Fair Warning: this post is about 4.4 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 4.3 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:  

The Actual News:

This is going to be a bit of a short post, but I’d thought I’d share a few updates with you.

  • First off, I’ve updated the Galarian Word List with a few new bits. One important bit has been in Circhester, where I added text from both Bob’s Your Uncle and The Hero’s Bath, where I came upon an interesting theory about how the game artists dealt with “garbage text” (which I’ll share below).
  • I’ve also accepted that there is a 40th letter to the Galarian alphabet which I missed… ?. Which is weird because I’ve only seen it ONCE, and it was on a piece of text which I attributed to a lazy artist. But when I saw it on the PokeJobs name—?WRET3—I had to accept it. Which is weird, but it does seem to align with another idea, that some letters are used only for a single purpose, like the G/G in “Galar/ga9a4“.
  • Finally, I started collecting words which are OBVIOUSLY supposed to be something, and then writing down what English/romaji letters that those Galarian letters correspond to, to hell with if they don’t actually match up. And guess what? There ARE certain similarities between them! Take a look on towards the bottom of the Word List page.
    • This leads me to believe that maybe certain artists had certain preferences, and this might allow me to cross-reference values. Like, if one word uses “E” for E and K for X, then maybe another word which uses those same values might share other similar values as well.
    • Of course this is also still just a hypothesis, but I think it’s something worth looking closer into.
  • Side note: seeing the logo for Hammerlocke University share the first letter with Hammerlocke itself (X) just proves to me that there IS some consistent value that is being referenced. There is no doubt in my mind. But how to unlock it is still the question. It MUST be possible.

OK so the theory about “garbage text” is… long story short, I think an experienced artist writes up a block of random Galarian text… something reasonable, perhaps something that can be deciphered?… but that block of text is just for filling in random meaningless bits of text which exist only for the sake of looking like writing, but with zero syntax. This block of text is then handed off to a bunch of interns or other lower-tier artists who are then just told “use this to fill that in”… and that’s what they did. They just copied-and-pasted the garbage text where ever it needed to be placed with no rhyme-or-reason… and that’s it.

The reason why I think this might be the case is that, in Circhester, I found the exact same text at both Bob’s Your Uncle and The Hero’s Bath. For example:

  • Menu at Bob’s Your Uncle:
    • yn^u^f2i / xni15 v2oz2hp tz26 dzi^ So16 +i!z6 712n
    • d1! Soh / 4u1 qnfio mz6i f1!5 82
    • +i!z6 712 / k51!oz2o / r!u1z c6u / jniu6 3po / dzi^ So16 / yn^u^f2i
  • “Bob’s Guarantee” certificate, which is hanging from the middle rafter:
    • vh w2hi!p u56 !2on5 x2iu16o5 au +hufo2 mz6i f1!5 82
  • The Hero’s Bath text
    • xni15 v2oz2hp
    • 3n512 oz6 j5h16 72hf1i!u 5!o 95nop
    • jniu6 3po yn^u^f2i k51!oz2o
    • vh w2hi!p u56 !2on5 x2iu16o5 E6!^2

You can see similarities in the text, which I’ve highlighted.

But yeah, right now this is the only text I’ve seen regularly repeated, so I will need to look into this more to get a more definitive list of what is clearly “garbage” text, and what isn’t.

Ok, that’s it for now! I hope this was informative for you. I have other updates I want to cover, but I’ll get to it next time. Happy New Years!