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Eye see

Friendly reminder #Gardevoir — Pokemon Aaah! The Twítter Account (@AaahPokemon) January 17, 2021

And by 'H', I mean, literally, the letter H, the 8th letter in the English alphabet

Of the many things I’m a major nerd about, it’s statistics. One might say I’m aut[4chan]tic for statistics! Part of this fascination with stats manifests itself in the eXTReMe site tracker I’ve been using on PA! literally since the very beginning; the tracker itself shows where my visitors came from, and—if they came from a […]

It's all of my favorite anime all rolled into one!

For more info, check out “The Owl House”. Just… check it out. (A funny picture, courtesy of /co/)

aka TETЯI$$$$

Yay! Years of Tetris training have FINALLY paid off, because I won big on the Tetris mobile game. Sweet! So how much big money did I cash out? FIVE DOLLARS (US) Yep, I’m the proud owner of five whole dollars. Huzzah! Good times had by all! Here’s the proof for all you jealous doubters who […]

  SOURCE: PA! old skool fan, @Flea … That said, maybe I should do a little segment sharing some of my ACTUALLY rare and unique TCG cards…