This page covers info I have about the Pokémon VG types, such as type multipliers and available types (and thus what types DON’T have Pokémon for), and so on. Well, at least for the types up to Gen 5. Apparently the type damage values were changed in Gen 6 and with the introduction of the Fairy-type. I might just have to update these charts later on.

Anyways, the ultimate goal is to collect this data for ALL generations (with all the new types added, Pokemon changing types, and types multipliers changing, also considering the Inverse Battle format in XYORAS).

But right now, all I have are two images that I made for 4chan years back…. a type multiplier guide and what types have been used—and by how often—and thus what types DON’T have Pokémon for, as far as Gen V was concerned.



  • Damage Multiplier List
    • Include which types are the strongest/weakest
    • Gen 1 (original types, however including errors in the coding)
    • Gen 2-5 (addition of Dark and Steel types, Gen 1 errors corrected; though I think I’ve already done this one)
    • Gen 6 (addition of Fairy type, also damage multipliers edited slightly)
    • Gen 7 (??? did anything change from Gen 6?)
    • Gen 8 (??? did anything change from Gen 7?)
  • Types Used, Added, and Unused Guide
    • Gen 1
    • Gen 2 (addition of Dark, Steel types)
    • Gen 3
    • Gen 4
    • Gen 5 (completed, though double check work)
    • Gen 6 (addition of Fairy type)
    • Gen 7
    • Gen 8
  • Inverse Battle Damage Multiplier List
    • Looks like it’s just Gen 6; with that in mind, which types are the strongest/weakest in THIS format?