Hey folks; I've been sick with a cold this past week, and I fear I'm not quite over it yet... so while I've got some energy in me, I thought I'd share a few little new observations I've made concerning the Galarian language.

First off, I'm now unsure of the official Galarian word for "Pokémon" is either ?wru#wt or ?WR0#WT, given that I've seen examples of both... kinda. Get this... the first time I saw this word, it was written with neon letters, and so this means all characters with circles in them had open bits in them. This means the 0 character has an empty hole at the top... but so did ?. However, when I saw the Galarian word for "Pokémon" again, it was spelled with a u, which... I mean, I guess if it was written with neon letters, it too would have an empty hole at the top... so was the original neon letter supposed to be a u or a 0 with a hole in it? ... I'm inclined to believe that it's ?wru#wt, but until I see something otherwise, I guess it's technically both for now.

Another thing I've discovered is how there seems to be tiers of "junk text". Like, it's clear most text with "lower-case letters" in it are just filler text. But other text seems to definitely be "more official" than just mere "junk text", but still "less official" than actual, properly defined words. Case in point, in Rose's Energy Presentation, there are certain pieces of text of interest...

The text used can be seen in different places. Like, obviously Rose's name, RQ38, is all over the place (which apparently his last name, JS+WVTK), but so are the words for Electric (JEMXL) and Water (BC3S), as well as a piece of text which appears on a t-shirt. Take a look:

It's worthy of note that his presentation would include the word for "Electric" and "Water" in it, showing how they're used to help produce energy for the Galar region, as well as underline the intention behind the developer's use of Galarian (as if this is in doubt at this point)... but as for the other text, I suspect it's higher tier "junk text", only because it appears on a t-shirt with Leon's face behind it... so it's probably just something they thought would look cool more than anything. The ONLY other thing which might suggest that it's NOT "junk text" but is actually SUPPOSED to be something is if it's supposed to be some kind of line of quip from Rose that he always finishes with at the end of his speeches, and that line also appears on a tshirt with Leon's face on it, either in honor of the line, or in a mocking tone (ie The Sex Pistol's "God Save the Queen"... which I must admit is particularly apt).

But now it makes me wonder which came first; if it was junk text, then maybe I'll see it somewhere else which I haven't yet encountered... or maybe it first appeared in this presentation graphic, and the designer of the tshirt saw it, felt it would make a good quote for a "God Save The Queen"-esque tshirt, and just went with it, regardless of whether or not there is any actual syntax behind it. It's a fun thought, that's for sure!

Anyways, that's all my updates for now. I've made a number of additions to the Galarian Word List, now that I've basically finished the game (at least up to actually beating the Champion... which is next on my to-do list, I swear!). Once I've beat this cold, I'll start working on some actual artwork for once. I'm also contemplating working on a new font for Pokémon type symbols, both VG and TCG, which would actually be perfect for Fake Card making, but we'll see about that.

Go 49ers! :D

Sword & Shield - Expansion Pass

Let's be honest here, there's a lot to unpack about this last-most Pokémon Direct.... but I think a significant amount of the fuss and controversy is either a case of:

  • troll-itis — as in people complaining in the hopes that it uncovers a huge lulzmine to exploit later); and/or,
  • people lacking a certain level of perspective — and the Emperor warned them about it too!

I mean, it's not to say that there isn't some truth and rationality behind the complains... but at the same time, I think most of them didn't do their research and are acting like the Pokémon franchise is something that it isn't or is treading on new ground that permanently "ruins" it.

For now though, let's just crack it open like an onion and deal with things one-by-one. Here's a handy little zip-chart in case you wanna skip past one tl;dr for another.

Psh, what a great way to start off a post, telling someone they're wrong. So actually, you're RIGHT! You're 100% correct.

And in fact, you're SO right about this that you might as well keep reading just to laugh at how wrong I am! ...right?

Let's keep this post super short: I finally updated the Galarian language font, "Thraex Sans", to have letter-specific kerning... and thus it's been officially designated a Version 1.0 release! Yay!

