That’s right; here at PA! we have both the oldest AND the newest blanks! In this case it’s effectively the entire set of Sword & Shield blanks made by aschefield101, basically the best Pokémon TCG blanker I’ve seen come along over the years. If you want the complete set of SwSh Blanks, then PA! is the place to get it! … Well, and also his deviantART account too.

Anyways, right now I only have a single download link: an all-in-one download .RAR file. The download file itself is separated into different stages, with Trainers/Energies in its own folder, as well as the symbol file and holofoil template. Eventually I’ll make a proper download page where you can get what you need on an individual basis, but right now the all-in-one is all I got.

  • Download the All-in-One Pack (36.3 MB)
    • As mentioned, this has all the blanks in it. HOWEVER, it only has blanks and symbols. No fonts or other accessories are available… yet.
    • If you want a breakdown of exactly which blanks are is inside the download pack, check out this post.
    • LINK FIXED! Apparently the link was bad for some reason… like, it would go to a blank page, and nothing else would happen. NOW, however, it should just download properly as expected. If you have any other issues, please let us know!
  • Single download packs (blanks, symbols and fonts)
    • Although some of these items were intended for older blanks, the font—Gill Sans—is still usable for faking, even today! You can download Gill Sans at my old site, but I’ll try to collect it in a new font package soon.
    • As for the other fonts used for this blank, they are listed below. We’ll try to get this as a font package for you as well very soon… but for now you’ll need to find them any way you can.
      • Frutiger — used in the Pokédex Stat Bar (the “Height/Weight” bits) and collector number
      • Futura — used in the HP (the number only! the “HP” text is still Gill Sans, oddly enough) and the “Illus.” text
      • Optima — used for the actual Pokédex entry flavor text
      • Gill Sans — used for everything else (name, attacks, powers/abilities, damage)
  • TCG Energy symbol fonts
    • Unlike the olden days when attacks used the Energy graphic in its game text, such as “Discard 1 Energy card in order to use this attack”… today the attack text uses an actual energy symbol font in it. That energy symbol font can be downloaded on our “Pokémon Fonts” page (specifically download “Elementiarum”).

I’ll be working with aschefield to help him complete the remaining elements that he hasn’t completed yet, but I’ll keep you posted on when that’s done, OK?