Fair Warning: this post is about 3.5 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 3.5 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:

I need to update the site layout again very soon in order to bring back the Daily Reminders Du Jour section (aka “Things that Nick15 is tired of repeating over and over again”)… because the site is definitely back to a point where I need to ensure certain announcements I’ll be making remain in the public consciousness for a month or so; it would be lost if I just relegated it to a standard post, so I need to bring DRDJ back and stick it on the top of the site. Now that said, I’m still working out if I should only keep it at the top of the front page, or if it should be at the top of EVERY page. Lemme get back to you on that.

And just a reminder of what the original Daily Reminders Du Jour section looked like, take a gander below. I imagine the new DRDJ section will look like something similar, and likely just as grey-colored.


The Actual News:

Ok so while I’m still in the process of moving, there’s really not much I can actually do in between packing and falling asleep after packing, except for making general “Coming Attractions!” posts. So this is one of those kinds of posts.

Specifically, this “Type Icons” font pack is a project I had started some time ago which I’ve finally have been getting around finishing up. The main goal is to create a “Webdings”-esque font pack of various Pokémon-related icons, which I can use for not only the site, but also for my (oft-hyped but not yet made) fake cards, seeing as the TCG has long since switched to using vector graphics of the type icons in card text versus actual graphical icons. At least now I can just switch to this font pack for the icon, type a letter, and badda-bing-badda-boom it’s done!

So what icons will be part of this icon set? For its first run, I’m sticking with icons covering types and other elements which can’t be reproduced elsewhere… so stuff like the male/female symbol (for the Nidorans), circles/stars/squares/etc (for Pokémon marking) and so forth won’t be included in this first run. I MAY include them in a latter update if the need is there for them to be included in a single font versus trying to find them in a different font. Secondly, the icons will cover those found in the more recent Pokémon related games, namely the most recent iterations of the TCG as well as Sword/Shield and Pokémon HOME utility.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • TCG: Grass – Fire – Water – Lighting – Fighting – Psychic / STATUS: Fainted – Asleep – Poisoned
  • TCG: Darkness – Metal – Dragon – Fairy – Colorless / STATUS: Caught – Paralyzed – Frozen – Burned
  • VG: Normal – Fighting – Flying – Poison – Ground – Rock / GENERIC: Poké Ball Top – Middle – Bottom
  • VG: Bug – Ghost – Steel – Fire – Water – Grass / CAUGHT IN: Kalos – Shiny – Galar
  • VG: Electric – Psychic – Ice – Dragon – Dark – Fairy / CAUGHT IN: Alola – Virtual Console – Let’s Go
  • NOT PICTURED: Circle BG for every icon

Nifty, huh? I obviously tried to cover all types in the TCG and VG, but I also tried to include the icons for each status effect in SwSh (Asleep, Paralyzed, etc). Also included were some of the icons used in Pokémon HOME which shows where the Pokémon was originally caught in and traded up from, like in Kalos in XY, or the Virtual Console games, etc. One other thing is that I’ve included two versions of the “Poké Ball” icon, one which is just the entire icon as-is, and one where it’s split into three parts, allowing you to color in each part individually, allowing you to make a simple “Poké Ball” icon, or one for “Ultra Ball”, or even “Master Ball”! Finally, I plan on also including a large “blank circle” icon, which will be set up so that you can place any of these icons over it so that you can have a two-tone “circled icon” look. Because otherwise it’ll be just a simple icon symbol by itself… at least with the “blank circle” icon, you can set it to be one color and the other icon as another color to make it stand out a bit more. You’ll see what I mean when I actually get it all done and ready.

Vector outline of each icon graphic; don’t you be using it to make your own icons! …Please?

One final note: when compiling these icons, I have noticed that there are other versions of the type icons, like in Pokémon GO which I think had basically most of the SwSh type icons, but maybe the Flying-type icon is slightly different. Furthermore, some of the type icons in the TCG had changed slightly, I think between the EX and DPP sets; for example, you might be able to see very slight difference between Grass Energy icon between the Base-EX icons and the DPP-on icons… trust me, it’s there. Anyways, so while in this first run I’m just gonna focus on making sure every important icons is represented at least once, I will go back in a second run and include as many alternative versions of the icons I can find, as well as any other icons I missed this first time and/or were added to the game in the mean time.

Are you looking forward to it? I sure am! In the mean time, you can still swing by the Download Pokémon Fonts page and download the font file for the Galarian alphabet! A few artists have already started using it on their artwork, and—I must say—it totally makes their artwork 500% more awesome! (** percentages calculated by the Nick15 Institute of Awesome Artwork)