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Topics so important I decided to smash them all into a single post!

There's been a bunch of other little tidbits that I've been meaning to talk about, but not enough to warrant a whole post about it. I guess maybe I just want to share something quick with youse-gaise just so show you that I've got my foot in those doors. Pokémon TCG Raid Battles Ooh jeez... […]

Two great tastes that taste great together!

I started playing both the Pokémon TCG and its big brother card game, Magic the Gathering, back in high school... in fact, Magic is what got me into Pokémon, period. And ever since I played the two games, I've become fascinated with the ways the two games cross over with one another. I mean, aside […]

Forward into the past!

So round about 20 years ago, the Pokémon TCGas run by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC)had its very first sanctioned top level event ever: the "Super Trainer Showdown" (technically the "West Coast Super Trainer Showdown") on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, USA. The STS would effectively count at the first "Worlds" event for […]

This is one hell of a blast from the past!

Ooh! Lookey what I found...! While working on cleaning my room out to turn it into a mini video studio, I found these old relics from the past. Namely the guest baggies I got from both the 2000 West Coast Super Trainer Showdown on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, and the 2000 Mall Tour […]

Power creep, for those who aren't aware, is the tendency for a trading card game (like Magic the Gathering at the Pokémon TCG) to slowly produce stronger and more powerful cards. As in, this added power slowly creeps it's way into the game. Now I've always wondered about whether or not power creep exists in […]