Fair Warning: this post is about 2.6 years old, so some of the information might be a bit dated. On the other hand, this post was last modified about 2.6 years ago, so maybe it's up-to-date after all. In any case, please keep all this in mind while reading. Thanks for understanding!
A Quick Diversion:

Still doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes… for example, I recently cleaned up the Categories for the site; like, I moved some of them around, deleted some other ones I didn’t need to use anymore, etc… hopefully this makes finding cool random posts a bit easier.


The Actual News:

I play too much Tetris. Well, not that that’s a bad thing, per se. That said, I’ve been playing four different Tetris games:

  • Tetris DX
  • Tetris (NES)
  • Tetris 99
  • Tetris Primetime

The latter is a new version of Tetris which has appeared on mobile platforms, which I’ve talked about just recently. Part of the fun of playing Tetris Primetime one over the others is that it has daily contests at 7:30pm, with different formats each day. However, I can’t seem to find ANYTHING about the contests, in any way, shape or form! I refuse to ask leddit for more info, though I’m not adverse to searching it… but even then no one seems to have any info regardless.

So, I decided to answer my own questions for myself… then post it for everyone else here to see. That’s how things work here on PA!: I do the legwork, and then someone posts all of my work on Bulbapedia. (jk, I keed, I keed…)

Anyways, the Tetris Prime formats are as follows. The following list is the information that is shown on screen just before the start of the match.

Sunday Endurance Mode 7 Moderate Unclearable 244000
Monday Interval Training 6 Low Well 107000
Tuesday Danger Zone 8 Moderate Unclearable 215000
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 6 Moderate Random 231000
Thursday Don’t Blink 5 High Random 204000
Friday Champion Mode 6 High Unclearable 422000
Saturday Fast Fingers 6 High Well 160000

The columns should be self-explanatory; the “Rounds”, “Speed” and “Garbage” values were all given by the game itself. The “Ideal Score” column is based on the total “Points” required to remove Garbage lines for all rounds. Note that “Champion Mode” has, by far, the highest score needed to stay Garbage free.

As for what the actual “Speed” and “Garbage” values mean, here’s the list:

  • SPEED: Tetris Primetime has speed levels between 1 and 15, with 15 being the highest. However, 15 is NOTHING like the “20G” mode from stuff like Akira’s Tetris series, so even if it’s the fastest, it’s still managable to play. Furthermore, the levels listed below is only seen in the final round of the format, meaning that Round 1 starts off at Lv 1 or 2, and the remaining rounds work up to the highest speed level of that rating.
    • Low = highest speed level is 6
    • Moderate = highest speed level is between 8 and 10
    • High = highest speed level is 15
  • GARBAGE: if you don’t meet the threshold for points in each round, a certain amount of garbage blocks will appear at the bottom of the play area, pushing what you’ve already placed upwards. What kind of garbage you’ll get may be one of the following:
    • Unclearable = pretty obvious; you can’t clear these blocks, period.
    • Well = when garbage blocks are added, there is a hole of emptiness where you might be able to slip in an I-piece to clear it easily.
    • Random = the garbage blocks are randomly placed, with randomly placed empty spaces as well

The names of each Formats give you a sort of clue as to the kind of gameplay you’ll see for the day. Sorta. I still don’t get “Feeding Frenzy”. Either way, here’s what to expect:

Sunday Endurance Mode Each round gets harder and faster: more points in order to pass, more garbage coming your way, faster drops, and more time to try to deal with it all.
Monday Interval Training Each pair of rounds (1&2, 3&4 and 5&6) have similar formats, with the first of the pair being a quicker version of the second of the pair.
Tuesday Danger Zone Danger Zone is basically a somewhat easier version of Endurance Mode.
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy is basically a reversed version of Interval Training. However, each pair is set up such that the first is the harder round (perhaps “the main course”), while the second of the two is easier (say, “a light desert”).
Thursday Don’t Blink Rounds get insanely quick, with the last round being the fastest. I guess “Don’t Blink” means that you’ll lose before you know it if you blink.
Friday Champion Mode This is an insane mode. Only the best of the best can dare survive this.
Saturday Fast Fingers This is another “pair” format, like Interval Training and Feeding Frenzy. But in this case the second round of the pair is an insanely quicker version of the first of the pair… so you’d better have some “fast fingers” if you expect to survive until the end.

As for what exactly happens in each round for each format… here’s a handy list. You can see exactly how each format is set up, thus earning its name.


Sunday Endurance Mode 1 0m30s 1000 1000 1 2
Sunday Endurance Mode 2 1m00s 5000 2500 2 3
Sunday Endurance Mode 3 1m00s 6000 2000 3 3
Sunday Endurance Mode 4 1m00s 13000 3250 4 5
Sunday Endurance Mode 5 1m30s 34000 6800 5 7
Sunday Endurance Mode 6 2m00s 68000 13600 5 9
Sunday Endurance Mode 7 3m00s 117000 23400 5 10

Monday Interval Training 1 1m00s 3000 750 4 2
Monday Interval Training 2 2m00s 5000 1250 4 2
Monday Interval Training 3 1m00s 7000 1166 6 4
Monday Interval Training 4 2m00s 20000 3333 6 4
Monday Interval Training 5 1m00s 21000 2625 8 6
Monday Interval Training 6 2m00s 50000 6375 8 6

Tuesday Danger Zone 1 1m00s 1000 1000 1 1
Tuesday Danger Zone 2 1m00s 4000 4000 1 2
Tuesday Danger Zone 3 1m00s 7000 3500 2 3
Tuesday Danger Zone 4 1m00s 11000 5500 2 4
Tuesday Danger Zone 5 1m00s 16000 5333 3 5
Tuesday Danger Zone 6 1m00s 24000 8000 3 6
Tuesday Danger Zone 7 2m00s 65000 16250 4 7
Tuesday Danger Zone 8 2m00s 87000 21750 4 8

Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 1 2m00s 13000 2600 5 3
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 2 1m00s 2000 667 3 3
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 3 2m00s 14000 2800 5 5
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 4 1m00s 7000 2333 3 5
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 5 2m00s 67000 13400 5 8
Wednesday Feeding Frenzy 6 2m00s 128000 42667 3 8

Thursday Don’t Blink 1 2m00s 11000 3667 3 4
Thursday Don’t Blink 2 2m00s 20000 5000 4 6
Thursday Don’t Blink 3 2m00s 46000 9200 5 8
Thursday Don’t Blink 4 2m00s 67000 11167 6 10
Thursday Don’t Blink 5 1m00s 60000 20000 3 15

Friday Champion Mode 1 2m00s 10000 2500 4 2
Friday Champion Mode 2 2m00s 23000 5750 4 4
Friday Champion Mode 3 2m00s 44000 7333 6 6
Friday Champion Mode 4 2m00s 66000 11000 6 8
Friday Champion Mode 5 2m00s 93000 11625 8 10
Friday Champion Mode 6 2m00s 186000 23250 8 15

Saturday Fast Fingers 1 2m00s 6000 6000 1 3
Saturday Fast Fingers 2 0m20s 3000 3000 1 8
Saturday Fast Fingers 3 2m00s 25000 12500 2 5
Saturday Fast Fingers 4 0m40s 17000 8500 2 10
Saturday Fast Fingers 5 2m00s 49000 16333 3 7
Saturday Fast Fingers 6 1m00s 60000 20000 3 15


And that’s about it for the Tetris Primetime formats! Hopefully knowing this gives you a leg-up in the competitions every night… or at least a better chance to earn some delicious $5. Huzzah!