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Crap about the website itself. Important only if you like reading crap about the website itself.

So you can stop poking me with that stick, thanks.

I swear, I'm still quite alive!! Long story short tho, I'm gonna be moving to Sacramento from San Francisco. Wow! ... well, more technically, I'll be moving to some suburb of Sac from where I live now: a suburb of SF. Now I'll give you the fuller details of why I'm moving later... but I […]

It's all of my favorite anime all rolled into one!

For more info, check out "The Owl House". Just... check it out. (A funny picture, courtesy of /co/)

And by returns, I mean... I made another one.

Apparently back in May or something, Facebook unpublished my PA! Facebook page for some reason, claiming I was impersonating someone or some such. Clearly this was an automated error, but Facebook—for some reason—doesn't have a way to directly talk to an actual human being in order actually resolve this error. In any case, I thought […]

Beep boop this is why the robot revolution will never happen

[rolls eyes] Well this is great. I mean, not that I updated it as often as I should, it still should be up regardless. But the real question is, who did it think I was impersonating? Me?? ... Anyways, I put in an appeal, which hopefully Facebook gets back to in about six months. Otherwise […]

Plus a bit of info about why this subtitle thingy suddenly exists all of a sudden!

Just making this a quick notice, but I'm updating the GS Lost Pokémon page with a bit more this-and-that's. Check it out... if you dare! Oh also, one other little update to the site is a small but important one: back in the day I used to include a little commentary quip after each news […]