Old new fakes, next time!

Pokémon Aaah! has always been about the fakes. I’ve built my reputation on providing the most authentic fakes on the internet!…at least, back when I had a reputation to build.

Anyways, after poking through some old pictures, I thought I’d take some time to help take our minds off the Election for a bit (especially for the 42.07% of you who don’t live in the United States) by sharing with you some of the fake stuff I did in the intervening years between when I stopped working on PA! back in the day and when I started back up last year. …has it been a year already? Oh boy.

Ok first off, check this one out: this is less about my fakes and more about what other people did with them. Y’know those cheap Chinese rip-off Pokémon cards where they took existing TCG cards and gave everyone 3200 HP, or made Mewtwo an Electric type or something? Well a couple years back, I found this picture of a bunch of those counterfeit TCG cards that someone owned, and two of them that they had looked a bit familiar…

Yep! One of those Chinese knock-off card makers actually took some of my own fake cards, printed them out and sold them as their own! If you need a reminder, they’re copies of these two fakes:

  Venustoise Pokémon October 27, 1999 53
  Super Charizard Pokémon November 12, 1999 82

Now I don’t know whether to be upset or impressed, but either way, I wish I could’ve gotten some of them. Lol actually, if I had bought any of them, then I’d probably be the only person in the world to actually make NEGATIVE money on their own fake cards.

Alrighty, onto the new fakes. Well, “new”, relatively speaking.

On 4chan/vp/ some years ago, they had a thread where they were converting existing music albums to be more Pokémon-related… and, well, I felt the following was just too obvious not to do:

Portishead has to be one of my most favorite music groups, and their self-titles album has to be one of the most important cornerstones of my musical canon. So turning it into “Team Rocket-Team Rocket” was just too perfect to pull off. In this case, clearly the Portishead “P” were all turned into Team Rocket “R”s, and the little girl on the stage in the background was turned into a Kirlia. I really enjoyed making this one.

Oh, then there’s some Magic fakes I did for shits-and-giggles…

Specifically, recently Wizards of the Coast mentioned that in their upcoming Time Spiral Revisited set, they would take cards made since the introduction of the new card style released in 8th Edition and make versions of them using the classic card layout. So stuff like Path to Exile would be made into an old-style card. Well, a few years prior I thought about something of the reverse: I tried to take the old card style and fit them into the modern card layout. So the classic “Black Parchment” or the “Green Wood” game text box would reappear, along with the original style’s backgrounds. I only made these two, but you can get an idea of what it could look like. I’d love to make more of these if other people like it!

Other fakes I made were “Baseball Card Fakes”. Part of this had to do with the combination of baseball cards being the first cards I ever collected and the amazing success of the Boche-era San Francisco Giants dynasty (with the Giants winning the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014!). Feeling the rush of Giants orange flowing in my veins, I just HAD to turn some of my Giants heroes into baseball cards of a certain era… two of them on show below.

First off, I’ve got a few cards in the style of the Topps 1951 series:

Obviously these guys weren’t even alive to have cards of them made in 1951, so I did them the honor. For an example of what Topps 1951 cards looked like, take a look below:


For that series only, it was framed to be more like a game (a trading card game, perhaps?), and each player’s cards could affect the game, such as drawing a strike or a ball card would mean your pitcher threw a strike or a ball, etc. I therefore tried to provide a fair variety of the various types, based more on what those players did in the post season (ie Panda Sandoval’s home run prowess, or Lincecum’s pitching skills, etc).

The second set of “fakes” were based on the Topps 1987 series. But on top of my Giants’ heroes (using the classic 1980’s Giants logo for good measure), I made “fakes” for teams which didn’t exist in 1987… mostly because I just wanted to see what cards of those teams would look like. Take a look!

I really enjoyed making these, and it helped that they all shared a set format in order to make designing new ones a breeze. And for an idea of what actual Topps 1987 cards looked like, I’ve got a couple examples below.

