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Check it! Not in the Beastie Boy's way but more like the curious bystander way... but with all this talk of new being leaked and whatnot, and because I'm trying to make a fake card set of all these new Beta , I thought it would be a great idea to actually collect as much […]

Psssh, oh man, there's just so much going on here, I don't even know what's going on... yet! But I'll stick with the quickness. As you know, I've been planning to make a fake card set out of the Gold/Silver Space World '97 ROM that was released a couple years back. And THEN I recently […]

Oh man oh man oh man.... long story short, apparently the guys behind the Space World Demo Leak (of which I'm still in the process of making a fake card set for) and the "Capsule Monsters" Gen 1or rather, "Gen 0"leak which only revealed their backs is at it again with nearly ONE GIGABYTE worth […]