Ooh jeez… well, first off, let’s just watch this video first:

First off, oh man, this has been something I’ve been waiting for with baited breath. But furthermore, I’ve always wanted to see some kind of “outside of player control” element added to the TCG, ever since I made my “Wild Skarmory” fake card, pictured right. That is to say, it’s always been in the back of my head when designing fakes on what I could do to add some way for players to battle Pokémon which aren’t under the control of either you or any player. But I guess that the only way to really get this to happen is to literally design the game.

But honestly, this is great. In fact, this kinda reminds me of the Vanguard format from Magic the Gathering… sorta. Actually, this is nothing like Vanguard. No rather, more like… it’s not so much that it’s like Vanguard, mechanically, as much as it’s a way to change the game to be something different, and yet still have elements of the core game still within it. In the case of Vanguard, you were given special jumbo cards which altered how you actually played the game… like, you started with more or less cards in your hand, or more or less life, and/or had a good or bad ability as a counterweight to those changes.

In the case of these Raid battles, what reminded me of Vanguard was the idea that you have this jumbo card which affected how you play the game. But instead of it being player versus player, it’s not players versus…. uh… card. Now so far, based on the response on YouTube, this might be a fun idea to try out myself.

BUUUUTTT… perhaps the BETTER aspect of this game is… it’s downloadable! You don’t seem to need to buy anything to play it, you can just go to the Raid Battle page on the Pokémon website, download all the necessary bits-and-bobs, and you’re on your way! And because it’s all downloadable… you know what this means? FAKE Boss Cards! And FAKE Boss Attack and Chear cards to boot. And they’re already so easy to make… this should be a cinch to make! So who’s with me?? 😀