Two great tastes that taste great together!

I started playing both the Pokémon TCG and its big brother card game, Magic the Gathering, back in high school... in fact, Magic is what got me into Pokémon, period. And ever since I played the two games, I've become fascinated with the ways the two games cross over with one another. I mean, aside from the fact that Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic, used to run the Pokémon TCG from 1999 to 2003... which meant that there were definitely plenty of opportunities for cross-pollination between the two.

Now earlier today I bought a pack of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, the latest Magic set, and in the pack I saw a card called "Gust of Wind". Obviously it doesn't switch any of your opponent's attacking creatures anything... but it got me thinking about all the different ways these two games cross over like this. I'll start with these four, but maybe later I'll find s'more.


So yeah, Gust of Wind.

The two cards aren't all that similar, but what's interesting is that both cards gives the player control over their opponent and where their Pokémon/permanents are... namely somewhere where they can't do any damage to you.


Meanwhile, although there are no Magic cards named "Bill".... yet... there are plenty of cards which do the same thing. Bill's EXACT analogue would be something like Divination (middle), but perhaps the card which shared Bill's level of disruption to the game would be Ancestral Recall. Incidentally, both cards appeared in their respective game's very first set: Base Set for Bill, Alpha for Recall. ...OH ok, well, both end with "LL", so there's that.

Now I was most amused by this card, and incidentally it was the first time I really thought about the ways the two games crossed over. It also came out back when Wizards ran the Pokémon TCG, and when Haymaker decks (of which Scyther was a part of) was a big deal in the TCG... so unless there is some concept of a "swords dancer" that the two games independently pulled from, I have little reason to doubt that the Magic card was named after Scyther's attack.

And finally, another card which has serious game disruption in both games. Since the Pokémon TCG is largely two-player game, Professor Oak was a more practical translation of Magic's Wheel of Fortune... but, not surprisingly, both had some serious power in both games that they haven't been reprinted since their early days.


Anyways, that's just a quick overview of a few crossovers between the two games. There are plenty more I could dig up... maybe I will. But not now.

Numbers numbers who's got the numbers?
A Quick Diversion:

Still poking through the Isle of Armor… when I’m done, I’ll post a review.

The Actual News:

Alright so, after catching some more Pokémon in Pokémon GO, I restarted my data collection to see if my original IV data was skewed to show a greater bias towards higher IVs, or if the in-game IV randomizer was what was doing it.

As a reminder, I noticed that in Pokémon GO, the IVs that each newly caught Pokémon are generated with skew towards better values, which shouldn't be the case if Pokémon were generated with completely randomized IVs. However, I was unsure if it was because I had transferred lower quality Pokémon before recording their IV data and thus the only data I had were for Pokémon with good stats, or if it was because the game itself generated those skewed values.

  • (If you need more info about what I'm talking about, check out the Pokémon GO page.)

So what I did was restart my data collection from scratch, as well as recorded the data for EVERY Pokémon I caught; this was because the game does generated Pokémon with great stats in the case of Pokémon hatched from eggs, or as a reward for performing Professor tasks, Pokémon which came from a raid, etc. So by focusing solely on caught Pokémon, which ideally would have completely randomized stats, this would therefore reveal unskewed data.... right?

Well, you be the judge:

So for your information, the top chart is a histogram of all the individual IV values, while the bottom graph is a histogram of the summations of each Pokémon's IVs.

If IVs were generated completely randomly, then the top graph would show that the total amount of each IV would effectively be equal (thus a straight line across all values), while the bottom graph would look like a bell with the center around 22 or 23 (dead center in a range between 0 and 45); you can see an example of what it should look like below:

However, while that data is certainly closer to that ideal relative to my previous results (see below), it STILL shows a bias towards higher IV values. Specifically, the top graph shows that as the IV value increases, the chances that it appears also increases, while the bottom graph is already starting to look like a bell curve, but it's centered closer to 28 than 22 or 23.

Now this review of the data is still at a preliminary stage. After all this only covers some 75 Pokémon, versus the something like 750 of the other graphs. But it's interesting to see that there is always a clear pattern emerging from the data. I'll still keep collecting data and processing them... maybe it'll all even out, or maybe it'll actually reinforce the hypothesis that the generated values ARE skewed towards better stats. Only time will tell!

