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Power creep, for those who aren't aware, is the tendency for a trading card game (like Magic the Gathering at the Pokémon TCG) to slowly produce stronger and more powerful cards. As in, this added power slowly creeps it's way into the game. Now I've always wondered about whether or not power creep exists in […]

Oh boy! This one took me a bit of extra time, because I actually worked out a way to get even higher quality scans, even if it meant putting in a little extra work to get them made. It was totally worth it in the end, because the blanks came out even cleaner than I […]

Happy New Year Everyone! As part of the SUPER AWESOME TWENTY YEAR POKÉMON AAAH! ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS happening this year as part of Pokémon Aaah!'s 20th Anniversary celebrations which I'm celebrating this year, I'd thought I'd go back to the very beginning and take a look at my very first fake card set, the aptly name Fake Edition. Now […]

Ahahahaha, yeah... I guess my posts on PA! are done basically yearly. Whoops! ... Anyways, I've got a few things I'd like to share with all y'all. The 20th Anniversary of Pokémon Aaah! - April 10th, 2019 2019 is an amazing anniversary for two important moments in Human history. First off, on March 1, 1919, […]

Hey everyone! Last August, Pokémon Worlds took place in San Francisco... and there was NO WAY I was gonna miss this! However, the event was closed to the public, which meant that I almost didn't get a chance to visit it! Fortunately, I had my friend (and Judge), Eskil (aka Tego, once upon a time), […]