Pokémon Aaah! — Pokédex 3D AR Marker Generator App

Simply select the Pokémon you want from the pulldown menu below. That's it! Simple, huh?

REMEMBER!! Because the Pokédex 3D app only has Pokémon from Unova, ONLY the AR Markers codes for Unova Pokémon will work! That is to say, even through this app produces the AR Marker code for ALL Pokémon, those AR Marker codes won't work in the Pokédex 3D app UNTIL Nintendo updates it to have those non-Unova Pokémon in it!! (Hey, at least you'll be prepared for when that time comes....!)

Select a Pokémon to see its AR marker code! (Some Pokémon may NOT appear in the Pokédex 3D app yet!!)
(This list is sorted by AR ID#. To view it by Pokédex #, click here)

ALSO!!! There is an interesting little feature in the Pokédex 3D app. Towards the end of the ARid list (between ARid #988 and 1011) are two kinds of entries: "Empty PokéBall" and "Random Pokémon". Specifically, if you choose "Empty PokéBall", you will get... well, an Empty PokéBall image. Why that's there, I dunno! But if you choose "Random Pokémon", then a, well, random Pokémon will appear! If you cover the AR marker code and then uncover it, a completely different Pokémon will appear!

Nifty, huh? I wonder why they put them in there and why they haven't told anyone about it....?

* Complete list of formes
* Boast about the fact that this thingy can theoretically show the AR code for non-Unova Pokémon... even if they don't currently exist within Pokédex 3D yet... :3
* Figure some way I can have the generator save the AR marker graphic

COPYRIGHT 2012 - Pokémon Aaah!
App developed by Nick15. Uses some code from "Cut & Paste Decimal-to-Binary converter" by Philip M., as well as some information originally discovered by jayman on the GameFAQS.com forums.

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