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If it’s something made with our own two hands our of our blood, sweat and tears… then it can be found here.

How else will people know what region you came from?

So one of my favorite things to work on is worldbuilding. But just as much as I love writing up the actual stories of those worlds, I also enjoy creating the more "mundane" aspects of it... like flags and license plates and whatnot. Some time ago I shared my idea of what each region's flags […]

Super green, number one! (Read on Instagram)

Earlier today my Dad and I worked on framing and painting the chroma key (green screen) boards which I'll be using for the YouTube series. Take a look! The challenge in all this wasn't necessarily finding the right paint (which ended up being a Disney-branded color "Gamma Sector Green", if you could believe it)... rather, […]

A look of things to come...

With my YouTube channel coming along nicely, I have thought about the reality that I may need to expand my scope to cover more things than just . I mean, apart from doing it for the sake of variety, but I might also just want to talk about other things in general too. So instead […]

Just a quick little notice, but... IT BEGINS! Yep, I'm still working out the details of my video set, but this is just a quick preview of what's coming. I still have a few things left to do, such as add in the chroma key (green screen) backdrop, some proper/better lighting, as well as fill […]

So as I'm sure you've all heard my mention many times already, but I've been planning on creating a YouTube channel for the site in order to cover all kinds of different things... obviously stuff, but also general gaming videos, comics, artwork, or any other tale I think would be worth sharing. Well if you've […]