But baseball cards weren’t the only cards I collected back in my formative years… around the late-80’s and early-90’s, comic books were becoming more and more popular and mainstream, and so it wasn’t long before ancillary merchandise would be produced, like trading cards. I was more into Marvel back then, so I bought countless packs of Marvel cards from 1990 and 1991. And so with all those leftover cards in my collection, why not try and make some fakes of those cards, especially of characters which never existed back then.

And who else is more obvious to make new fake cards of than the one and only Deadpool?

Yep! The Merc with a Mouth finally has his own 1990 and 1991-era Marvel card. Sweet! But alas, I don’t remember where I put the raw files for these cards… comics are even MORE mainstream than they’ve EVER been since the 80’s, and it would be awesome to make more fakes for new characters made in the 00’s and 10’s, like Ms. Marvel.

Finally, while going through some of my old files and boxes while in the process of moving, I rediscovered some actual home made fakes I made. Lemme just show you them first, and I’ll explain the details after:

Lol wut?? OK so, I made these back when I was in 8th grade in Junior High, and back then I was into the Star Wars CCG. In fact it would be the first card game I would get into. Or was it the Star Trek CCG? Either way, it would be the Star Wars CCG which first sparked my dreams of making fake cards, and these two cards are some of the first examples of this.

Now as for who these characters are… well, the “Smiley Trooper” on the left was supposed to be the front line trooper of my “Smiley Empire”, aka the “United Smiley Space Army Corp” or USSAC. The character on the right was based on a character from the Eek! the Cat series: the Squishy Bears. Except with a Z because edgy. But uh… the Squishy Bearz (the ones with a Z, not an S) were actually the front line troops of my mortal enemy in Junior High school. So why are they on my side? Was I trying to reclaim the Squishy Bears because I loved that show too? I forget.

The cards themselves have nonsense abilities. To be honest I never actually learned how to play the Star Wars CCG, even to this day. I just bought them because everyone else was, and we also liked Star Wars. If I was smart, I would’ve bought packs of Magic, seeing as this was right around like the release of Reserved, or maybe Unlimited. Definitely after Alpha and Beta though.

But anyways, that’s that for now! That’s a lot of fakes to catch up on, so I share the other fakes I’d like to share some other time. Well, as soon as I find them, that is. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this romp down memory lane, even if some of this was actually new to you. Good times.

2020 is almost over, thank God.

What are you doing here? Go out and vote!

Oh wait, most of the nation’s polls are closed by now. OK, I guess I can share my thoughts on all this. That said, I’m trying to keep this website as apolitical as possible, but that doesn’t mean I should bottle up all of my opinions on what’s going on in the world. Now if you want to read some of my political thoughts (which may or may not align with your own views), click on the link below. Otherwise, just wait for the next post where I’ll talk about some of the cool things I like about Pokémon GO. Sound good?


JKRL V345 GKHLKJS ... that will make more sense when you actually install the font. Er, well, once I release it that is.
A Quick Diversion:

I need to update the site layout again very soon in order to bring back the Daily Reminders Du Jour section (aka “Things that Nick15 is tired of repeating over and over again”)… because the site is definitely back to a point where I need to ensure certain announcements I’ll be making remain in the public consciousness for a month or so; it would be lost if I just relegated it to a standard post, so I need to bring DRDJ back and stick it on the top of the site. Now that said, I’m still working out if I should only keep it at the top of the front page, or if it should be at the top of EVERY page. Lemme get back to you on that.

And just a reminder of what the original Daily Reminders Du Jour section looked like, take a gander below. I imagine the new DRDJ section will look like something similar, and likely just as grey-colored.

The Actual News:

Ok so while I’m still in the process of moving, there’s really not much I can actually do in between packing and falling asleep after packing, except for making general “Coming Attractions!” posts. So this is one of those kinds of posts.

Specifically, this “Type Icons” font pack is a project I had started some time ago which I’ve finally have been getting around finishing up. The main goal is to create a “Webdings”-esque font pack of various Pokémon-related icons, which I can use for not only the site, but also for my (oft-hyped but not yet made) fake cards, seeing as the TCG has long since switched to using vector graphics of the type icons in card text versus actual graphical icons. At least now I can just switch to this font pack for the icon, type a letter, and badda-bing-badda-boom it’s done!

