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Hey folks; I've been sick with a cold this past week, and I fear I'm not quite over it yet... so while I've got some energy in me, I thought I'd share a few little new observations I've made concerning the Galarian language. First off, I'm now unsure of the official Galarian word for "" […]

Let's keep this post super short: I finally updated the Galarian language font, "Thraex Sans", to have letter-specific kerning... and thus it's been officially designated a Version 1.0 release! Yay! In case you want to know what I meant by "kerning", it's the distance between letters in order for the letters to look a bit […]

A new Pokémon Direct! Set hype levels to... 6.8 out of 10. If you didn't get to see it yet, check it out here! Isn't that awesome! ... Oh, wait... sorry, I forgot not everyone can read Korean... here's the English one:  Well first off, I guess this explains where all the other 500-someodd […]

First off, I've updated the Galarian Word List with more stuff, now that I've made it to Spikemuth. ... yes, I'm WAY behind on the game. But now that I've made it to Spikemuth, I noticed something shocking: It's bad enough that they added a 40th letter—?—which has only been used like TWICE IN THE […]

This is going to be a bit of a short post, but I'd thought I'd share a few updates with you. First off, I've updated the Galarian Word List with a few new bits. One important bit has been in Circhester, where I added text from both Bob's Your Uncle and The Hero's Bath, where […]