU have any of that info, feel free to send it my way!

OK, let’s get to some of the fun tweets:

The first post above was the real surprise… I didn’t even think about it until I tilted it back to the angle it was supposed to be from being straight-vertical, and it was 25 degrees. It took me a little while for the relevance of that number to sink in.

Nick15’s brain while the 25 degree thing was sinking in.

But I’m glad other people appreciate the find! Well, except for the pedantic folk who argue it’s actually 65 degrees because angles are measured from the horizon. This isn’t math class, this is Pokémon class!

Nick15’s brain in Math class

Anyways, that’s all I have to share at the moment. Hopefully Day 4 of my pilgrimage for more Pokémon prize packs at McDonald’s is just as fruitful. Even though eating McDonald’s food almost feels like:

What it feels like eating at McDonalds

Just kidding! I love your fries, McDonald’s! And your shakes. Please don’t ban me from your resturants.