In case you want to know what I meant by "kerning", it's the distance between letters in order for the letters to look a bit more organic and less rigid. Unfortunately, since it's a TrueType font, it the kerning might not work properly on all word processors. Even this website doesn't render the kerning properly. However, programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Office (and its compatible clones) can all use it without issue. Take a look:

Here you can see the kerning working perfectly fine in OpenOffice (Microsoft Office clone)
Likewise, it's working all good in Photoshop, seeing as this is one of the most important uses for it anyways!
But for some reason, the kerning isn't working properly in something like WordPad.


I guess it's a matter of experimenting and seeing which programs can interpret the kerning or not. Perhaps the best way to text for sure is type "YOLO" in Galarian, which it'll look like this: yolo ... If that program can interpret kerning properly, then the o characters will fit under the y and l... and if not, then it won't.

Anyways, here's the link to the font download... enjoy!

Download Thraex Sans
(Download Thraex Sans)
24kb .TTF file, v1.00 — last updated 2020-01-11

A new Pokémon Direct! Set hype levels to... 6.8 out of 10. If you didn't get to see it yet, check it out here!

Isn't that awesome! ... Oh, wait... sorry, I forgot not everyone can read Korean... here's the English one:

Well first off, I guess this explains where all the other 500-someodd Pokémon went! They're just poking around the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra! See, there's no reason to complain! (Actually, I've got a few thoughts about all this, including the lack of Korean in the Rescue Team DX Demo, but that's going to be covered n another post... stay tuned!)

Anyways... Game Freak's releasing some DLC for Sword/Shield, and it's got some Galarian language text in it just the same. Not that that was ever in question.

Here's a quick rundown of what I'll be covering:


Since this is an Expansion Pass post, reading the rest costs $30 ... loljk

First off, I've updated the Galarian Word List with more stuff, now that I've made it to Spikemuth. ... yes, I'm WAY behind on the game. 7o7

But now that I've made it to Spikemuth, I noticed something shocking:

Pokemon in Galarian

Pokemon in Galarian

It's bad enough that they added a 40th letter—?—which has only been used like TWICE IN THE ENTIRE GAME.... but now there is clearly a missing 41st letter, which has ONLY appeared in this word (which is obviously "Pokémon"). Now what I'm now curious about is... first off, why?? Why did the devs do this? To be specific, that 41st letter is similar to both ? and G in that they only appear in very VERY rare circumstance; ? has only been seen on the red "Trainer Tips" signs and in the word "PokeJob" (and now "Pokemon"), while G has only appeared in the word "Galar" (GA9A4). So there is clearly a small class of Galarian characters which exist only in rare cases and is NOT used anywhere else. In that case, for all I know there might be another one-off 42nd and 43rd character as well. I guess I'd best keep it open. But still, normal languages don't work this way; even letters like Q, J, and Z—which are literally the three least used characters in English—still appear in plenty of places, AND together—queen, jazz, quiz, equalize, jacqueries, jacuzzi, japanize, objectivize—they aren't seen in ONE or TWO words, and that's it. So I guess this is just one more mystery to unlock.


And secondly: consider how that 41st character looks like it would be an uppercase version of h, similar to how maybe e is the uppercase version of 2 or 9 is to 6. In that case, since we know that some characters are intended to be "lowercase" characters, is there an actual one-to-one connection between one certain lowercase character with a certain uppercase character? If so, then perhaps it'll help sort out if there are any missing characters based on any lack of related upper- or lower-case characters. ... That said, I personally don't think that's the case. Despite their similar shapes, there has been literally no indication that they actually ARE intended to be upper- and lower-case forms of the same character. Like, RQ38 ("Rose") has never been depicted as, say, Ro2i somewhere else... rather, every case of "Rose" in Galarian has ALWAYS been written as RQ38. But even if I don't think that's the case, Galarian continues to surprise me, so I wouldn't truly bet against that being the case.

Anyways... I'll update Thraex Sans to include that missing 41st letter; I'll probably include it as #, $, or &, as those shapes seem to be the most similar (at least of the ones I have left to use). I'll post an update about it here when it's done.



20200107 UPDATE:

OK, the Thraex font has been updated to include the 41st character, which is attached to the number sign (#), thus: #

And now, the Galarian word for Pokémon, in all its glory: