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I finally was able to finish my first completed blank release in some fifteen years: my brand new Japanese Neo Redux blanks. Here’s quick sneak peak: Let’s cut to the chase: you can download them RIGHT NOW! Click the links below to download either of the two initial download packs I have available. You can […]

...but it's the middle of March.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Marchmas! So what’s with the Christmas theme? Well, I wanted to release these blanks around Christmas time, as a gift to all of you fans and fakes alike… but, uh… as you can tell, it’s not Christmas. But that’s ok! Let’s just pretend that it’s Christmas. But yeah! I finally was able […]

Oh man, I’ve been working on I haven’t had this much fun working on TCG fake cards and blanks in a LOOONNNG time. At least not since I made those special Worlds 2010 Promo fakes which my friend Eskil (aka TEGO) helped me translate into Japanese, and also surprised everyone! …or the Worlds 2011 Promos […]

Oh, and a new game was released recently too!

Happy New York! …sorry, New YEAR. This is why I hate posting on my cellphone! Lousy auto insurance. …CORRECTION. Auto CORRECTION. ANYWAYS…. Yep! As always I disappear for a whole month because of real world concerns, but I’m still here! But because I also need to go to bed, I’m gonna keep this post super short. […]

Wait, doesn't mentioning McDonald's automatically make this about McDonald's regardless??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to McDonald’s and my luck of getting the Pokémon Happy Meals is still holding out… but today I got my first repeats (two more Green #4’s), so I’m gonna focus on NOT-McDonald’s updates for you. First off, I finally got around to making a Pokémon Aaah!-centric Instagram account, […]

Pokémon Aaah! was the first place on the internet where you could download Pokémon TCG card blanks in order to make your own fake Pokémon TCG cards. This isn’t an exaggeration, we really WERE the first place to do Pokémon TCG fake cards! But alas, a king has his reign, and then he dies. Or […]

I’m on a roll! And these guys are on a boat! But yeah, I just finished work on the Dragon Neo blanks, which I actually thought would take a lot more time than it actually did. Still, I don’t have the energy to try to make another one of these right now. Anyways, take a […]

Hey! So I’ve been working hard on trying to catch upon on work I’ve been needing to do for the site… such as writing the script for the long-mentioned-yet-still-not-released YouTube videos on the Galarian Language… but another thing I’ve been putting on the back burner needlessly was working on my Updated Neo Blanks. So far […]