So what icons will be part of this icon set? For its first run, I’m sticking with icons covering types and other elements which can’t be reproduced elsewhere… so stuff like the male/female symbol (for the Nidorans), circles/stars/squares/etc (for Pokémon marking) and so forth won’t be included in this first run. I MAY include them in a latter update if the need is there for them to be included in a single font versus trying to find them in a different font. Secondly, the icons will cover those found in the more recent Pokémon related games, namely the most recent iterations of the TCG as well as Sword/Shield and Pokémon HOME utility.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • TCG: Grass – Fire – Water – Lighting – Fighting – Psychic / STATUS: Fainted – Asleep – Poisoned
  • TCG: Darkness – Metal – Dragon – Fairy – Colorless / STATUS: Caught – Paralyzed – Frozen – Burned
  • VG: Normal – Fighting – Flying – Poison – Ground – Rock / GENERIC: Poké Ball Top – Middle – Bottom
  • VG: Bug – Ghost – Steel – Fire – Water – Grass / CAUGHT IN: Kalos – Shiny – Galar
  • VG: Electric – Psychic – Ice – Dragon – Dark – Fairy / CAUGHT IN: Alola – Virtual Console – Let’s Go
  • NOT PICTURED: Circle BG for every icon

Nifty, huh? I obviously tried to cover all types in the TCG and VG, but I also tried to include the icons for each status effect in SwSh (Asleep, Paralyzed, etc). Also included were some of the icons used in Pokémon HOME which shows where the Pokémon was originally caught in and traded up from, like in Kalos in XY, or the Virtual Console games, etc. One other thing is that I’ve included two versions of the “Poké Ball” icon, one which is just the entire icon as-is, and one where it’s split into three parts, allowing you to color in each part individually, allowing you to make a simple “Poké Ball” icon, or one for “Ultra Ball”, or even “Master Ball”! Finally, I plan on also including a large “blank circle” icon, which will be set up so that you can place any of these icons over it so that you can have a two-tone “circled icon” look. Because otherwise it’ll be just a simple icon symbol by itself… at least with the “blank circle” icon, you can set it to be one color and the other icon as another color to make it stand out a bit more. You’ll see what I mean when I actually get it all done and ready.

Vector outline of each icon graphic; don’t you be using it to make your own icons! …Please?

One final note: when compiling these icons, I have noticed that there are other versions of the type icons, like in Pokémon GO which I think had basically most of the SwSh type icons, but maybe the Flying-type icon is slightly different. Furthermore, some of the type icons in the TCG had changed slightly, I think between the EX and DPP sets; for example, you might be able to see very slight difference between Grass Energy icon between the Base-EX icons and the DPP-on icons… trust me, it’s there. Anyways, so while in this first run I’m just gonna focus on making sure every important icons is represented at least once, I will go back in a second run and include as many alternative versions of the icons I can find, as well as any other icons I missed this first time and/or were added to the game in the mean time.

Are you looking forward to it? I sure am! In the mean time, you can still swing by the Download Pokémon Fonts page and download the font file for the Galarian alphabet! A few artists have already started using it on their artwork, and—I must say—it totally makes their artwork 500% more awesome! (** percentages calculated by the Nick15 Institute of Awesome Artwork)

Probably. It should be working now. Maybe.

YAY! If you’re reading this, that means you’re not illiterate! It also means that you might be interested in seeing your’s truly stream video games. First off, let’s take care of the formalities; wanna see me stream my video gaming prowess? Check out my Twitch account!


OK so now with that out of the way…

I recently was looking into ways to start streaming in general. Like, if I’m gonna play video games and yell at them in various humorous ways, I might as well do it in front of an audience, right? So after looking for various ways to actually get a video signal into my computer, I finally managed to get it working! I mean, well, it does help to actually have the item finally arrive to my house and all. Anyways, take a look at all it’s working glory:

The next part is to actually get the dang thing streaming on Twitch proper… which hopefully is actually finally sorted out by the time you read this post. In fact, I might have already did a quick stream just to make sure it’s working… so check it out!

