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Random thoughts about the world of Pokémon that I happen to have that I’d like to share!

Frankly this is more of a note to self than anything, but as soon as I get a chance, I'm going figure out a way to create some "Galarian emoticons" for conversation and discussion... like, if I type something like :G::U::R: it will replace it with emoticons/emoji, but ones which are Galarian characters. This way […]

AAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAHH!!!!! OOOK OK calm down. Ok so get this. Nick15 NickIS (15 looks like IS) Nickis Nickit (T comes after S) OH! OR HOW ABOUT Nickit NickIT Nick17 (T looks like 7) Nick15 (15 is close to 17) AAAAHHH THIS IS LIKE THIS MOST OFFICIAL POKEMON TO MY NAME I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A […]

(Wow, am I actually posting something new that isn't just some kind of "I'm still alive!" post?? I sure am! In fact, I'm thinking of doing this a bit more often... maybe encouraging you guys to visit the site twice a year instead of just once! Ahahaha. ... That said, this post is just my […]

I miss making fake cards, and I miss being known for having the most high quality fake card blanks ever made. Now, everything is so out of date that other people have started making blanks instead... but, I think I can do a better job of it. So maybe I should start making them again? […]