A Quick Diversion:  

The Actual News:

Yknow, it’s funny… but I’ve been running a Pokémon fan site since 1999 but I haven’t really done much actual non-fake card art. Lately I’ve been on this art kick, so here are just a couple pieces.

Nothing special, but I wanted to just do a test sketch to break in a new 11″x14″  (280 x 355 mm) sketch pad. Below are the Instagram links (psst psst add me please), and you can view the full sized pieces even further down.


I really don’t do social media much, but as mentioned above, I’ve been on this art kick… I’ve been drawing a ton of stuff lately. Most of it has been for my on-again/off-again dramedy webcomic series Moose River, which I’ve been compelled to write a full story for. But I also want to do some Pokémon fan art… partially to eventually make fake cards out of. Like, some full art trainer fakes? :D We’ll see where this idea goes… but in the mean time, because my art skills are tad bit out of shape, I’m gonna try to do some random sketches and inkings just to get that work out in. I hope you stick around for that! :D

Anyways, I’m also hoping to get the Weekly Roundup done tonight! But I wanted to share this beforehand. Thank you for your continued understanding, interest and support! :D