With all this said, I don’t have any immediate streaming schedule plans… but I’ll try to do something on a daily basis, even if for only a little bit. It’ll also be a bit tough to do while I’m still working on moving to Sacramento, but once things stablize a bit, I should be able to work on something far more regular and scheduled.

Anyways, that’s all I have to share at the moment. Hopefully plenty of good times await! Huzzah!



Alrreet, I think I finally got a handle on Twitch streaming now. And what better way to celebrate my first Twitch stream than with a stupendeous first place win—with 17 knock outs!—at Tetris 99! Take a look see here:

I did it just for YOU. Well, "you" collectively, not "you" personally. Because that would be too weird.

So with the release of the “The Crown Tundra” DLC pack for Pokémon Sword/Shield two days back, I’ve been carefully pouring over all of the new stuff that was released in it. And by “carefully pouring over”, I mean “hastily playing catch-up because I only just downloaded the DLC after forgetting all about it for two days”. Now there is already a ton of stuff I’ve found right away that is worth sharing, such as the Galarian names for Peony for example… but today I want to share the ColorDex entries for the “expedition scarves” that you get to customize your expedition uniforms with.

Specifically, after agreeing to babysit Peony while his daughter, Peonia, gets to hang out in the Dynamax Caves… Peony gives you your Expedition Uniform once you reach Freezington (which, for some reason, doesn’t have a town sign and thus no Galarian name… yet). Once you put your uniform on, you are able to customize it slightly by changing the color of the scarf that’s on your left arm. The colors available are one of each element type, plus one “Expedition” color. These type colors are basically the same as the colors you can choose for your bike outfit… which I keep forgetting to add to the ColorDex as well.

Anyways, I thought I’d do you guys the favor of showing you what each scarf color looks like, as well as the Hex color values for the scarves… just in case you wanted to draw yourself in your favorite scarf color in your favorite art program. Nifty, huh? Afterall, that’s the whole point of the ColorDex: to help artists choose the most accurate colors for each Pokémon type across every Pokémon game and generation. Huzzah! So with all that said, the list of the colors are below, sorted by type alphabetical order, and with the “Expedition” color listed last.

#958D00 — #8C8400 — #6A5D01
#C2005C — #B60057 — #860033
#062B56 — #062951 — #01153B
#E5D100 — #D7C400 — #A68E02
#E0A5A0 — #D39B97 — #9C6969
#DF5E00 — #D15800 — #AD4001
#C11415 — #B41313 — #910000
#3292C1 — #2F89B6 — #1C6589
#9282C9 — #8A7BBE — #6A5991
#6A9C46 — #649342 — #4D6E28
#543200 — #4F2F00 — #3F1E00
#F3ECE4 — #E6DDD7 — #B7AAA4
#C2BFB9 — #B7B4AF — #958B89
#34D257 — #31C552 — #24A53F
#A944A0 — #A04097 — #802A77
#9F9A9A — #959191 — #746B6E
#38575B — #345255 — #1E3439
#3155BC — #2E50B2 — #1A388B
#DF3506 — #D33206 — #AC1A01

And that’s that! Nifty stuff, huh? What I now wonder is why the type colors for the scarves (and, for that matter, the bike uniforms) are different relative to the type colors for the attacks. For example, the “Poison”-colored scarf is green, but Poison-type Pokémon and attacks are purple. Same with the Dark-type, where its attacks are not as vibrant of a purple/magenta as its scarf is. Maybe the artists for the CG models and the artists for the 2D graphic elements chose them on their own and neglected to check in with one another to see if their color choices match up? Whatever, this is a pretty common thing over Pokémon history anyways… just look at how many different colors have been chosen for the Dragon-type across Pokémon history: it’s run the gauntlet between green, blue, indigo, gold… I mean, I guess those could all be considered “Dragon” colors, from a certain point of view. Oh whatever.