Fair Warning: this post is over one year old. The information in this post is probably still as accurate as when it was originally posted, but things do change quickly. Please keep that in mind while reading, and thanks for understanding!

Show me the way to go home…. I’m tired and I wanna go to bed

…wait, I actually AM home now! Anyways, I finally got the :TR Fire-type blanks done and dusted. Take a look!

This means all I have left to make are the :TL Lighting, :TF Fighting, :TP Psychic and :TM Metal-type blanks, and my Neo Redux blanks will finally be done! But also… since I got all the blanks which needed for the Starter Pokémon done, maybe I can start work on some fakes for once? And maybe I’ll stream the process? Keep an eye out for that soon enough!