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Pokémon TCG — Next Destinies Print Run; Final

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 15 2012; 02:20]

BW Next Destinies

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set BW Next Destinies. (more…)

Pokémon TCG — Next Destinies Print Run; Raw

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 05:13]

This post will cover the raw data I’ve acquired for the Next Destinies Print Run. It ain’t finished yet, though… so you guys are more than welcome to help add to it! :D

Pokémon TCG — Noble Victories Print Run; Raw

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 05:11]

This post will have all the raw data I pulled for the Noble Victories print run; I suppose there is always something useful that I missed that you can find!

Pokémon TCG — Noble Victories Print Run; Final

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 05:09]

BW Noble Victories

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set BW Noble Victories. (more…)

Pokémon TCG — Emerging Powers Print Run; Raw

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 05:08]

Pokémon TCG: BW Emerging Powers

This post will have the raw info I used for the Emerging Powers print run. Maybe you can find something I didn’t?? (more…)

Pokémon TCG — Emerging Powers Print Run; Final

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 05:06]

Pokémon TCG: BW Emerging Powers

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set BW Emerging Powers. (more…)

Pokémon TCG — Black & White Print Run; Raw

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 04:41]

Pokémon TCG: Black & White

This is the raw data I used for the print run for the Pokémon TCG set Black & White. (more…)

Pokémon TCG — Black & White Print Run; Final

By nick15 [Wednesday, February 8 2012; 04:39]

Pokémon TCG: Black & White

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set Black & White. (more…)

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