GA9A4 ?wru#wt for you

OK, I'm only about 30 minutes into the new DLC, but it's also almost midnight, so I'll just share just a few little tidbits of Galarian words that I've seen so far. They include...

  • Avery's name is spelled ea4jQy9
    • Since his Japanese name is セイボリー Seiborii (or Seiborī), it's likely the final i is dropped, or—because both i characters use different Galarian letters, maybe 4 represents normal i while 9 represents long i (ī). This makes me wonder if different vowel sounds in other words are given a similar treatment.
  • The dojo's logo is Mrq^f^
    • This might be Mustard's Galarian name. However, when compared with his Japanese name マスタード Masutaado (or Masutādo)—since romaji of their Japanese names form the basis for their Galarian names—there doesn't seem to a connection.
  • The word on the entry mat is BR
  • The words on the Master Mustard's jacket is D+OX ZU24+o
    • This text has appeared on both a presentation by Chairnman Rose...
    • well as a t-shirt you can buy called "Night Shade" (see right)
  • The various brushed scrolls have the following written on them:
    • J1!6 — seen on multiple "junk text"
    • WIoP — seen in the Battle Café's trash bin(???!!)
    • KLRE — partially seen on the tshirt "Dynamax Band"
    • 3DAL
    • 712n — this one is seen predominantly on the haircut shops... er... salons. Maybe it means "HAIR"? (Insert your own old guy hair jokes here.)
  • Words on the wooden display:
    • X3
    • M15I6
    • ROPH2
    • 3poon
    • ...wait a second, this is all just junk text too!
  • A Galar League (GA9A4 BECWVE) poster in the living room where Hyde is hanging out in has QRA73VEJ written beneath it; this has been seen in other League posters, but not as a single word.
  • A box of snacks on the living room table has LBRS KTYCRW written on it; individual parts of that name have appeared as junk text too.
  • The Nintendo Switch next to the TV in the living room says.... "Nintendo Switch" written on it in Latin characters. No Galarian this time!
  • A notice on the cork board above the computer Hyde's using says CRW93.

Aw jeeeez, more junk text. It's even more obvious because it's clear they made a typeface to create the writing on the wooden slabs (good gravy, my Kingdom for a copy of that font file!)... but the brushed scrolls almost look like someone drew them by hand... but those might just be generated text as well.

I guess then maybe I need to work out a list of text which is pulled from a list of "Galarian Lorem Ipsum" words that the game asset artists pull from, versus a list of words which were deliberately written to be something specific, such as a character's name or the word "Pokémon" (?wru#wt).

But what's interesting about the junk text is like... it isn't used very randomly. Like, imagine if the junk text as written "ABCD EFG HIJKL MNO", every time I see the junk text, it's almost always like "ABCD" or "EFG HIJKL" or "HIJKLMNO", basically using either the whole words, or combining the whole words into one word... and it's almost never something like "ABCD MNO", "CDEF GHI" or "CNOEFIJ", where the letters are completely randomized or the words start from a different part of the chunk, although some exceptions do apply. My point is, even if it's junk text, there is still some order and consistency involved. It's almost as if there is a master list of "Galarian Lorem Ipsum" that they pull from, or maybe even an internal program that spits out "Galarian Lorem Ipsum" text for the artists to use, so they don't even need to think about what they're actually writing to begin with. The use of an internal program isn't a surprise to be honest, seeing as the recent Nintendo hacks have revealed all kinds of internal programs that Nintendo and Game Freak have used for stuff like Legal Pokémon Checking (for tournaments) and Pokemon ID designing.

Anyways, I'm now chasing after the Slowpoke, and there doesn't seem to be any text to see here, so I'll call it quits for now. See you next time!

Beep boop this is why the robot revolution will never happen

[rolls eyes] Well this is great. I mean, not that I updated it as often as I should, it still should be up regardless. But the real question is, who did it think I was impersonating? Me?? ... Anyways, I put in an appeal, which hopefully Facebook gets back to in about six months. Otherwise I'll probably just create a new Facebook Page; although that one was up since 2016, it only had like 70 likes.

