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Anything related to the Pokémon GO and Pokémon Let’s Go! series of games.

Make the goal! Win the prize!

Ok so, long story short, I finally got my studio space cleaned up and ready to start filming episodes for the PA! Webcast series. Yay! This also means I'll have time once again to work on my other art projects, like my fake card set and webcomic series. Good times. In the mean time, I've […]

I'm coo-coo for coostatistics!

OK, just a minor little update on Pokémon GO's IV stats. I've added maybe 45 new entries, and it's continuing to confirm the idea that the IVs are skewed towards better stats. Below is the graph and my data. That said, I've added a new column to the data; previously I left out "specialty Pokémon", […]

Numbers numbers who's got the numbers?

Alright so, after catching some more Pokémon in Pokémon GO, I restarted my data collection to see if my original IV data was skewed to show a greater bias towards higher IVs, or if the in-game IV randomizer was what was doing it. As a reminder, I noticed that in Pokémon GO, the IVs that […]

Reports suggest: 'yes, that is a question'.

I think Pokémon GO skews numbers slightly (albeit for the better). OK so just as a quick reminder, each Pokémon in Pokémon GO has three stats—Attack, Defense and HP—and those stats are given some degree of variability through the use of IVs, which are numbered between 0 and 15, and therefore will total some value […]

Don't hate me because my code is so beautiful. Also tabs > spaces.

Okey dokey! It didn't take me too long to finagle some code together, but this is the first iteration (of many to come) of the " GO Stat Calculator Utility"! Check it out below, it's ready to go! (Hey, I'm a poet and wasn't aware!) Oops! For some reason you're using a twenty year old […]