Fair Warning: this post is about 7.5 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 5.5 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:  

The Actual News:

Hey you! Got a Facebook account? Of course you do. In that case, please join the official Pokémon Aaah! Facebook page:


There I plan on maybe posting some old pictures and share some memories, and it’ll be a fun place for everyone to talk about old memories, but also make new memories. Especially since apparently a new Pokémon game came out and stuff.

Until I flesh this site out a bit more, I’ll be posting random thoughts and updates on the Facebook page rather than here. So that might be reason enough to join the Page.

See? I told you I’m gonna start working on PA! a little more often. :D