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Well, so much for 2019! As we wind down the remaining minutes of the year (nay, decade), let us listen to the four or five wise sages and their predictions of the year 2020. (It should be cued up already, but if not, fast forward to about 32:20ish.) Yep, the Firesign Theatre accurately predicted back […]

AAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAHH!!!!! OOOK OK calm down. Ok so get this. Nick15 NickIS (15 looks like IS) Nickis Nickit (T comes after S) OH! OR HOW ABOUT Nickit NickIT Nick17 (T looks like 7) Nick15 (15 is close to 17) AAAAHHH THIS IS LIKE THIS MOST OFFICIAL POKEMON TO MY NAME I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A […]

You know me, Pokémon Hoax Master, and today I reveal something I've kept a secret for a while now... *I'M* the one who made all those asshole Professor Oak "Poké Tips" you might have seen on the internet. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here, let me refresh your memory: (A few more can be […]

A cute little graphic I made up after seeing many others that are like this. It appears to be a new meme in the making, and so I'm totally gonna jump on THIS bandwagon...