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Happy December Everyone! (oh chriiiist it’s almost 2020)

Anyways, here’s a bit of artsy-fartsy for you this Sunday: THE FLAGS OF POKEMON REGIONS!

Its something I kicked together a while back, but I’m sharing it with you guys now. It’s like, each region of Pokemon is supposed to be it’s own distinct place, right? But how come we don’t see much of anything concerning their symbols or other regional identities? Not even a flag!

So I decided to take the time to think about what a flag for each Pokemon region might look like. Mind you, I’m doing it less from the perspective of someone within the world of Pokemon (and thus don’t realize they’re in a video game) as much as designing something that us fans could enjoy.

And so I hope you enjoy them! PS: you can also find them in the sidebar under “Pokemon Regional Symbols”; my plan is to expand that section to cover more than just flags… so stuff like sports teams or coat of arms, etc. I mean, imagine wearing a football kit from the Motostoke Engine FC”! I hope to get something like that out to other Pokemon fans in due time!