You'll need to brush your teeth more often with all the sweet meets you'll get at the café!
A Quick Diversion:

​Hey! Look what’s back! Yep, it’s the classic “A Quick Diversion” section, as seen on all classic PA! posts from the classical classic era… of classy classicness. I finally figured out how to add in the “A Quick Diversion” sections using the Pods plugin… but more than just that, I also figured out a way to make it optional, such that it doesn’t ALWAYS need to be included in every post, just only if I (or any future news buddy) wants to use it. EZPZ, huh?

Now with that out of the way, it’s June 17th, and so… IT SHALL BEGIN…. SOOOON.

… And by that, I mean I’m downloading the Isle of Armor DLC for Sword/Shield, which is pic related on the right.

The Actual News:

Oh boy! New release day! ...kinda. Did you see the "Pokémon Presents" video? If you haven't, here's a handy link:

There's a few things to go over about this video, not much, but still enough to fill a news post on a Pokémon fan site. Kinda like this one! :D

Anyways, here's the breakdown:

This is a cute little game for little kids. Plus it's free, lacking any in-game ads or purchases, so that's definitely worth it for some parents. Which is great too cuz we're definitely in the days now where parents are getting their kids hooked onto the same franchises they fell in love with, kinda like how my Dad got me into the Beatles and Kraftwerk and John Waters movies.

That said, I don't remember being combative about having to brush my teeth when I was a kid. But maybe that was because I was a good little boy to my mommy and daddy, and not a little monsters like the terrible kids in this video. MONSTER THEY ARE! YOU WILL SUFFER HORRIBLY IF YOU DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

...or so I've heard.

I'm huge into puzzle games, but for some reason I never could get into any of the Pokémon-branded puzzle games. Stuff like Pokémon Shuffle, Pokémon Trozei, Pokémon Gabbagabbahey... I dunno, I never took to them. And Pokémon Café Mix doesn't seem to be any different. It definitely seems to be intended for the Candy Crush crowd—which I also never got into—so I don't blame Nintendo for going where the money might be.

Of course I'm willing to give anything a try just to know what it's all about for a fact instead of making assumptions about it. Like this game might unlock a new love of chaining swirls together for extra points. But, naw, I'm not so easily moved by something as vapid and shallow as connecting eight Togepi together... eight Togepi which got me a 2x multiplier... but I would've gotten a 4x multiplier if I just had connected two more Togepi... but this stupid game didn't give me those two more Togepi... screw you game I NEEDED THOSE TOGEPI FOR THE POINTS! Nope, you'll never catch me playing a game like this.


I never owned an N64 back when it was fresh, so I never got to experience Pokémon Snap until I downloaded it for my Nintendo Wii. And I INSTANTLY fell in love with it. The most frustrating part about getting into it so late was that I missed out on the chance to get my Pokémon Snap pictures printed out at Blockbuster Videos! But at least the Wii version could transfer them to my SD card so I could print them out elsewhere.

So you can imagine my utter joy to learn that they're gonna release "New Pokémon Snap" for the Switch soon! I mean, I can already imagine the game features:

  • gyroscopic photography, where you can just aim your Nintendo Switch to take a picture a la your smart phone
  • photos saved to your system so you can post them on Facebook and Twitter
  • photos which can also be transferred to your computer so you can print them out on photo paper

The last one is even more awesome knowing that there is stuff like the HP Sprocket Portable Phone Printer, which kinda turns your smart phone into a Polaroid-esque camera (ie physical copies of photos near instantaneously)... so all you need to do is send the pictures to your phone and voila! Instant pictures from your Snap game! Who needs Blockbuster Videos anymore?? .... ouch, yeah, that was a bit of a low blow... sorry about that.

I still haven't gotten into the raid battles yet... maybe because I don't have any friends on my Nintendo Switch that I can battle with at a moment's notice... but I might start up given this Zeraora challenge. Namely, if one million of us players play in the Max Raid Battle, we ALL get a Shiny Zeraora!

lol, as if that was ever going to be in doubt. I'm positive they'll get one million players playing TODAY.

Still, I'm gonna give it a whirl, at least for the free Shiny Zeraora.

Did I miss anything?

Speaking of the One Million Player Challenge, I found a clip of Tsunekazu Ishihara announcing it that was cut from the final video. Well, *I* didn't find it, one of my Nintendo insiders did. Y'know, the one who's uncle works at Nintendo? I've known him since we were in 2nd grade, and he's been totally reliable with his news. Take a look!

I'm done now. Go away.